Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ho Hum? Not!

I have tried many ways of eating over time, that much is certain.  However not until I switched to eating completely whole foods has my energy and perspective been so wonderful.  Not to mention my body composition.

And it doesnt have to be boring.  I think the most boring thing on earth is limiting yourself to bland, boring food.  I am referring to living on egg whites, oatmeal, plain baked chicken, dry salads and boring vegetables.  Thats enough to make anyone go nuts I think, but then there are those that do this and are 'happy' with it.  I know I hated it and could never stick to that sort of diet; what a boring world that would be.  I love food and cooking WAY too much, so I had to give my natural instincts a go.

There are so many foods out there that give you all that your body needs to not only survive but excel, while giving you satisfaction and elation on the taste buds!

I have thoroughly enjoyed all the exciting recipes I have found through other blogs, and even coming up with some of my own along the way.  You can make things that you might long for, like pizza, interesting, fun AND COMPLETELY healthy without sacrificing taste!  There are alternatives to the tradition of getting protein through only meat; thats what lentils and beans, tofu, milk, greek yogurt, etc., to get what you need...although I dont think I will be giving up meat forever...While I am still doing more than OK without it, I could totally go for some BBQ chicken right about now...  :)  And I NEVER want BBQ just sounds good for some reason; probably because they were showing the BBQ cook off on the news tonight :)

Again, for ever it seems I have tried and tried and tried to lose those infamous last 10 lbs that everyone wants to, and until this change in lifestyle, I could never do it.  I have to have variety and TASTE...and it has to be interesting and fun...and I didnt have to add on extra exercise and I actually eat less because the quality of the food is so much more appealing and you relish each bite...its like a happy dance on your tongue!!!

I can tell you this much, I am a believer and will NEVER go back to the old way of eating...or to any way of eating that limits me on wholesome food and a variety of it!

Food Chronicle - Day 4

Breakfast (8:00)
Kashi Go Lean
Silk soy milk

Snack (10:30)
3/4 cup pasta shells (I made these this morning, drizzled with EVOO, feta cheese and pepper flakes; added in a can of chickpeas!)

Snack (2:00)
Apple w/ tbsp peanut butter

Dinner (4:00)  I woke up from a itty bitty nap after a busy busy day and was starving!!!
steamed some squash, zucchini, purple onions, carrots, mushrooms and red pepper with EVOO
Amys Veggie burger patty (open faced), with sprouts, hummus, slice of swiss and pico

Dessert (7:30)
Skinny Cow Mint Ice Cream sandwich

No workout today.  Hills tomorrow; if the calf is better...if not, just a regular run of 5 miles.

Saturday Long (ish) Run and Date Night

Since a lot of KW'ers were either in Ft Worth for Cowtown, in New Orleans for the RnR or as the majority were here in Houston were doing the annual Rodeo Run, Coach had sent out email that since it would be lightly attended and actually a cut back week for most, the route would be base to MP; add on as needed around bayou, I decided no way was I getting up at 5am to run 8 miles :o)

So I slept in (till 6:30ish) and just before 8am I took off from mi casa and headed towards Memorial.  Now I figured since the parade started at 10, that all the trail riders would be long gone, but I was wrong!  As I was headed up Memorial towards the park I met them head on!  It was fantastic!  All the covered wagons, horses and what-not put a pep in your step.  I just wish I would have brought my phone for pictures!  I ran down to Picnic Lane and then turned back and they were still coming out of the park!  So as I ran back up Memorial towards Shepherd, I ran along side of them, passing and keeping step to all the music blaring from so many of the wagons.  It was hard to navigate the sidewalk since all the people were watching their trail to downtown Houston, so I ended up just running on the street till I got back past Starbucks.

Nothing else stood out, just a great morning for a run; about 45 deg, the furious winds had died down from the night before and the sun was shining brightly!  The good thing about this route is that I have water fountains all along the way and even if I had to do 10 miles, adding on at the park gives me not only more water stops to pick from but also bathrooms!  Its just a good route for me when I want/have to do a longer run by myself.

Average pace: 10:14


I stepped outside of my comfort zone and went out with someone I might not normally have given a chance really.  Its clear that I didnt make a wise choice within my comfort it was time...He's older than I am first off, and as I mentioned before not a runner (but he does play a lot of golf)...but we went out and I really had a great time.  He owns 3 companies, in Louisiana and in Nevada...recently divorced, grown children, and small grandchildren... I visited his home and I must admit I probably had my jaw on the ground for a long time...I dont think I have EVER been in a home like this...6000 sq feet, butts up to a man-made lake, and decorated like something out of a magazine (he has this baby grand piano that you can set to play music all on its own, and the keys are actually moving!, which made for really nice 'white' noise...Not really more that I care to go into because its early you know :)  But I really did like him...its a nice change to be with someone that has more to talk about than just running...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Food Chronicle Day 3

Pre-Run snack (7:15)
OroWheat Sandwich thin (both pieces)
1 tbsp peanut butter
1 tsp orange marmalade

Breakfast (10:45)
2 eggs over easy (using cooking spray)
served over 1/2 cup quinoa

Lunch (3:00)
PB and marmalade on a Sandwich thin

Dinner (???)
Date night.  New guy.  First date. least he has some points so far for liking sushi (and actually suggested it!); still challenging for no meat for me, but its he's loaded...thats always a plus and certainly something I am NOT use to AT ALL...oh and hes NOT a runner, and as Bill pointed out, theres a good chance hes not self absorbed if hes not a runner.  Good point.  And also a big plus...

Food is proving to be difficult today because of all the to and fro of this and that going on!!  Argh!

Ran this morning; 8 miles; more on that later because it was quite the adventure!!!

Food Chronicle Day #2 and Coaching Stuff

Breakfast (7:30)
overnight oats with blueberries, cinnamon and almonds

Snack (10:00)
Oikos (Stoneyfield) Greek Yogurt 0%fat (Honey)

Lunch (1:00)
Amys Veggie burger patty on sandwich thin
spread thinly with hummus, some feta cheese and alfalfa sprouts
3/4 cup of quinoa

Snack (3:30)
12oz of soy milk (Silk Light) with Hersheys chocolate syrup mixed it...mmm mmm good!

Dinner (6:30)
1 cup of quinoa
2 cups of steamed veggies (asparagus, corn, carrots)

None.  Fridays are a rest day :o)


Last night I had my first coaches meeting with PIM.  We start next week and for 9 weeks I will be inspiring, leading, motivating and coaching new runners onto a 5K the beginning of May!  The entire program is divided into abilities by either pace and/or if you have never run, can run/walk, can run a mile without stopping etc.  This is truly for the most part, a couch to 5K kind of program!  I am excited for next week as I will find out who my peeps are and begin the process!  Its a great way to volunteer and further support the area running community!  I thought I might be placed with the new new newbies, but instead I was placed with what they call the "Carbos"; and from what I can gather that means that the runners I will have are not by any means 'seasoned' but can run a mile without stopping.  I think the average pace of this group is going to be somewhere around 11-11:30 min mile runners.  Time trials for them is next week so that is when I will have more of an understanding on what I have to work with!  I am super duper excited!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

There Are Plenty of Fish in the Sea...

Its day 9 of my vegetarianism during Lent.

The past couple of days I find myself longingly staring at the seafood dishes on commercials for Red Lobster.

Really?  Red Lobster?  Never been a fan, and lets face it, their food sucks.  Any place that advertises as much as they do, well thats not a good sign if you ask me...they must need business...or maybe they advertise more during Lent for those that think its ok to eat seafood on Fridays..

But I am wanting fish, or really, scallops.  Or crabcakes...You get the idea.

Other than that, its very mundane, leading me to believe that I should have picked something more 'taxing' for a sacrifice.

I can't really make the claim that my sleeping wonderfully, the way I feel more energetic, among other things, are due solely to the complete elimination of animal products from my diet.  Because those things were already happening before, but then again, meat in any form leading up to Lent was sparse.

I have not experienced ANY negative side effects as it pertains to my workouts, nor my running...At least not yet...I got on the scale on Sunday and it was still at the same number as the last time, holding steady at the 9 lb weight loss, but I hope to see at least SOMETHING, even a 1lb loss when I weigh next week.  I do however, SEE a difference when I stand in front of the mirror each morning, naked as a jaybird :o)... and trust me when you can do that, and be happy with what stares back at you, its a good day indeed.  I do SEE a leaner this due to diet alone?  No.  The 2 days a week on weights with a trainer has definitely helped...

37 days to go...

Are any of my readers observing Lent, and if so, how's it going for you?
Let's hope this becomes MY new kitchen soon!

Nice huh? (If you click on the picture its a much better 'view')

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Food Chronicle Day #1

I figured, due to Anonymous question I would chronicle my eats for 7 days (pictures not for everything though!!!) so that anyone else interested to see how diverse my eating is throughout the days/evenings would be able to see it...I will include this with my workout for the day as well...I dont really like to make any post too long, so if you see multiples on any given day thats why.  I dont want to cram all my head stuff into a novel... :o)

Breakfast (7:30am)
egg white and bean taco
1/2 banana (6:00am)

No snack mid morning
Afternoon snack (3pm) pb and 1/2 banana sliced on a sandwich thin (eating afternoon snack since I have a workout and then a PIM meeting at 6, therefore I didnt get home to eat until late)
Lunch (12:15pm)
Veggie plate - wild rice, steamed broccoli, steamed green beans
1/2 sandwich thin with 1/2 banana, 1 tsp of PB
Dinner (7:30pm)
Orowheat whole grain sandwich thin
hummus spread lightly on each side
sprouts/red bellpepper/yellow bellpepper/a couple of sliced kalamata olives/pico de gallo/drizzle EVOO
For a side: 3/4 cup of Meditterean style quinoa that I made (still owe you the recipe and the pictures :O)..this weekend I promise! )

Oh and of course I had my Womens One a Day (I got the extra oomph ones)!!!!  That important and should be documented right???  :o)

2 miles - Elliptical - Since my calf still has that weird crampy/knotty thing going on today (worse than last night), I chose the elliptical today instead.
Weights - Upper body - Chest and shoulders
                                      Back - I only did lat pull-downs and standing rows
                                      Lower body - squats
I didnt do JJ's or JR in between sets because I didnt know if thats what brought on the calf thing from Tuesday...
1 mile - Elliptical


Coming Soon:
  • Is it OK to be fat?  Nightline segment (from last night); My thoughts and comments
  • Rodeo Time (moooooooooooooooooo!! is what you'll get if you don't watch it) - 3 weeks of gluttony here in the Bayou City
  •  Eating well to lean up, lose weight and maintain doesn't mean blah, bland and limited to a list of minimal foods you have to subsist on! 
  • Its been 8 days since Lent started; How am I doing on the no meat thing?
  • Recipe and pictures for:  Spinach Tortellini Soup, Meditterean style quinoa, and Orange-Cranberry Couscous!!!
I would like to answer the question (and I apologize for the rambling!) posed by Anonymous in a comment on the Houston Do We Have a Problem post:

I'm just curious. What was your typical dinner (breakfast, lunch, snack) before? How drastic of a change is this for you?

Let's see...prior to October, here is typically what I might eat, and often did on an average day of the week:
  • Breakfast - these are separately, never together :o)
    • a breakfast taco (or its more like a burrito) from the cafeteria, with scrambled eggs, sausage, a bit of potatoe and a bit of cheese.  I was still careful of cheese and 'white' food like potatoes
    • bowl of cereal, usually honey nut cheerios or honey bunches of oats; 1-2% milk
    • scrambled eggs and grits
    • toast with orange marmalade
  • Lunch
    • I still tried to keep it "healthy", but I didnt concern myself at all with what I would eat on any given day really.  Sometimes a salad, a sandwich with chips, something off the buffet in the cafeteria, can of soup, leftovers from the night before.  I would go out often to eat lunch with a friend or two and have mexican, where chips and salsa were involved, etc...
    • Lean Cuisine or something like that
  • Snacks
    • bag of chips
    • something from the vending machine
    • something I would bring from home if I bought pretzels, 100 cal packs...something like that
  • Dinner
    • usually chicken, fish or turkey in some fashion if at home
    • bag of frozen veggies
    • some of a frozen pizza
    • if I went out to eat, again would eat whatever.  But still try and maintain some sense of not being too terribly bad.
  • I snacked A LOT after dinner in the evenings.  I always had chips in the house, or something...and because of the guy I was dating my meals when with him surrounded around either a) mexican food and b) whataburger c) pizza or d) Olive Garden (he didnt like most food obviously).  Outside of that, around him there was always chips and queso, ice cream etc.  Not good.
As far as how drastic, since I 'leaned into it' it didnt seem drastic, and honestly I HATED the way I ate but again, I did because of the situation; kind of like birds of a feather thing you know?  I morphed into bad eating when I was with him, and then when we would break up, I would get back on somewhat of a track.  At first when I stopped the whole fast food (whataburger) thing and the mexican food thing, it was almost entirely due to the fact that they both reminded me of my times with him, and well, I wanted to just force that out of my head first and foremost...I wanted anything that remotely reminded me of him to be expelled from my life...and it benefited me big time in more ways than one...

I have always been a cook and love love love to do it, so again, not drastic.  But I got out of doing that, again because of him, and when I did cook, it was limited due to him not liking most things unless it was spaghetti, or a pizza...

So as you can see while my diet (among other things!) has GREATLY improved, I don't know that I would say it was drastic, because I eased into the things little by little over the course of the past several months.  Even over the holidays I was able to maintain my focus and eat healthy, while enjoying the foods of the season, portion control was KEY here obviously...

The main thing that has been drastic is NO. MORE. CHIPS!  Unless of course they are Stacys and that is RARE.  I bought those specificially because I was making the veggie chili :o)  I might have some if I ever do make it to another mexican food place, but I dont buy the big bags of them anymore thats for sure!!!!!!

I know I dont photograph and blog all my meals so beautifully as those on my blogroll, but typically now I have overnight oats for breakfast, or a sandwich thin with a thin layer of pb and a banana sliced on it, breakfast pizza..egg white and bean breakfast taco...and lunch is usually leftovers from the night before or I bring a veggie sandwich, or I do allow myself to go get a veggie plate or a salad from the cafeteria when I am just over leftovers!  My snacks, if any are limited to maybe oatmeal, a piece of fruit, greek yogurt, or raw veggies with hummus...I dont limit myself to anything really, as long as I know its nutritious and that whatever I choose is going to satisfy me.


In other news...I have been looking for a house, and maybe, just MAYBE I might have found one...I sure hope it works out!  I need a bigger kitchen!!! And I want a dog...  :o)  I have gotten to the point where after having sold my house and being downsized for 7 years now, I am ready for another house!!!  And it would be one more step in the forward direction of my life in a positive way!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Arriba! Arriba! NOT!

Today was one of those days.

One of those days where the last thing I want to do is run.  I think the hill workout plus yesterdays extra long gym workout caught up with me today...

Well that is not entirely true.  What the thing about it is that its speed workout day.  Not that I loathe THAT, because I love the shorter distance speed training, but because Coach is at Memorial Park on speed days, THATS what I hate about it.

First off, I have to go home and veg out for a while before heading over, and also the fact that its a pain in the buttocks to get over there (although its close in proximity) really makes me not want to go.

So in keeping with #71 of MJ's running 'rules' I am going to implement the 'run from your front door' plan tonight just as I did every Wednesday during speed workouts for marathon training.  I love this route especially on beautiful days like today!  Sunshine, cool temps (50 at start of run)...low humidity.

The other part is that by Wednesday the thought of not getting home till 7:30 just makes me that more tired; and besides this is my last Wednesday for 9 weeks that have to actually NOT HAVE to drive over there (I will be coaching PIM on Wednesday nights there after speed starting next Wed)...besides once the time changes and its lighter longer, I seem to be ok with getting home later...

This way I get home, get it done and be home in just about time for the 6:00 news :o)  However, even on the drive home I just wasnt feeling it but all I could do was try right?

I had 6 miles on the schedule to do, and well my 'route' from home is exactly that; a perfect little loop that I do quite incorporating speed into it is quite easy actually...

Speed portion (expected)
1600m between 8:12 - 8:19  (I never once thought that this was going to happen.  Not today.)
  800m between 4:02 - 4:07  (doable)
  400m between 1:54 - 1:59  (doable)

I ran the 1.5 miles to Rice as my warm up.

Speed portion (actual) - done around the trail loop at Rice

1600m - 8:39
  800m - 4:08
  400m - 1:56

I then rested for another 4 minutes and started the 2.75 mile cool down run back to mi casa.  Just wasnt my day and I knew it beforehand.  Maybe I sabotaged myself, I dont know.

The one thing is that every time I would stop (and even now) I have this weird crampy knotty thing in my left calf.  Probably just residual from hills.  I am cutting the running short tomorrow and just focusing on weights and abs.  I dont want any issues on Saturday to hold me back on the longer run (which this week is a cut back week; only 8 miles).

I have some food stuff to post (new recipe (quinoa meditterean style; i think i mis-spelled that; and pictures) but I am tired and will get to it tomorrow...I steamed the last of the massive amt of fresh spinach I had bought, placed it in the bowl, topped with the last of the veggie chili (one cup), added a bit of feta cheese on top and it was FANTASTICO!!  There in the corner I placed about a tbsp of the quinoa...Staceys Naked Pita chips, which I didnt end up eating, and no thats not wine in the glass, I just thought I would use a pretty glass tonight!

Right now I am going to settle in and watch Julie and Julia!  I saw it at the movies, but I just love it!  Nothing on Olympics tonight that I care to see..

Houston Do You Have a Problem?

Someone posted this link in an Anonymous comment today.  And Anonymous visits my blog often which is great! and I even see where their IP hits originates from too :o)  They also appear to have found me via another blog on which I am linked and they really like my blogroll :)

I am not certain, but I think Anonymous thinks maybe I might have a problem?

As I responded to their comment, as to this particular excerpt from the article states:

Refusing to touch sugar, salt, caffeine, alcohol, wheat, gluten, yeast, soya, corn and dairy foods is just the start of their diet restrictions.

There is nothing in that list that i dont eat (or drink)...well i dont drink alcohol very much, but I still would if I wanted to.  The fact that I choose to eat healthy, avoiding processed foods is one thing...however no where ever have I said I was avoiding any particular food group and/or item.  If you go back into the blog and continue to see, I eat my fair share of the food rainbow thank you very much...

But I do appreciate your concern.

I get looks and questions all the time at work, and I am certain there are others that I know that think I've 'gone off the deep end' but that just makes me laugh to be honest.  I think people judge, contradict and fight anything 'good' because most of the time its their lack of understanding, or refusing to accept that people actually LOVE the way good-for-you-real-food tastes.  Hey I dont judge others for what they eat, I'm just against the fact that people continue...ah never mind...

People gave me a hard time for smoking a pack a day back when (amongst other bad habits I had)...I mean out and out were mean about it...I listened to preachy this and preachy that for God knows how long, and those same people for the most part, fill their bodies with crap, are overweight, sedentary and I would say about 85% of the time they are complaining about either how tired they are, or how they dont feel good...

I know this isn't just happening to me?  Does anyone else take grief for wanting to eat better, exercise, live longer and be in the best shape (and I dont mean weight wise either) that they can be?

Cluck You and the Chicken You Rode In On

Here is something that bothers me.  A few weeks back, on Facebook I started a firestorm of a comment roll (JH gets the credit!) when I talked about the 'manufacturing' of chickens (actually goes for all livestock); that they are corn fed so that they 'mature' faster (get em to market), 'grow' more chickens (to feed the masses and masses and masses); so much out of nature that they grow so fast that their bones don't mature at the same level and therefore can't handle the body weight etc....

Anyway...last night a commercial came on for Wings and More I believe it was, that said 'a million wings a day sold'...

Now OK, heres my first thought...1 million wings is 500,000 chickens.  A day.  Thats just for Wings and More (think of all the others, and KFC, and...and.. ).  And I am thinking chicken wings as in with bones...are you kidding me?  Tell me that somewhere in this country, or any other, or combined for that matter, if you aren't 'growing' chickens at an enormous rate how in the hell are you going to have THAT many chickens to give people chicken wings?!?!? Or as in the case of boneless wings (see below)..

Now heres the kicker...the 'boneless' wings?  You think somewhere someone is yanking out those little bones and making cute little perfectly shaped boneless pieces of fried stuff so many people like (not me by the way, just not my deal)?

Think again.  Those boneless chicken wings you're eating?  They're no more than overpriced McDonalds chicken nuggets which are not anywhere near 'real' chicken without a bunch of 'other' chicken parts in there...not to mention God knows what else...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No Cirque tonight afterall.

The weather is just too nasty so we decided to not go.  I am snug as a bug in a rug!!

Because we made the decision late afternoon I went ahead with what my normal workout would be today.

Treadmill: 30 min
Elliptical: 12 min

Weights:   Back

4 sets of each exercise on each body part.  There are a total of about um... 12 different exercises so 12x4 = 48.  And to make it even tougher; In between each set I did either jump rope for 2 minutes or 25 jumping jacks.

Finished off with 1 mile on the treadmill.

The whole time all I could think about was food.  I was absolutely starving!!!  :o)

Eggs Blindfolded

OMG!  My new favorite thing!  This recipe is super duper easy and so so so yummy!!!

One OroWheat Whole Grain sandwich thin
Spread lightly with hummus
Sprinkled a bit of WW cheese (and when I use the word "sprinkle" I mean AN ITTY BITTY BIT!)

I put a TON of fresh spinach in the pot with the steamer and steamed down
Leave the lid on to keep it warm

In a skillet, coat with cooking spray
Crack in 2 eggs and cook over easy or however you like them, but you need the yolk!

Once they're close to done, turn the heat off
Pile the spinach (after draining if wet at all) onto the open face sandwich thins
Drizzle some EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
Then gently lay the 2 eggs on top; one on each

I sprinkled with some cayenne and some chopped chives!


Seriously this was FANTABULOUS for my dinner tonight!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

I just love this site that I found to make signs, tombstones etc...
We're about to get socked with yet another very cold week, and us SE Texans arent use to all of this!
Yeah it was great during marathon training season...but man...I'm just COLD!

Kenyan Way - Hills Workout (and Circuit Training)

5 miles total.

4 miles on hills:  Progressive mile repeats (each 'clover' is 1/4 mile, and there are 4 of them); up one, down the other up one, down the other...

2 MR in between miles.  Start out with 1st mile at marathon pace (10:17ish based on last marathon training time), getting fast each time, ending with 5K pace (8:45ish pace); or 30 min maximum.  Well I already knew I was going to go over 30 minutes which was fine...I know what I'm doing ;o)

I really wanted to do 4 (miles) of these (hills) today because tomorrows workout is going to be cut short with the trainer due to the fact that I am off to Hobby Center to see Cirque de Soleil  (Dreams)!!! 

Weeee!!!  So excited; I have been to 2 of their shows in Vegas when I lived there and also on visits (I've seen Mystere twice!)  Anyway couple that with the fact that I had a piece of birthday cake today at work...tomorrow it is going to be tough enough to get 4 miles in AND at least part of my weights workout and get out of there in time to get home, showered, etc., in time before my carriage arrives!!  ;o)

Hill workout complete;  did a warm up mile with Emma.  First mile (on hills) was WAY too fast to start out... (9:00 flat by her watch) I just kept it at 9:00 for the following 2 just running slightly behind her and friend (cant remember her name right now; new girl).  Then I wanted to do that 4th one, and was telling Coach as he was about to leave, and this one girl (Anastasia) walked up and she had to do 1 more.  I asked how fast she ran and she said "7:30ish".  Coach laughed and said 'yeah run with her'...I took it as a challenge.  Thankfully she had a watch and guess what?  I clocked an 8:09 on my last mile of hills!!  Go me!  Now I dont know if she slowed down for me, or if that '7:30ish' meant 8:00ish or what but I was actually in front of her most of the way or she would catch up so I dont know...all I know is that I ran that thing and to be honest I think I could have gone faster had she been in front of me and I had to fight to keep up.

Then after I got home and before having my scrumptious chili made last night in the slow cooker, I embarked on this workout:

Circuit A

Push Ups: Do 12-15. Mix in variations if you like (like one foot on top of the other, or even a small weight on your back)  I used by stability ball.

Single Leg Squats: With one foot off the ground, bend down into squat, keeping your hips back and chest up. Do 8-12 each leg

Abs exercise of choice, like alphabet plank. Do for 1 minute. Abs exercise of choice, like ball plank. Do for 1 minute.  I actually use my stability ball and lay flat on the floor, put the ball between feet and lift up legs and arms, switch the ball from feet to hands, go back flat, repeat.  1 set of 15.

Wall squat: Squat with your back against the wall and your thighs parallel to the ground. Hold the position for as long as you can.

Punches: Holding light dumbbells (or nothing at all), throw light punches in front of you, twisting at your core. Punch 100 times.  I used 3 lb weights at home.

Burpees: Stand up, squat down in frog position, kick your legs out behind you so you’re in the “up” push-up position (do a push-up here if you want). Thrust your legs forward to frog position and stand up. That’s 1. Do 6-8.

Rest 5 minutes.  Repeat circuit.

Circuit B

Dumbbell Rows: Bend at your waist so your back is parallel to the ground. Holding dumbbells, pull them up to your sides. Do 12-15 on each side.  I used a 15 lb weight at home.

Squat Jumps: Lower yourself into a squat so thighs are parallel to the ground. Spring up into a jump. As you land, lower yourself into squat position. Do 8-12.

Abs exercise of choice, like ball plank. Do for 1 minute.  I actually use my stability ball and lay flat on the floor, put the ball between feet and lift up legs and arms, switch the ball from feet to hands, go back flat, repeat. 1 set of 15.

Squats on BOSU: Squat on some kind of wobbly surface like a BOSU ball. Do 8-12.  Since I dont have a BOSU, I just did squats :)

Warrior 3: In this yoga pose, you’ll look like a T with one leg as the base, and other leg and upper body going parallel to the ground. Hold for 30 seconds on each leg.

Surfing Pop-Ups: Lie face down on the floor with your hands on ground next to your shoulders. In one fluid movement, push up and thrust your legs up and under your body so you end up in a surfboard position (knees bent, standing sideways).

Rest 5 minutes. Repeat circuit.

I then ate dinner!

1.5 cups of veggie chili with a dollop of sour cream
10 Stacys Naked Pita Chips

And then it was time frozen-water-bottle-rolling action on the left foot....while thankfully NOT watching the Olympics tonight...that hockey game last night about wore me out!  :o)  The icing is definitely helping.  Didnt hurt at all today/tonight till after the workout...but nothing like on Saturday.

Stupid rocks.
Marks Daily Apple.

Read yesterdays article and click and read on as many of the links he has that relate back to posts about fast food, not HIS interpretation so much but links to articles about it in general.

And if you EVER set foot in another fast food place again, I would be completely shocked.

And disappointed.

Just don't tell me about it...  :o)

Honestly, I am more and more disgusted...

Food Rules state:
  1. Don't buy your food where you buy your gas.
  2. If it comes through a window, its NOT food.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

2 mile walk with my sister at the middle school track.  She is just getting back into the exercise bit of her year long metamorphosis (shes lost 90 lbs!) and with the earlier darkness and all, plus the holidays etc....anyway I brought my running shoes and clothes so that we could get up early and go get in some exercise to start our day.  Sundays are generally my cross training day with biking or something, but being away from home...

Then it was off to do some other errands and such, after a hard boiled egg and a biscuit with PB for breakfast :)

Once home I had to do my own shopping and I knew it was going to be hell on earth being so 'late' on a Sunday.  WFM is always busy but you can 'time' it :)  I first went to tan and then tackled the grocer!  Argh!

But as you can see in the previous posts I have been busy as a bee making what I can this evening so that food choices are already made for me at least for the next couple of days!  YAY!  After that I thought about just vegging out with the television, but ended up doing about 15 min of abs with the stability ball and then a few sets of weights.  I still feel gross after eating Olive Garden yesterday (with mom)...blech...I only had the fetticini but yeah, I felt like crap last night and this morning.  As soon as I got home I made a hummus/swiss/spinach sandwich with thin rounds and felt you're have food.  Good food.  Mom's house is not the best for her old age she has taken to eating 'convenient' food that just grosses me out.

Now I AM about to settle in for the night thank goodness!  I have been non-stop since 5 am yesterday morning (long run)...

Here is dinner for tonight!


Steamed veggies with mashed (baked) sweet potato
I topped the potatoes with a dollop of sour cream and then some pico de gallo
Added a sprinkling of cheese onto the veggies
I see now the picture is not that great.  Boo hiss.  Too bad, I already ate it all!

And then here is dessert!


I bought my super dark chocolate (75% cacao) bar for the week :)
2 squares for dessert

They actually had a 90% cacao, but I have never had chocolate that dark before so I didnt know if I would like it?

Anyone tried the super dark dark dark chocolate?  Is it really bitter?

Vegetarian Crock Pot Chili


I know it looks kinda yucky but it smells fabulous as its slow cooking right now!
I started with 1 bag of Morningstar Soy Crumbles
Add in 1.5 diced onions
1 can Mexican stewed tomatoes
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can Rotel
1 can of corn
1 can of low sodium black beans
(recipe calls for 2 cans of each (beans and corn) but my crock pot wasnt going to hold it all!)
1 packet of taco seasoning
1 packet of Ranch dressing mix

Stir it all together, put on low for 7 hours and you're done!

I plan on having some over veggies tonight; but I figure you can top a baked potato (white or sweet); over couscous, quinoa or anything!

I figure if you didnt want to even have the soy crumbles you could put in another 1-2 cans of beans (your choice) and just have chili with no 'meat' whatsoever.

I promise to post a picture after its done and how I am serving it so you can see its awesomeness!!!

Yummy Healthy Breakfast Pizza!

Same cornmeal crust from Whole Foods
On the bottom I laid Mild Picante instead of tomato sauce
Layered on pico de gallo
 A sprinkling of cheese
Scrambled 3 whole eggs and 3 egg whites (you could also do all egg whites) with spinach mixed in
Layer on top of pico
A bit more spinach on top and a bit more cheese :)
Bake at 425 for 15 minutes
Cut into 4's (this is the size of a small pizza 
Breakfast is served for the next few days and/or snack!

After cooking

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kenyan Way - Long Run

12.5 miles.  Average pace: 10:14

Warmer weather today than we've had in a while; about 47 deg to start, thought it was going to be over 50 but no such luck :)  First time in a very long time that at the end of such a 'short' run that my head/hair was full of sweat and so were my clothes, yet I was freezing for most of the run.  Go figure.

Mile 1: no data, ran before the group start
Mile 2: 10:46
Mile 3: 10:14
Mile 4: 10:10
Mile 5: 10:21
Mile 6: 9:51
Mile 7: 10:16
Mile 8: 10:20
Mile 9: 10:03
Mile 10: 9:58
Mile 11: 10:17
Mile 12: 10:10
.5: 9:55 pace

The 2 miles around Hermann did me in for the most part.  I havent blogged about this but since the marathon my left foot has been giving me issues and I do believe (and Coach agrees) that I have plantar faciatis.  There are big rocks on the path around Hermann, and running on them really made my foot hurt more.  I slowed down a bit but it didnt help.  Once I got back to Rice it was better, but still...running with it bothering me just aggravated me and mentally just made me blah.  I was just ready to be done.

Nothing really can be done for plantar other than icing.  Fabulous.  I'll get to that this evening.  I am out of the city for the weekend!  More food stuff later!  Lots of good stuff coming up this week!

What I Have Learned So Far about NWOE

Its only been about 3 weeks now that I have jumped in head first on the whole foods thing, but lets be honest it was coming eventually.  I knew it.  And you knew it.  ;o)

Here is what I have learned, what I have had to adjust and just overall thoughts:
  1. I certainly don't miss meat.  No big surprise.  This is actually easy for me since I rarely ate it anyway.  Sure I might have a 'hankerin' for it during Lent, but I have to resist obviously, and after that I have already deemed myself to be a lacto ovo flexitarian :o).  I dont even miss fish.  Yet.  Although today at the cafeteria I did kind of stare at the baked filets...but it was full of God knows what anyway...still...  :O)
  2. Shopping for food takes planning.  If you just go into Whole Foods etc. willy nilly you WILL spend too much.  There is so much there that looks fabulous, and yes a lot of things ARE more expensive, so if you aren't careful...However, I had an old box (as in at least a year I am guessing) of Kraft Mac and Cheese in the cupboard, and I had bought a box of Annies and I compared the ingredients.  I almost feel over.  What is IN that box of Kraft?  First ingredient:  Enriched macaroni PRODUCT.  WTH?  Not even REAL macaroni?  Jeez.  Enough said I hope.  You also need to plan because, like me, I over bought the first couple of times because I didnt plan and I bought too much stuff and then find yourself trying to cook everything into something before it goes bad.  What?  What?  Before it goes bad?  Yes people, REAL food goes bad.  :o) 
    1. So since I am still learning new things to make, I print out the recipes, figure what I want special that week, and add what I need to my grocery list.  The rest of my list is basics:  veggies, Greek yogurt, some pieces of fruit, eggs, things like that.  Things that are staples and I eat more often than not.  This has helped tremendously on the receipt total and also on not wasting anything!  You dont need to buy up the store with mindless things because its cheap you know?  Like I only bought 3 bananas and 2 apples.  I dont need 8 bananas or 14 apples.  Now those 3 bananas and 2 apples were very much appreciated when I did eat them. 
  3. You dont eat as much.  No really.  The food is so much better tasting that, at least for me you don't eat as much.  Plus yeah take into play the extra costs and you eat less possibly but the amount of nutrition you get is astronomical compared to food 'products'.  Plus its been proven that after about 3 bites of a food, your taste buds check out.  Meaning you're brain is what thinks it tastes so good, not your mouth.
    1. I suppose that applies to relationships, at least bad tastes bad after a few months but yet you stay in it?  Insert Daddy's sour milk in the refrigerator anecdote here. :O) WTH?  Sorry, off on a tangent.
  4. I have learned to savor not only each meal, but in some cases each bite.  Some things taste so good, and you can only have so much you know (portion control) so when you are having it, you really pay attention to the actual experience of the food.  Awesome.  I especially learned this on Ash Wednesday on my one meal.  I knew it was my one meal and it tasted SO good, that I took my time enjoying every last single fork/spoonful. I actually will admit to closing my eyes a couple of times as I took a glorious bite.
    1. Made me also reflect on those that go without meals every day and sometimes without food for a day or more!  I mean honestly...It was truly a sad moment when I thought of it like that when I was going on one meal for 24 hours, I wanted to just 'die', but then there are those, here in our own backyards, with nothing.
  5. I prefer Stoneyfield over Chobani as far as Greek yogurts go.  I bought 2 of each, and yeah.  Stoneyfield is mo betta to me.  I love the Lemon one! 
Thats it for now!

    Thursday, February 18, 2010

    Tomorrow's breakfast!

    I scrambled 2 egg whites and 1 whole egg after I had steamed the veggies (which are mushrooms, carrots, celery, broccoli, sprouts, zucchini and those Asian pea pod thingees!)
    Coated the pan lightly
    Tumped in the eggs, let it set then topped with the veggies, a LIGHT sprinkling of cheese and some pepper flakes (yes I use pepper flakes for just about EVERYTHING!  It makes you need less salt!
    Fold over, let finish cooking and you're done!
    This is something you can make ahead of time, so in the morning you can just heat up and eat at home, or grab and go and heat up at work!
    I struggled with whether or not to do my hour on the treadmill followed by my weights workout tonight with my trainer, or to leave work and run outside in the glorious warm(er) weather (hey its like 60!!).  And by the time it was less than a half hour for me to leave, I decided that I needed the fresh outside air since I didnt get any yesterday evening really...and I could do some weights work at home afterwards  since I have weights and such at home (definitely not like the gym but good in a pinch). 

    So I decided on setting out to do 5 miles and at the 2.5 mile turnaround, see how I am feeling and go from there.  I also decided no Garmin, which I rarely wear anyway unless its Wed (speed) or Sat (long run) or a race (obviously).  I prefer the simplistic approach on my easy days.

    I ended up doing 6 miles (it was so beautiful out, cool temps and LOW LOW humidity!) then coming home to do the weights work as planned, abs and push ups with the stability ball and even through in intervals of jump roping on the patio in between sets.  :)

    • that pizza I made?  Damn that sh*^ ROCKED...wowza...honestly it was amazing and I will definitely be buying the same crusts from here on out, regardless that they are way more expensive than usual chain supermarket brands of pizza crusts.  I had 2 small pieces for lunch today and savored each bite as it was that good and I knew they were small and weren't going to be there very long ;o)
    • I am as addicted to overnight oats as any one person can be.  Wow.  Either they are incredibly easy to make amazing or I am just that dang good at putting it all together to make it so wonderful.
    • Of course the scale was incredibly kind to me today after yesterdays fast (remember I only ate one meal and that was at noon). I will tell you I fell asleep on the couch and woke up around 12:27am (Ash Wednesday was no more) to be exact, and yes, I went straight to the refrigerator, took out the pizza I had made, took 3 bites of one piece, and then promptly fell into bed and slept like a baby!  I havent overeaten today by any means; the fasting didnt make me think oooooohh, I can make up for lost calories...nope.  Homie dont play that.  I do feel a bit bloaty though, and figure there won't be any dinner tonight (which isnt a big deal, I do that often as I mentioned previously as it pertains to I.F.)
    I leave you with this quote which struck me for some reason on this day...
    “A coward is a man in whom the instinct of self - preservation acts normally.”

    Wednesday, February 17, 2010

    Day Off

    After not eating much today and not being able to eat after a heavy speed workout; not to mention the fact that the last 4 days have been heavy on the training and NO rest on the legs, I made the decision to just come home and do some things around here (laundry and the like), plus fixing the pizza in the previous post!!

    So I came on home, put on some jeans and walked to the tanning place for another session...temps will be warming up soon which means belly showing and I like a bit of color after being covered up all winter!

    Now we're gonna settle in for some wicked Olympic coverage!  So excited for tonights events!!

    And yes, I am STILL very hungry...I cannot wait till tomorrow morning!  I already have my overnight oats all done and in the fridge, full of apple, cinnamon and some trail mix in there too!!!

    Right now, for dinner, I am having a cup of Earl Grey tea with Silk Vanilla Soy....sigh...

    Yummy Homemade Veggie Pizza

    My first attempt at making homemade pizza!

    I started with an organic, no GMO, cornmeal crust that I bought at Whole Foods.  Spread with organic tomato sauce and added homemade pesto to that.  Then I added a bit of fresh shredded cheese.

    Then I loaded it with fresh spinach leaves, locally grown mushrooms.  I also added some homemade pico de gallo, and then topped it with just a sprinkling of more CHEESE!!

    Stick it in the oven on 425 for 15 minutes and TA-DA!!! 

    Add some pepper flakes for more kick and some kosher salt and you're ready for dinner!!!

    Too bad I can't eat any until tomorrow!!!

    I have another crust and am going to attempt to make a breakfast pizza with it I think on Sunday so that I have something different for breakfast for the first couple of days of work next week!  Will let you know how that turns out!!

    As I.F.

    A few recent posts I found interesting (I've been researching this already) that I thought if you were inclined to do so you too could read up on intermittent fasting.

    Blog 1
    Blog 2
    Blog 3

    I have actually been doing this off and on since October as well, but more often in the past couple of months (and quite certain its also assisted in my accomplishments) and my fast is usually for dinner.  Since I work out, run, or do both after work, when I get home its easy for me just to shower, laundry, get food ready for the next day, etc. and forget about eating.  I was actually doing this BEFORE I started reading about IF.

    My theory is simple:  I don't need calories to sleep.  Nor do I need evening calories to run/work out the next morning.  The most I would eat on other days would be a turkey fold over sandwich, or a couple of eggs or something.  Then of course there were 'special' occasions where I would actually eat dinner though.

    Now I tend to only do this a couple of times a week since I am eating differently anyway, and I actually AM hungry after my evening runs/workouts.  But apparently a couple of times a week is all it takes...

    Of course I am writing this today, when I am fasting for Ash Wednesday...and about to rip my hair out (but mostly because I know this is way bigger than skipping ONE meal)...and furthermore I would NEVER EVER EVER skip breakfast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    I might just wake up (set my alarm) at 12:01am just so I can eat.

    p.s.  Another good site to search for I.F. information is here.

    Tuesday, February 16, 2010

    2 miles treadmill
    1 hour weights with trainer
    1 mile treadmill

    I'm really tired.  Just been too many days of non-stop.  Almost bailed tonight.  Thankfully I'm glad I didnt but man oh man...I'm just beat down.

    Ash Wednesday (Beginning of Lent)

    Well, I have been trying and trying to decide on my 'fast' 'fast' for Ash Wednesday means you get one meal for the day...And I have been struggling with what meal I would have...I know you get 2 'collations' (snacks) but I prefer to try and abstain from that practice as I think of that as 'cheating'..Ideally I would like to consume nothing but water as they did way back when, but honestly I don't know if I have THAT in me??? 

    When you think about what He did for all of us, me going without food for 24 hours shouldn't seem quite so unbearable as it seems right?

    I am going to just go for a very light lunch as my plan...what is going to be the hardest is that in the mornings, by about 1 hour of being up my belly button feels like its eating my spine I am so hungry..

    I see a lot of hot tea in my day tomorrow...

    And of course today is my last day of meat until Easter...

    Monday, February 15, 2010

    Kenyan Way - Hills and Presidents Day Fun!

    This morning up and at em early, had my fabulous overnight oats (my first experiment with making them!) and wow!  Loooooooooooved them!  Rolled oats in vanilla soy and a bit of Greek honey Chobani mixed in overnight, then I sliced 1/2  a banana into it, added a bit of Kashi, some cinnamon and wa-la!!  SO yummy!!!

    Then I headed out for a bit of shopping; to Pier 1 to see if I could find some cool additions to my dinnerware as the presentation of the food before eating it is half the fun!!  Plus sitting down to a well dressed table no matter what meal makes the experience of food fun too!!  They didnt have anything that really jumped out at me, but I did buy a few things because I thought they were simple and nice...Plus I only have 1 old timey plate (you know what use to be 'regular' size back in the day) so having a couple of extra smaller plates for dinner I thought was a good idea.  I added the square bowls and the little soy sauce holders (or whatever sauce/salad dressing) because again, I thought they were simple, yet very nice.  I also bought some wonderful new marvelous smelling candles for the house!  I have them all lit now and the place smells amazing!!!

    Then it was on to NYC & Co., to see if I could find some pants that fit.  And wouldnt you know it they were having a sale where you buy any pant get another free!  So I got 2 pairs of jeans and 2 pairs of work pants for the price of only 2 pair!  Score!  And in size 2's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Score again!!!  Since I plan on losing more I didnt want to spend a lot if they were going to just get too big :)

    Next I headed over to Darque Tan...yes its that time of year again...hey I know...but I'm not perfect, so if I tan a little, don't sue me!

    Then home for lunch!!!  I made the spinach/tortellini soup this morning since it would be perfect for the cold day we are having plus tomorrow's lunch as well!  I will be posting pictures as I was making it along with the very simple directions again for those that want to make it!  Isn't that little sandwich plate the cutest?  I wish they would have had some a bit larger and with bowls but they didnt :(  The same chicky salad/spinach sandwich from last night was a great pair with the little bit of soup.  It was just about 1.5 cups of the broth and spinach with about 5 tortellini's in there :)

    Workout:  Kenyan Way hills this evening.  Started out with a 1.5 mile warm up then hit the hills for the actual workout.  It was a tough one tonight, one we've never done before...1000m of uphills then you get to walk down a very short steep decline for about 40 yds then start all over again...ugh.  It was VERY windy (not to mention cold!) out and not nary a tail wind no matter what! Sucked!  :)  I didnt even take off my warm up pants!  Ran in those suckers the whole time!!!  Roughly 5 miles for the total.

    Now home and about to devour my dinner...the yummy soup from earlier today!  I added just a bit of the leftover chicken to it; and now all the meat is GONE BABY GONE from mi casa...

    GO BODE MILLER!!!  Wow!  I just watched him BLAZE that downhill!!!

    How Did I Get Here?

    My story is simple really.  Back in 2004 I started gaining a lot of weight in a very short period of time (among other symptoms) and by the time I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism I was hooked on running (which I added to weights training to try and lose).  It wasnt till after I got on meds and for almost a year before I lost that weight.  However, there was still more and no matter what I did I couldnt lose.  I was training for marathons, running like crazy...and still nothing.  I was eating 'healthy' for the most part, or so I thought.  I would lose ever so often (whenever there was a break in a relationship I was in), but still it would just hit a certain point and there was no more loss.  And then it would come back on.  I still saw the 'fat' parts where it was loose and flabby and just not attractive (to me).

    Back in October I started eating more and more healthy, and my body started to change.  It still wasnt great though and I was struggling with trying to figure out what the deal was and refused to buy into that over 40 crap.

    I started experimenting with a few things and saw more progress.  Slowly because I was training for Houston Marathon and you have to eat to train.  So the experimenting went along trying different foods and amounts of calories etc...It wasnt until January when I really started seeing the changes and the weight started just dropping off.  Keep in mind that I am small anyway by most standards so losing while still eating to maintain focus and performance (for training) makes it even harder.

    I started cutting out most meat, and just about all processed foods (you know; what is on your supermarket shelves and in the grocers freezer).  I cut out alcohol back in October along with any semblance of fast food (which I never really ate anyway, but had my moments).

    After marathon in mid January, thats REALLY when I started big time...eating only fresh vegetables, wholest of grains I could find, traded in regular 1-2% milk to soy, and meat only like once a week...Now I am 10 lbs lighter and have gone from a size 6 to a 2 (I finally went and bought some new pants today for work and play)...

    The weight loss is only a by product, but the fat loss (at least to me) is the most evident.  My mid section is now lean, and I have lost weight in my legs which is the hardest of all for me.  Always has been.  The biggest thing(s) that are worth their weight in gold is my ability to sleep better, function better, my skin looks great and my overall well being is just something I could never have imagined. 

    I feel fantastic!!!  Its the single most wonderful thing I have ever done for myself, my body and my whole soul. 

    I have done all of this with much research and trial and error and I think finally I have found my silver bullet.  I still have about 7 lbs I want to lose, but its going to be slow, and I know this...but the process is so much fun!  Learning new recipes and experimenting with food is so wonderful and rewarding!!

    Trust me when I tell you that if you just give whole foods a try, and quit spending money on fat free this and fat free that you will see a huge difference.  All those things in the store are FULL of HFCS and made from a cheap corn that is manufactured so that food can be made readily available to the masses for cheap costs!  The corn that they harvest, by itself is not even fit to be eaten like regular corn on the cob!!!  Its made specifically to be made into crap and sold on the supermarket shelves.

    Just give it a try for a month or so and then tell me you dont feel and look a million times better than you ever have before!!!

    Sunday, February 14, 2010

    4 mile run with Brooke this morning...wasn't planning on running today but when I got a text last night asking if I thought I might want to run with her, how could I say no?  It was a fantastic morning to run; sunshine, no wind, and cool temps (about 46deg)...even if it wasnt a long run, it was awesome because I got to run with one of my bestest friends and catch up on things and just be out in the morning quietness (even at 9am! it was quiet on the streets and at Rice)...

    Yesterday I hit up Whole Foods and here is my haul
    I wish you could actually see how huge that container of fresh spinach is!  1.5 lbs of it!
    I spent a bit too much but I am still experimenting with a few things and have new recipes I want to try!

    Last night was just the usual fare of veggies and couscous before heading out to a party where I was awesome at not eating a bunch of snacks so eating beforehand definitely helped!  And there were veggies and hummus there so it was easy to have something to snack on that wasnt too bad even though I did have about 6-8 tortilla chips and a bit of spinach dip!  Yum!

    Just back from seeing From Paris with Love; action packed and of course very violent but John Travolta was excellent in his part.  Wait for DVD though...I ate some Greek yogurt and trail mix before I left to avoid the popcorn but wow that smell is tough to resist!  I also had bought a 70% cacao dark chocolate bar yesterday at WFM, so I broke off 3 of the squares and brought them to the movies to nosh on :)  Tomorrow is a weigh in day so I didnt want to indulge today on popcorn.

    Needless to say I was hungry when we got home so here is what I made (I baked the last of the chicken in the freezer this morning and made some of it into a very light chicken salad)

    I spread some hummus on the thin sandwich rounds, put on some spinach leaves, a bit of WW cheese, drizzled with EVOO and then a bit of chicken salad.  OMG IT WAS AMAZING!!!  I made the chicken salad with some cayenne and green onions for a bit of a kick.  So good!  

    OK time to settle in for some Olympics for the night!  Day off tomorrow due to the holiday of Presidents Day!

    Saturday, February 13, 2010

    Kenyan Way - Long Run

    Man it was COLD out this morning!  I actually wore PANTS!! Ha!  But I shed the gloves at about mile 5 or so...but wished I had them later on as my hands got cold again.  Ran solidly with the 4:15 group again today, but again went too fast (I got in 'trouble' last week for going too fast on the longer training runs but I did do better this week!)...I owe that to Brenda this morning!  She normally runs with the 4 hour group so she would go faster, then I would go faster and I would reel her in a bit...but I kept up!  Thankfully she was on talk mode this morning too which made it go by way faster!

    Mile 1: 10:55
    Mile 2: 10:22
    Mile 3: 10:09
    Mile 4: 10:15
    Mile 5: 10:00
    Mile 6: 9:58
    Mile 7: 9:54
    Mile 8: 9:53
    Mile 9: 9:47
    Mile 10: 9:52
    .5: 9:44 pace

    Was supposed to go 11, but it came up short and I just said eff it at base and didnt add on :)  Average pace: 10:10 and like I said was much better keeping more or less a steady pace instead of the last 3-4 miles of last week where I was blasting through those trying to make up time to come closer to the average pace I needed...thats where I mess up and Coach said its fine every once in a while, but just try to go at an even pace, naturally speed up to negative split but not to 'make up time lost' need for that...

    It was still barely 36 deg at the end, so I might never defrost!!!

    Friday, February 12, 2010

    Tomorrow is grocery shopping day and I am so excited!  I have a few new things I want to try this coming week, so going to the grocer is yes indeed, exciting to me...

    I have my list all made out, because unlike going to a chain supermarket, randomly putting things in your cart (depending) can greatly add to your bottom line at the register...

    So this being my first full on experience with everything being bought au natural etc., I will have a clearer indication as to costs for health vs crap :o) ... or rather corn...because that is what the underlying ingredient is of about 90% of what you purchase at the store every time...actually its probably higher than that, because even that slimy shiny stuff they put on cucumbers to make them 'shiny' has a corn undertone to wonder we're such an overweight know they feed corn to animals to make them fatter right...and fatter faster...

    Anyway, thats for another post [read: rant] later...this is going to be interesting...first I will cover the costs variances (if any) and then my take on quality vs quantity...which obviously most people choose in everything else, so why not their food??? 

    Ah the questions....


    There is no physical activity today as its my lovely dovey Friday rest before long run Saturday...ah the sweet sound of it all....Tomorrow is 11 miles...gonna be a bit chilly-icious out there so dark and early!!
    Yes indeedy, I do *heart heart* me some IRS Tax Refund money!! 
    I didn't expect it to hit my bank account till Monday or Tuesday, but woohoo it was there this morning!!
    (of course most of it goes right into savings)

    Thursday, February 11, 2010

    No Veggie Burger Tonight!!

    Before:  Veggies for a stir fry!
    After:  In the skillet ready for cooking!!!
    A little EVOO and some Red Pepper flakes...I like it a bit spicy!!
    Gonna serve it over some CousCous :)

    30 min run:  treadmill
    1 hour on weights with trainer

    1 hour ON the BIKE trainer while watching Survivor...hope my legs will make it through the hour!!!

    Wednesday, February 10, 2010

    Kenyan Way - Speed Workout

    5 mile progressive run
    Expected:  Starting at 10:22 and finishing at sub 8:52

    I parked at Starbucks and ran to the park and talked to Coach for a bit...He thought my 'expected' was good.  Go with that...

    Mile 1: 10:05.  Well shit.  I TRIED to go slower as I kept checking my pace while running, but well it is what it is...Now at least it would be forced upon me to hit that sub 8:52 :)
    Mile 2: 9:42
    Mile 3: 9:20.  Stopped back at base for some fluids.  Mixed G with water.
    Mile 4: 9:05.  This is working out way too perfectly.  Stopped to turn back for the last mile.
    Mile 5: 8:39.  Wow.

    Got some more fluids, talked to a new girl who joined that I know (that I didnt know had joined), and then put my jacket back on and ran back to the car.

    Total: Just about 6 miles.

    About 43deg and drizzly.  At least it wasn't sleeting like it was when I got off work...Now dinner...Veggie burger patty on Orowheat Thin sandwich rounds with hummus and tabouli.  I am so hooked on these...I am just too hungry to wait for a baked potato to cook right now!!  For dessert I plan on a Skinny Cow mint ice cream mmm good!!!  I have to get rid of them somehow afterall!!  :)

    Baby Steps...But Wow Do I Feel Grrreat!

    Well I guess it’s been just over a week now since I fully embraced the whole possibility of going vegetarian (for life) … and at the very least during Lent. I have eaten ‘meat’ twice since; fish one evening, and then there was ground turkey in the chili I had at a Superbowl party, but it wasn’t enough to amount to much, but still…I am pretty sure what I will become is a ovo-lacto ‘flexitarian’… :o)

    Several things I have noticed along the way so far (and cant completely give credit to the eating habits just yet, but still):
    • • You are more ‘regular’ than you can ever imagine…now as a runner this is very important as you know ;o), but wow. I get enough of fat in there, so I am not over-fibered if you know what I mean ;o)  I never had an issue with this really, but daaaaaaaaaaang....  :o)
    • • I am sleeping better. Not that I am tired, but just that I sleep and through the night…not entirely certain this has to do with my eating habits of late, but the no processed/whole foods approach might be the reason
    • • I ‘look’ leaner. Now this, in conjunction with the running and the addition of strength training and cycling since the marathon is a big factor as well. 
    • • I ‘feel’ skinny. Not lean. SKINNY. You know that word you always want to hear someone say sometimes…wow, you’re skinny. And then you’re like, nu-uh. But….yeah, I FEEL skinny. I still have a bit to go, but man. I need to go shopping. I spend more time hiking up my jeans these days cause they are too loose…I know. Poor baby. A lot of it has been lost in my legs which is completely unusual for me…but oh thank you Baby Jesus!
    • I feel healthier...and that is really what this is all about afterall!!!  The skinny is just a by-product!!!
    • • I look forward to going to the grocer! So much to choose from; you really have to plan your meals (at least I do) for the week otherwise you might end up with too much and since its all fresh, its gonna go bad…boo! Hiss! Plus if you plan your meals in advance, its easier to stay on budget, therefore erasing the ‘its too expensive to eat healthy’ notion…I still owe that post and will get to it eventually
    • • More energy. This of course translates to better workouts. Not sure its going to help today on my speed workout…I am pretty sore…

    Going back to that whole excited about the grocer thing and having a list…There are so many things I want to try (thanks to all the new blogs I have been introduced to!) that I could spend a small fortune in Whole Foods! Baby steps though..just like with the whole new way of eating…Which I am just falling in loooooooooove with!!!

    Oh, and I received my new book, Ominvore’s Dilemma and just started reading it today…Also I should be getting the documentary titled “King Corn” which was referred to me, so I will be anticipating watching that as well…

     Speaking of movies…total 180 here, but over the weekend at the Superbowl party and on Facebook there is a discussion between a few of us Coen Brothers fans about some of the scenes in No Country for Old Men…which I need to watch some of it again…but anyone that has seen it…If Chigurd (or however you spell it) was hit in his car on the passenger side, would his left or right arm be broken…?) Oh and do you think he killed the wife at the end, and do you think he had the money? And where was his gun? He always had his gun… I don’t recall hearing a gun shot at the end, so if he did kill her (he looked at his boots as he left as if looking for blood), then HOW did he do it??? Things to ponder… I MUST watch it again this weekend I guess…

     OK I have rambled on enough for now…but just one last thing, really try and read some of the blogs on the my new blog roll…they are fantastic and can give great alternatives to eating well and still be able to indulge from time to time…the photos alone are amazing and I have a few recipes to try out!! Although I am getting pretty good and coming up with some scrumdelicious on my own! I am even starting to take photographs of food to add here as well!!!
    Oh and remember...If it came from a plant, eat it, if it was made in a plant, don't.


    Tuesday, February 9, 2010

    40 min treadmill run; hams were sore from yesterdays hills...been a while you know?  ;)
    1 hour on weights with my trainer
    core - 10 min

    Speed workout tomorrow.
    Oy Vay.

    Healthy Eating and Foodie Blogs!!!

    I am starting to add a blog roll to the right because lately I am finding more and more of them that I am becoming addicted to and thought I should share.  This way the links are always there instead of me posting in a random post for it to be clicked on once and then you never know where it is again!!

    The women I am finding have amazing stories of fit to flab to fit again by simply changing the way they eat and think about food!  I can't wait to share more with you!!


    Monday, February 8, 2010

    Kenyan Way - Hills

    This morning the news was forecasting bad storms to move through tonight...however as I checked the radar around 3pm I could see that they were coming much faster than what they had said.  I had the foresight to bring my gym bag to work and worst case scenario I would do a hill workout on the treadmill...

    However with Dallas Half coming up and being a hilly course, I needed the real deal, so at 4pm I changed clothes at work.  Ran down to Dallas and up Shepherd and back to the cloverleaf and proceeded to get my 25 min of hills in!!  and thank goodness I did because right now the rain is coming down in BUCKETS!!!  I know some of the KW'ers are out there and getting pounded and probably heading for cover as we speak...

    Sometimes I'm smarter than I give myself credit for :)


    Product review:  Amys Veggie Burger Patties ... I bought some of these this weekend and I just had one and it was FANTABULOUS!!  I spread some hummus over an Oro Wheat Sandwich Thin Round (another one of my new favorite things!), cooked the veggie burger, topped it with tabouli and OMG IT WAS HEAVEN!!!  Pretzels on the side.  Perfect dinner.

    This Post Contains No Sugar or Corn

    This documentary (Food, Inc.) confirmed my suspicions about the state of the U.S. food industry. And honestly the main focus of this film is not about the plight of the animals as much as you would think (although it IS there and no one will ever convince me otherwise because you cannot NOT do it and feed the amount of people that demand the production of ‘food’ to the degree that it does). Its more about the monopoly of the industry as a whole, where ‘food’ is being ‘generated’ with the crap that isn’t worth selling outside of the cheapness of it and its ability to be made into several other components to ‘produce’ food for the masses, AND feed animals which were NOT built to ingest corn for sustained life, just as humans were not…

    After reading Pollan's book (and the other 2 are on the way in the mail) and viewing this documentary, I'm starting to think that the current food crisis (or as Pollan calls it, "edible food-like substances") is actually more urgent than climate change (both are urgent, but this food crisis is creating an epidemic of diabetes, obesity, cancer, and more).

    It is also outrageous how U.S. policy is helping fuel this crisis.

    In short, you are what you eat, and what most people eating right now is pretty disgusting.

    I feel like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix after he chooses the red pill. My eyes are open now to where all that shiny, cheap food comes from and I can never erase that. I think the most memorable part for me was when Mr. Salatin observes that we don't necessarily want the cheapest cars but we clamor to buy the cheapest food. And it goes INTO our bodies.

    It's a challenge to present a difficult subject matter, one infused with so much political fire, in a respectful and straightforward way. Food Inc. does the job perfectly. It isn't preachy, it isn't blasting viewers with gory sights from slaughterhouses, it isn't one-sided; what it does is share important information in a way that lets viewers see behind the scenes of big agriculture, behind the marketing and the hype.

    Often, books and movies on this subject are preaching to the choir. The only folks that see or read the message didn't need the message in the first place. Food Inc. is mainstream, accessible and open to everyone. Food, our health and our land shouldn't be an issue for the Left or the Right. It impacts all of us equally and the solution has to involve all sides. Small farmers have a big stake in this, as do those concerned with the environment, food safety advocates, workers' rights defenders and average consumers. Everybody has a piece of this pie and how we choose to go forward is what will matter. Food Inc. gives the viewer plenty of food for thought but also some conclusions that can be implemented now by consumers to help bring big business in line with what is safe and healthy.

    Skeptics especially should watch this film. If you don't believe there is anything wrong with genetically modified food, with huge agricultural factories, with our current food safety, then watch this film and put your thoughts and beliefs up against the information presented. If nothing else, I think skeptics will get the chance to see things from another view point and perhaps walking a mile in those boots will give them some food for thought too.

    This movie will leave you sickened by the amount of toxins we are ingesting, and the foods that are barren of nutritional content. The statistics regarding insulin resistance and the number of diabetics expected, in this, and the next generations, are staggering. If we look further down the road, at our already fragile health-care system, we can readily see that with these dire health predictions, due to poor nutrition, that any system, new, or old, will not be sustainable.

    As the old saying goes, 'you can tell how civilized a population is by the way it treats its animals.' Well, it goes without saying, that we are failing miserably in this area. However, watching the poor, enslaved workers in these processing plants, is just as uncivilized, and, a blight against humanity.

    Thankfully, of late, I have been introduced to someone that can get me pastured eggs, chicken and if I want it, beef. I am pleased that my family still pasture raises its animals and lets them feed off the land…but in the same breath I am sickened by the fact that my brother works for Tyson.

    Coming next:  Yes I know healthier food is more expensive...but...

    Sunday, February 7, 2010

    Rode just over 10 miles with Dixie this morning in COLD temps (for a bike); then a short run to top it off.  Truth be told, had we not already set up this to get Dixie acclimated with her new bike and all, my ass would have been doing an hour on the trainer :o)

    Feet were frozen after the bike which made it INCREDIBLY difficult to run; it literally felt like I was running on the stubs of my knees and everything below that was numb.

    Need to be semi-ready for Frost UR Fanny duathlon in 3 weeks :)