Wednesday, June 30, 2010

7 miles done.

1 hour 8 min. 29 seconds.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6 miles:  treadmill
Some upper body weights

I broke up the mileage so as not to die of boredom; doing 4 miles straight to start off, then did some weights, then another mile, more weights, then finished off with 1 more mile and some stretching.

Didnt do as much upper body since I've been doing boot camp twice a week.  But wanted to give the legs a break by running on the treadmill for a change; its been 2 weeks since I've done that.

We've got a LOT of rain coming with Alex so I will pack the gym bag again for tomorrow...just in case...

I know the blog has been lacking a bit of oomph lately and I apologize...however with life being as it is, running, work, mom in hospital and still trying to maintain some sense of a social life...I just dont have the time!  Even at work, as I have been busier than usual...

And speaking of social life, I've got plans so I am outtie!!!

Summer Lovin' Runnin' ... Had Me a Blast... Tips for Running in the Heat and Humidity!

Sooooooo many blogs I read...not to mention the countless runners I know here in Houston (home of heat+humidity), just have gone off the deep end with the blog posts, the Facebook posts and the constant whining (totally kidding...kinda) about how darn hot it is and its effect on running...If you play your cards right and accept that you're gonna be slower (possibly), and more sweaty (for certain), and a bit more tired/sore afterwards (I know I am) Coach says:  Suck it up!  and/or Shut up and train!!!  ;o)

I feel lucky that I trained well through the late 'winter' and into Spring with higher than needed mileage, never really taking a 'break', that it has served me well and that I became acclimated without even knowing it.  Yes, I still hate it and I still know when its dangerous...knowing the facts puts you ahead of the game...

I found a fellow blogger that spells it all out quite nicely (I know there are some newer runners that read my blog so this can help you!), so instead of me coming up with my own personal experiences, lessons learned and general information we should all abide by, I am going to direct you over to RunnerDudes Blog for the low low on the smart moves you should be makin' on the pavement dance floor we runners all looooooooooove to heat...I mean hate...I mean loooooooooooooooooove....

Monday, June 28, 2010

Boo-Tay Camp Monday

Walking lunges

5.25 mile run
First half I was alone and was running about 10:20ish miles.  Then about 1/2 mile before I hit the car for G2, I ran into Brenda crossing over Main from Rice.  Needless to say the next loop was done all about 9:30-9:45 ish pace...The entire time we spent chatting, catching up on 'gossip' since she has had to miss KW the past 2 Saturdays due to a ouchy shin...Soooo glad I ran into her...always good to push yourself by running with someone else that runs just a wee bit faster than you would normally ;)  Average pace came out to 10:16

Engineered Food...Or as I like to Call It...FrankenFood...Is It Why We're Fat?

Another segment from The Today Show (approx 6 min in length)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kenyan Way - Long Run - 12 miles (cut back week)

Good run today.

12 miles
10:16 avg pace (and that was me having to actually slow down a lot of the run as we kept finding ourselves running sub 10)...I have to quit doing that  :o)
As usual, 78 deg and 89% humidity, 74 dewpoint.

Was worried due to extremely sore calves and hammys from the hill workout/boot camp on Thursday night, but a lot of water and ibuprofen seemed to help and I only had moderate discomfort, but the weird thing is that while running I didnt notice it too much; only when just walking or standing up and walking after having been immobile for a certain amount of time.

Spent the rest of the day at the hospital with my mom and my sister.  It is what it is.  We've accepted the hand that has been dealt.  Now we just wait...We dont know how long...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ironman Comes to Texas!!!!

And literally right in our own backyard!
Ironman Texas!  The Woodlands!
May 21, 2011

Registration opens today....$600!!!  And is expected to sell out quickly?  Wow.
I will be one of the first to sign up for volunteering on race day!  Can't wait!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Boot-ay Camp and a 5 Mile run

Short and sweet post today folks!

Strides for warm up
Hill repeats (every other one was done up/down the hill backwards); never done hills this ya yo!
After each up/down, we did some sort of core or cardio blast type interval

I added more strides as I was stretched out enough :)

5 mile run; 3 miles with Crystal at 9:41 avg pace
2 mile run; done by myself at 9:59 avg pace

I went slower when I was alone, because honestly I didnt exactly 'need' a 'tempo-ish' run today :)   This of course ended up being a 5 mile run at or below goal marathon pace for Chicago...oh ye yi!!!  I think I am going to kinda sorta sore tomorrow!!!  Thank goodness its a rest day in anticipation of Saturday long run (which its a cut back week; down to 12 miles from the previous weeks of 14-15 miles).  WhooHoo!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

No run.

After finding out more details about mom situation, I immediately left work and headed north to the hospital shortly after noon.  Spent the afternoon there with my sister (and of course Mom)...discussing 'things'...trying to keep it together.  Make a 'plan'...just in case...

I resigned myself that sometimes...sometimes...there are more important things than a speed workout/8 mile run you know?  So while on the drive there...I knew already there would be no workout/run on this day.  Once I did that, I was able to focus on the situation at hand...

Right now, its just one day at a time...back at boot camp tomorrow followed by an easy 6 miles...

Rough day on the personal front (mom back in hospital) I had a really stressful day; losing it a time or two in the interim of the 'not knowing'...

Schedule called for 6 miles, but you know by the time I got home and the thunderstorms and lightning had passed, I just really didnt even want to run to be honest.  Got out there anyway and just did a little over 3.5 miles. 

Felt better for having done it too.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Workout - Wow.

Tried something a bit different today as previously blogged.  A friend of mine is now doing a boot camp every day, Mon-Fri FOR FREE just a couple of miles from my house.  Score!  I went today just to check it out and to lend moral support (and ended up co-coaching)...

We started out with strides, then proceed to do hill repeats.  After you ran up the hill, and then walk down, you had your mat or towel already laid out...then you proceed to do a series of core exercises.  Back up to your feet, run up the hill...and repeat.  You get the idea :)  Was really good especially since I havent been doing any hill work since the Spring training season ended back in May.

Once we were done with that, I had 5 miles to run, so Crystal joined me for 2.5 of it and then I was on my own.

So ended up being almost 2 hours of working out in the hot/humid Texas weather...whew.  Surprisingly I only used one G2, never even put on the CamelBak as it was overcast (at first) and plenty of shade...I think I am going to do the boot-y camp on Mondays and Thursdays along with my mileage.  Good stuff!!

Eat This, Not That

I love these segments on The Today Show (or on the Eat This! Not That! website as well), so I am going to start sharing the information!  Now while I don't do these types of eats, its good information to have in my noggin, because you just never know when you might be traveling etc., and have no other just know there are better choices, even if you are having to choose the lesser of 2 evils  :o)

(More) Franken Food Experimentation...

If you didn't already know or should not only LOOK at this but READ IT ALL the way through...

Cheeseburger (NOT) in Paradise....

And here...where she shows you the inside of a 35 day old cheeseburger as well...not homemade obviously but very well preserved at your local fast food joint....

After coming home from mom's, which was about 12:30 pm on Sunday, and with the temp already at 90's+, there was no way I was going to run at that point.  Besides I was exhausted to some degree...taking care of mom is no easy task...its like I had a weights workout (that rest I thought I would get?  No)...And because I thought I had plans for the evening, I had it in my mind there would be no evening run either...

So I hit the pool.  Since I havent been able to swim for a week due to a lower back (left side) pull/strain as it would just be excruciating pain whenever I would try.  For some reason, running didnt seem to bother it...Felt good to get some laps in along with working on my tan ;o)

My plans for the evening changed, but not until late, and by that point I was a bit perturbed (about a number of things), and I just said THWI and settled in for a movie on DVD that I have had for quite some time (Crazy Heart)...

Tonight I am trying a little something different, a boot camp workout.  A friend of mine invited me and it sounds like fun and another way to meet some new friends maybe...Its at Hermann Park, so after the workout (which includes hill running), I plan to do a loop of Hermann/Rice (5 miles)...

Busy week this week; I suspect by the weekend I will be one tired puppy :o)

Also, I am back on the wagon (with eating); kinda had a few lapses here and there and I sure felt it...Been 4 days of good stuff and minimal calories, and this morning I felt like a gazillionbajillion bucks...I know people dont like the word 'skinny', but I for one LOVE the word...when I wake up and actually feel skinny...yeah its a great feeling...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kenyan Way - Long Run - 15 miles

Up at 4:30am
Running at 5am.

2 miles with Crystal.
1 mile with Crystal and Bonnie.
1 mile with Bonnie.
11 miles with Bob.

79deg at the start.
96%humidity at the start.
Brutal I tell ya.

S!Caps taken every other water stop.  Good.
Lots and LOTS of hydration.  Good.
Bob suggesting we run the pavement on the mile (instead of the gravel) of Memorial Park back to Crestwood.  GOOD.

10:32 pace for the 15 miles.  I am keeping it nice and slow for these long runs in the heat/humidity.
9:03 in the last 1/2 mile as I left Bob in my dust.

Now off to take care of momma ... and thankfully I get lots of rest too while I am there since she sleeps a lot. 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

5.25 miles in brutal conditions (94 degrees).  What else is new though?  :o)

Rest day tomorrow.

15 miles on Saturday.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I didnt go to the gym yesterday but instead opted to come home straight from work.  Therefore today I had to get my gym time in along with speed work.

I think I might end up moving my gym day to Wednesdays as doing my speed work on the treadmill keeps me honest.  I can set the treadmill at the paces I need to get it done without having my natural tendancy to slow down when having to do it in the heat of the afternoon.  But dont kid yourself; by the time I was done with the miles and the speed work my hair was plastered to my head just as if I had been running outside.  They say when you sweat like that, you're fit and your body is just being effective...I gotta believe in some of that.

Todays schedule called for 6 miles total with a session of 4/3/2/1 (moderate/easy) thrown in.  I did 2 miles warm up but set the incline up to 2 so as not to make it an 'easy' day.  Then I set it at 9:20 pace for the 'moderate' and then on 10:00 for the 'easy'.  Once I got to the '1' I just put it on 9:04 and ran it out for the 1/1 skipping the moderate.  Did another mile, then hit the weights for 45 minutes.  After I finished that up, I got back on the treadmill for the last mile at about 10:20 pace to close it out.

Next weeks speed calls for 3x1mile at 8:30ish pace so I am DEFINITELY going to use the treadmill for that.  But the schedule also calls for 8 miles total next Wednesday as well.  Whaaaat?  Sigh.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Houston Marathon Lottery Update (EDITED PORTION IN BOLD)

For those interested, and those that didn't go to the HARRA meeting last night where a couple of CHM officials were in attendance, along with A LOT of local runners, here is what has come of all the hoopla surrounding the implementation of the lottery system here in Houston as it pertains to the lottery for the MARATHON portion, NOT the half-marathon.  The half marathon was never an issue with HARRA..well thats not true but not in this particular discussion, and not in a favorable manner but we'll just let that sleeping dog lie.  Half marathon wanna be's will be entering the lottery just as the original instructions were announced.
  • Veteran status is still 10+ years of the Houston marathon (previously I stated 5, but 5+ does NOT make a veteran!!).  Also it is my understanding that the 5+ years of running it ONLY applies to the 2011 Houston marathon...Doesn't have to be consecutive. 
    • There is a spreadsheet with names of those that have 5+ years of running it, and you MUST enter your name EXACTLY as it is on that spreadsheet or your spot WILL not be guaranteed.  You can find this spreadsheet on a link off of the marathons website.
  • HARRA was awarded 500 spots to distribute as they see fit.  This does NOT mean you can sign up for HARRA today and be considered.  The spots are for current HARRA members, and HARRA will decide how to distribute them.  Things like warm up series races ran, volunteer points, ranking, years affliliated with HARRA, etc.  Maybe some of those, or not any.  Who knows.  HARRA will be hammering out the details of that.
    • these 500 slots are huge.  with so many HARRA members already getting a golden ticket due to veteran status, and honestly HARRA doesnt have that many members (490 completed the marathon last year), that means a lot of HARRA members might be getting a golden ticket themselves if they are short of veteran status.  I hope that I am one of them.
    • If you train with a group such as any USAFit group, or you even may belong to a running club, like BCRR, Kenyan Way, etc., that does NOT mean you are a HARRA member.  A lot of confusion seems to be coming from that angle.  Unless you pay dues to HARRA every June, you are not a HARRA member.
    • HARRA members who wish to be in on one of the 500 slots and are chosen will sign up in a pre-determined window of opportunity PRIOR to the lottery entry kick off.  Once the window closes, the slots will be released (if any are left) for the general population of marathon runners.
  • You can defer your entry from 2011 to 2012 if you are awarded a slot, but unable to run.  This one confuses me but whatever  (I would hate for someone to take a spot and just defer with no reason whatsoever).  I think if you cant run, then dont take the slot until you can.
I think that just about covers it.

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Little Compromise....6 miles and a Camel

I had to figure something out.  My runs during the week are basically 6 miles Mon-Thurs and of course on Tuesday I run those on the treadmill. 

With our kind of weather here, especially right now (92deg at 6:45 when I started, with a feels like of 98) its really difficult to feel like you are even doing anything out there if you cant find the right solution to the heating problem.  As you know lately I have been running with a handheld (10oz) and having to make my route so that I can stop back by the house to refill, which is hard cause well, you're home and you want to just quit.  And within 1 mile my hand/body heats the fluid up to where I am certain if I poured it in a pot I could boil pasta with it...water is good but not when its not cold!

I had a lot against me today besides the heat, with a very bad backache, cramps and Mother Nature calling...I was fatigued from that as I did what I have never done before.  I filled my little CamelBak with a mixture of G2, water and ice.  I made the decision to give it a try today; I normally only use that on bike rides and during duathlons/triathlons but never during the running portion.  Its the smaller version of the CB for women and I am not sure how much it will hold (maybe 32oz?)  Of course I didnt put that much in there, but what I did along with the device itself, I figured it weighed about 2-3 lbs on my back. 

I could definitely feel the weight on me, but after about a mile I got use to the thing back there, and it was AWESOME just putting the spicket in my mouth when I needed some hydration.  I never really drank a lot, but I think knowing that I had it made a huge difference as well.

I also took 2 S!Caps 15 min before heading out.  I am telling you those things WORK!

Bottom line is I rocked out my 6 miles. Yes it was STILL hot as Hades, but also I think waiting till 6:45 and no sun also helped.  I do believe I have found my combination of what I need to survive the weekly runs in this God awful heat/humidity!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Easy Like Sunday Mornin'

88deg 'feels like' at about 7:30am when I headed out. 
Took 2 S!Caps 15 min beforehand

Dang.  I dont know why I continue to be surprised at just how much I can sweat.

3 short miles.
No watch.

I think I love my short Sunday morning runs the best.  Its so darn quiet, no cars, nothing.  Ever so often you see someone walking their dog, and a lone runner or two.   You look at each other across the road and the look is the same:  why are we doing this?  :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kenyan Way - Long Run - 14.5 miles

Whew!  Man am I glad THAT is over!

I had the alarm set for 4:26 (random), but I was awake shortly after 4, so I laid there for a bit more, getting up around 4:20, got ready and was at base just before 5am.  A few people were already there, including Bonnie and Robin showed up shortly thereafter, but Robin was having issues with her Garmin so I took off.  I got in 4 miles before the start with the group.

Temp: 81deg (AT 4:45 AM!!!)
Humidity: 84%
Dewpoint: 74!!!!  ARGH!!!!

I took 2 S!Caps before I left the house, and took another 2 before the start along with my Gatorade Prime.  In extreme heat/humidity, Succeed recommends 2 S!Caps every hour.  Which is what I normally do, give or take, but last week, I was off on my intake, and was taking 1 and I didnt take any before the start.  I feel certain (especially after this weeks performance) that that is exactly what did me in last week along with the quick pace too early on.  I also started with the 4:30 marathon group instead and by the time I got to the 2nd water stop (4 miles in) I had caught up to the 4:15 group and stayed with them the whole time. 

So bottom line is that the 14.5 miles this morning was a huge success!  No walking, no feeling like I was going to keel over and die and no SAG WAGON!!!  Overall pace was 10:31.  Right where I need to be.  My schedule now shows for a 4:15 marathon, my training paces should be between 10:25 and 10:40 on my long runs.  After the route was done, adding on 1/2 mile seemed pointless :)

The only thing wrong with today is that after I was done, my body completely quit perspiring and I had a very dry mouth.  This twas not good peeps.  Thankfully I had about 1/2 bottle of G2 in my car from when I had left the house so I drank that while driving till I could get to the gas station.  I had to go to Exxon because a) I didnt have my wallet, and could only scrounge up about .50 in my car, but b) I knew my 'homie' would be working and she always gives me free drinks!  All I wanted was the biggest fountain drink with tons of ice and Diet Coke!  Score!  Free 40 oz'er!!!

OK was supposed to fill in at the local running store today, but they dont need me after all...and I am happy about that!  I dont think I would be very helpful today in a retail store on my feet for 6 hours!  I would be CRANKY!  ;)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Product Reviews

I have been trying to get around to this, but I just never seem to have the desire to sit down and insert a lot of pictures and what-not :o)  I had taken pictures of the actual products at home, but they are on my camera and not here at work, and I figured 'why not do this on my lunch today'?
So without further adieu...

Gatorade Prime

The pouch to the far left is the product I am reviewing; I think we all know if and what Gatorade (or G2) does and does not do and/or how it relates to our personal situations (whether it works or not)
I decided to try this product since I read a lot of blogs out there and a few runner peeps have had good success with these, so when I was at the grocer a few weeks back, I spotted them and decided to give them a whirl.  I bought 2.  One was orange and one was Berry.
2 Saturdays ago, was my cut back long run, and I had 8 miles on the schedule.  I drank the Prime just before heading out, and while yes it was only 8 miles, I still felt a bit of 'kick' in my step.  However if you know me, I never judge a product by one use (usually 3) since it could have just been a fluke.
Last Saturday, I ran 4 miles before the group start, so after those 4 miles, I grabbed the pouch from the car and drank it.  My friend Robin was like "wow thats a HUGE Gu!"  LOL.  I explained to her what it was.
Now we all know that my overall run was NOT good last Saturday, however, those first 6 miles after the start, were indeed good.  I started out with the 4 hour group or maybe somewhere between 4 and 4:15ish...and I had I not made other mistakes DURING the run, things might not have turned out the way they did (see S-Caps review)

Bottom line is I like them.  I think they work.  A couple of my friends are now using them before their morning runs and feel that they feel they get the calories they need to complete the workout without having to put anything heavy into their belly so early in the morning and also one says that 'it doesnt make my stomach have issues'.  I prefer the Orange over the Berry.  There is Fruit Punch, but I am not a Fruit Punch kinda girl.
While at the grocer this past weekend?  I bought 4.  :o)
Side note: I havent used these for any other workouts other than Saturday mornings.  I run in the evenings so I am sufficiently hydrated and have nutrition in me from throughout the day.  To take in these extra calories when I didnt need them, I think is unnecessary.  I run with G2 in the evenings.  And I wont be trying the Recover since I firmly believe my chocolate milk is the perfect after workout recovery system!

Succeed! S!Caps

The actual full review of this has been a long time coming, but I am going to come back to this one after my run tomorrow. Reason being is that up until last Saturday, I always used these the same exact way, with MARVELOUS results, and last weekend, in trying to figure out if it was something I had done differently, it came to these. After reading their site today more intensely (I had to order another bottle) I do realize that indeed might very well have sabotaged myself last Saturday.

After tomorrow I will report back.

Gardenburger Veggie Patties
Sun Dried Tomato Basil
I have tried just about every single Veggie Patty out there, and to be honest I dont normally like something with this type of description, but I was at Whole Foods and they had these on sale, 2 boxes (4 to a box) for $6. Hey this is a good deal seeing as how I sometimes have paid $7.50 for 4 (Amys Texas 1/4 and I love them SO MUCH, that I pay it occasionally).
Anyway, they had the original so I bought one box of those and one box of these.
For whatever reason I tried these first.
OMG.  LOVE.  I havent even opened the original type box, and I have already bought another box of the Sun-Dried Tomato Basil.
Perfect little size for a 'burger' loaded with all the trimmings, or to eat on a baked potato...anything.

Puffins Organic Gluten Free Breakfast Cereal
Flavor - Cinnamon

I will be honest, I tried these only because it seems every single foodie/nutrition blog I read out there, people love these. Maybe not Cinnamon, but Puffins in general. There were regular, Peanut Butter and Cinnamon. I chose Cinnamon because I love me some cinnamon tasting cereal. :)
Hmmm...Now while I do indeed like these, I dont like them particularly in milk. I like them with some yogurt mixed in, and I even liked them to pop a few in my mouth when I was craving something sweet. I bought this box sometime back though and the box isnt empty. I am pretty sure I should throw it out.
A friend of mine loves loves loves the Peanut Butter ones, so maaaaaaaaaybe I will give those a shot to see if I like them better.
Call me crazy but these just werent going to take me away from my Cheerios.

Note: None of these products were supplied to me by the manufacturer's, they were purchased solely by me, nor am I being reimbursed in any way for my thoughts on their products. I dont know why, but everyone else out there is stating this on their product reviews, so I figured maybe I should :o)  But someone needs to tell Gatorade, S!Caps and Gardenburger to send me some free stuff now that I totally told all of you how great their products are!  :o)

Rest Day today!
Payday, Jeans, Boots, Ponytail!  And a smooth ride at work today as well!
But Lord have mercy its soooo terribly humid still and the weatherman this morning said this weekend is going to be brutal with feels like around 105, and that the low tomorrow morning is 81.
Woohoo!  What a fantabulous 15 miles THATS going to be!  Another squish squish squishy run indeed!

The route is here, and is 10.5 miles, which means I will do 4 miles before the group starts at 6am (leaving me with an itty bitty .5 to add on at the end)!
Water stops are a bit more spaced out this week so its gonna be super importante that I make sure and take my S-Caps more diligently than I did last weekend.

What's YOUR run going to be like this weekend? 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Short and Sweet

5 miles
No watch

Just me, my RoadID, and my little 10 oz'er of G2.

Ran a large loop so that turning right the whole way was an option and one that only had me having to cross one major intersection. 

Kinda like NASCAR 'cept I was turning right the whole way and NASCAR there are no intersections.  :)

Read the Fine Print

Well after further inspection at the little calendar schedule I have printed out from Coach, I saw that apparently my speed work for Chicago has finally kicked in.  Gah!

So that meant Wednesdays 6 miles were to have 4 of them at threshold pace.  (9:21-9:31).  Gah!

I thought screw that!  Its my birthday!  Its 92deg out and humid as heck! (usually its not as bad in the afternoons).  Its my birthday!  Gah!

Sooo because I had birthday dinner plans with an O so good looking man :), I had to run earlier than I normally do, and wouldn't you know it the clouds had parted and the angels weren't singing, but the sun was beating (down).  Gah!

So I strategized a route...I could get 4 miles doing 'this', be back at home, refuel (since I knew the 10'ozer was gonna be empty by that point!), and then head out for a couple of loopy loo's!  OK, I did exactly that, only about 1 mile into it, I decided I was going to just do 1 loopy loo :o)  So I got 5 miles instead of 6 and only 3 of them were at threshold and when I say threshold, it was definitely at the 9:31 end and NOT the 9:21 end.  I feel OK with it because lets be honest, here in Houston, in the Summer, doing speed work is H.A.R.D. so I feel if you even get close, you're doing great.

I am one sleepy pup this morning...gonna be an 'that was easy' button kind of run this afternoon that much is fo sho!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Its my birthday and if I could I would SO eat all this cake!
I have 6 miles on the schedule today; here's to hoping the weather cooperates this afternoon and its not thunderbooming again.  I didn't bring Plan B to work, so at least no lightning please.
Thats my birthday wish :o)
Well one of them!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gym day is always Tuesday, but I am thinking I might add Thursday to the mix.  We'll see.

5 miles treadmill
1 mile of that was on 3 incline and I slowed down the pace; just wanted something different/a bit more difficult

Didn't think I was actually going to do weights, but weights I did.  Once I got started I didnt want to stop.  Seeing good definition again in the back and shoulders/biceps so that motivated me.

A great day physically, not so much emotionally.  Just way too many 'things' going on on the inside.  Hopefully tomorrow I will wake up and that won't be the case.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Madness

Nothing like a bit of anger and disgust to make a run awesome.

Because I didnt know what the weather was going to hand me, we had thunderstorms today, and there looked to be more on the way via radar, I didnt want to chance a) having to possibly not run until much later or b) running in pouring down rain but yet no lightning.  I had my gym bag in the car, so about 3:45 I went out to the parking garage to get it so that I could run on the treadmill.

Now lately I DREAD the dreadmill and can barely stand it for more than 3-4 miles.  Today?  I was so angered at an email sent out by the Houston Marathon committee that my 5 miles went by so quickly (and yes I also mean I ran them FAST), that I thought about running an additional mile, but then just said 'eh'. 

So 5 fast miles on this crazy of a Monday.  Saturday seems to have been just one of those days as my legs feel great.

In other news, I also signed up to run Dallas White Rock (half marathon) on December 5th.  So Chicago in October, Dallas in December...and possibly Houston (full) marathon at the end of January, but if not that one, then either USAFit (full) marathon (also in January) or the RnR Mardi Gras (full) marathon in February.

Post to follow re: said email announcement made by the Chevron Houston Marathon.

Versatile Blogger Award (re-post from 5/27)

I received a Versatile Blogger award from MJ over at Girl Running today (5/27)!!!
I have to come up with 7 random things about me
and then tag 10 other bloggers to receive the award as well...MJ also apparently thinks I am Superwoman but doesnt know that I know that she thinks that ;o)

  1. I ran my first full marathon in January 2007.  Before I left the house to go Downtown for the start of the race, I smoked a cigarette.  Yep.  Thats right.  I kid you not. 
  2. A lot of people think I am this strong, hard core, secure, stand my ground kind of person.  In reality, I am a big mushy mush and my feelings get hurt badly very easily.  I am extremely sensitive, and I don't think a lot of people realize that.  For the most part I am extremely good at faking it.  And then I crumble when no one is watching.
  3. I lived in Las Vegas for 7 years.  I absolutely loved it but of course that was in the latter half of my 20's/early 30's.  Had I not come back home to Texas when I did, I am quite sure I might not still be alive.  When I arrived back in Texas I was a size 00.  You figure it out.  And yes I meant to type TWO zeros not just one.
  4. The summer before Senior year of high school, I packed what I could into two suitcases, shoved them out my bedroom window, said goodbye to my mother as I left for work, and didnt come home until 3 months later.  Yes I ran away.  Why?  Because I was 17 and didnt understand why they (parental units) wouldnt let me 'date' a 24 year old.  A week of being gone, I called my sister and she told me that they had an APB out on my car.  I only came home because they were going to not allow me to go to school where I went my whole life.  I had to go to school and graduate with my friends.  And because my father begged me once a week to do so. Oh and the guy?  That didnt work out.  :o) 
  5. I am Cherokee and French.  I don't know why I think thats cool, but I have always been proud that my great-great grandfather was a full blooded Cherokee Indian.  I speak neither Indian or French, although I do know a bit of conversational French.  My mom and dad are/were fluent in French, and my grandmother on my fathers side rarely spoke English.  It was an effort when the grandkids were around.
  6.  My food weakness' are:  chips (of any kind), and ice cream.  Its rare that I buy either in anything other than a single/two serving size.  If I do, I do so knowing full well and OK with the fact that its not going to last more than a couple of days in my house.  Ice cream is easier for me to control.  Chips however, I must make sure my 'filter' is working 98% of the time. 
  7. Fears:  I really only have one REAL fear that would constitute as a phobia I guess, and that is deep water.   This is why I will never do another open water swim triathlon I think; I thought I could do it and actually be OK.  I paniced so badly last year, and while I did finish the swim part and finished well overall, I do not think I can ever do that again.  Even if I was a better swimmer, still no.  I just cant handle the unknown down there, and I think the process of drowning would be the worst death ever.  Or being mauled by some creature that lurks beneath the surface.
As far as tagging anyone, sheesh who hasnt received this already???  If you haven't deem yourself tagged if you are so inclined.  :o)  I think you are ALL versatile and fantastic bloggers, even if I am STILL trying to play catch up after being out/gone for the holiday.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Steam

Non-eventful day really.  Stocked the house with fresh veggies and fruits (and finally gave in to the astronomical cost of cherries!), then headed north to spend the day visiting with Mom.  Which basically means sitting on the couch watching her sleep or trying to get her to eat.  I've given in to the fact that things are the way they are because of the stroke (and her age), but at least I was there.

While out there, my phone showed the actual temp at 101 deg around 4pm.  All I kept thinking was 'is it going to cool off enough for me to run even at 7?'

About 12 miles into my drive back home, I could see that Houston was more than likely getting rained on.  This made me happy.

With what I thought would be a 'cooler' run I started out shortly after 5:20 for a short 3 miler.  Um.  Yeah.  Cooler?  No.  It was a virtual steam room, but with the lack of sun it was alright and I just ran according to feel and was happy that I didnt seem to have any ill effects after yesterdays long run.  I slept really well last night, hydrated well today and had a big breakfast so maybe that helped?  

Anyway, 3 miles done on my first official 'run 6 days a week'; schedule called for 5, but gonna ease into it.

p.s.  If you haven't seen Date Night (Tina Fey and Steve Carrell), and its still showing where you are GO SEE IT!!!  Soooooooooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!!  I will definitely buy this movie when it comes out on DVD and I dont say that about a lot of movies.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kenyan Way - Long Run

I only made it 14 of the 15 miles today.  Sure I could have eeked out that last mile, but I was so done.

I am just going to HAVE to slow it down in the early miles in this heat.  I started just past 5am and got 3.5 miles in before starting with the group.  It wasnt until I hit midway through mile 9 that I started struggling.  I have to point out that this was around Hermann Park, on that God awful surface...mentally I just think it sinks me.  I am a pavement runner through and through.  Anything else and my hamstrings take a beating.  I have no idea why.  And I have a hard time recovering once I do hit pavement again if its more than 2-3 miles on a gravel surface.

Anyway, at the next water stop I tried to quit.  Coach was there and just egged me on to make it to the next water stop.  Fine.  Made it there OK as I crossed over off of the Rice path and ran on the sidewalk on the other side of the street.  I pretty much packed it in at that point thinking there was no way I could make it 3.5 more miles back to base.  At that point I had 12 miles into me.  And I was OK with quitting.  He was trying to reach Elizabeth and I took off down Hazard and had another mile into it before she pulled up.  So there was 13.  That last mile was the worst.  11:01; but I walked a bit.  My shoes were so soaked through with sweat that you could actually hear the squishing and I was leaving little trail with each step.

She drove me back the 2 miles to base, and once I went to the bathroom, got some ice water I took off for another mile around base.  Mile 14 was 10:40.  Ugh. 

Somehow for the 14 miles I still ended up with an average pace of 10:28 but it was tough and I dont know quite how I managed it.  All I know is that up until that mile 9 I was sub 10:10's all the way.

I dont know what went wrong today...I guess one just has to remember that up til now, my long runs have been awesome.  They cant all be.  The heat and humidity (78/97) was brutal, but I drank PLENTY of fluids every 2 miles, took my SCaps and had 2 gels...and yet I still lost 3 lbs of water weight.  Just a bad day for me.

We'll try again for the full 15 miles next Saturday.

Friday, June 4, 2010

I find this piece from The Today Show interesting and refreshing.
Here's a little insight to me as a person.
As a SINGLE woman in her 40's, and yes, never married, just like Samantha in SATC, its by design.
I have never been interested in marriage.  I have had my share of 'marriages', the longest one being with John, who yes, was and probably will always be the love of my life.  We lived together for 7 years; I bought a house, we shared a mailbox, secrets, fights, make ups, bills, chores...we were faithful, etc., just like any other married couple.
We said I love you every time we parted and every time before we hung up the phone.
We went to England, Mexico (several times), and France together, and traveled here in the States too.
But just like 'real' married people, we 'divorced'.  And it was my fault.  No, I didnt cheat, but I did make some very wrong decisions, among those of saying "I think we need to split up".
Anyway, I know that people have judged me...'whats wrong with her?' ... Let me assure you there isnt anything wrong with me.  Or with any woman who chooses to stay single till whatever age...Maybe forever...There were other live in marriages along the way...2 were for 1-2 years, another was for 3...So yeah, I've been married, believe me...just not on paper.
I know a LOT of women who, in their 30's, 40's and 50's who have NEVER married...and honestly could care less if they do or not...
And really what is marriage really for anyway?  So that if you have kids, they're 'legal'?
Having children was never part of my life plan either...but yes, I've had kids as well...Every other weekend for a couple of those 'marriages'.  And having to hear 'I dont have to listen to you, YOU'RE not my momma' was something I heard more often than I cared to... :o)

I've even been engaged a time or two (5), but just never could go through with it...
Here's the thing, everyone has their reasons for thinking women are supposed to be married I guess...but thankfully over the years, its becoming more and more PC NOT to be married, or ever married...
So you married people out there, or people who want to be married, give us a break you know?
We are the way we are, for a reason, and I guarantee you its not the reason you might think...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pity Party for One, Your Table is Ready

I have had some stressful days this week, and because of that, both yesterday and today I have felt like crap. 

I didn't want to run today.  And I seriously thought I might not, but then I thought that would be 2 days in a row (seeing as how I wont run tomorrow), and I just couldnt live with that.

Stress does one thing to me:  makes my HR skyrocket at the least bit of exertion.  Therefore today, even though it was cloudy and only 74 deg out due to the rain we had today, it was still humid as hell, and with the strain of said stress, I struggled badly today.  I decided to do my 4 mile route and then reassess once I got back to mi casa on whether or not to do the final mile loop.

I didnt do the final mile loop.  I stopped at 4 miles.  It is what it is.

On top of that, I woke up this morning feeling fat, bloaty, and just overall like a tub of nothing good.   Yes, pity poor old me.  Top that with not so good of events through the day and well, yeah.  By the time I went out to run, it wasn't something I was looking forward to.

I even wore a full shirt that covered my mid-section.  This my friends speaks volumes.  I DON'T wear full shirts in the summer.  It just dont happen.  :)  But I felt like if I covered up, I would be invisible maybe?

Anyway, 4 out of 5 scheduled miles got done.  Thats about it.

Now I have to try and settle myself down tonight and stay stress free tomorrow/tomorrow night so that come Saturday morning, my 15 miles wont be anything like the 4 miles I just did.

Its a good thing there isnt much food in this house...I am also a stress eater...and its gonna take a whole lot of 'embrace your hunger' this evening.  I am skipping dinner altogether...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back At It

Gym day today since I wasnt at work yesterday (gym is on work campus)

5 miles:  treadmill
upper body weights (the usual)

PF is aggravated today so I am going to rolly rolly ice bottle it this evening.

Big bowl of veggies with a smidge of pasta mixed in along with a tomato basil veggie patty for dinner...feeling kinda bloaty...been off my regular WOE game the past couple of days...time to get back on THAT too...

Went online today to print out my schedule for June, and the message was that my maximum number of miles was being 'halted' and the suggestion was to add another day of running...since I had it at 5 days of running, I bumped it up to 6.  Though my Saturday runs are now at 15, running 5-6 on Sundays may be kinda tough but was suggested I tackle it much like I did the run every day in May thing and run on Sundays as my legs would allow so as not to bring on an injury as I embark on 'official' Chicago marathon training starting this Saturday.

Fridays will be my official rest day.

Fantastic...Lovely...Can't wait...They say the 'feels like' will be 107-110
Even running at 5am on Saturday morning isn't going to make this seem any figure the low is actually measured around 3-4am...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Seatbelt Required to Read this Post

...just bear with me here...I need to vent/rant/rave.

I pretty much Facebook like I blog.  What this means is that my Facebook is pretty much status updates about a run, a swim, a race, articles/links about nutrition, exercise studies, you get the idea...very rarely do I put anything out there that lets people in on the comings and goings of the other hours of my day/night/weekend.

Therefore, on NUMEROUS occasions I get comments about how running has taken over my life, how I may or may not shove what I guess is taken as arrogance about the importance of being active/healthy can be to a persons overall health.  Trust me when I tell you this is not the case.  Its information.  Daily I read status updates about political views, religious views, etc.  I do not, and never will slam someone for what they believe to be gospel.

Most recently as yesterday, a particular comment got me all kinds of riled up.  It was about day 31 of  31 days of running.  Now...heres the thing...most days I ran 4-6 miles, thats 45min to an hour give or take.  A day.  A couple of days (2-3 I think) I ran a mile.  Oh boy...stop the presses...I just wasted 10 min of my day...and on Saturday mornings I would spend a couple of hours running at hours where the majority of the population is still in bed.  Man...I dont know... 7-8 hours of running a week...well crap on a stick, thats just dumb.

le sigh.

Here is what I want to does that little bit of time constitute 'taking over my life'...the way I see it, its an INVESTMENT in MY life...AAAAAAAAAAAAND...I enjoy doing it...I have more energy...I feel better...I look better...I'm healthier for it.  For the most part, an extra hour in bed is not extra hour in front of the television?  Nope.  My DVR is full because OUTSIDE of that hour a day, I DO have a life outside of running...Just because I dont Facebook every time I eat a taco, go to Starbucks, go to dinner, meet friends...doesnt mean that I am sooooo tired from 'running all the time' that I am comatose on the couch not able to socialize...I have a very full life.

I don't particularly care for the innuendos that I have no life...again the way I see it, is there are a lot more people out there that aren't LIVING life...

What I want to say to so many is that if you choose to do whatever it is with your life; sleep late, come home from work, so tired, that you only want to lay on the couch, ok.  But I guaran-damn-tee you that if more people spent ONE hour a day or every other day doing something physical, even just walking, you wouldnt be tired all the time, you would feel'd live life, instead of life living you.  You wouldnt be so cranky, you might not even have some of the health issues you currently have.

I fully believe that due to my WOE and my choices as it pertains to health is one of the reasons why I havent encountered any allergy issues this year for the first time in I dont know how long...

Yes, I know its hot outside.  Yes, I know its uncomfortable.  Yes, Yes, Yes.  But I promise you that pushing through things such as that will make you feel victorious that your mind, YOUR MIND, has power over any thing uncomfortable.  People for the most part, I think, are just afraid to do something that doesnt feel good...eventually it WILL feel good though...and yes, somedays its gonna suck.  Even for me.  Even for everyone...

They say it takes an average of 21 days to form a habit...I think that if for 21 days someone spent an hour a day doing something GOOD for them, and give up an hour of sleep and/or television, drinking at the bar...whatever it would understand maybe why I do what I do...

I know people are tired.  I'm tired sometimes.  But I'm tired for a different reason.  Being tired from doing nothing is NOT good...that is unhealthy.  Most of these people are younger than I am too...wth?  I am in my 40's people...and I feel, most days like I am in my 20's...some days its 30's...and yes, some days I do feel my age, but that doesnt happen often...its been proven that a poor diet, non activity, just to name a couple will subtract at LEAST 12 years off your life...

I am not going to a) stop FB'ing what I want or b) start FB'ing what I dont feel is anyones business...what I do in my private life is just that...private.  I blogged for YEARS (this is my 3rd blog) about private, extremely private things and as life changed, so did I...therefore the blogs have evolved into more about information and documentation of running/healthy living...rather than all the drama that honestly, drained me and WAS a complete waste of time...I am sorry if my lifestyle makes you feel like a slug...not the intent...

I spent WAY too many years drunk, smoking, very little sleep, being unhealthy is SO many ways, that becoming more in tune with what is important to me and being OK with that regardless of what others may think has finally allowed me to be who I was always meant to be.

At the end of the day I feel that if more people 'wasted' an hour a day on trying something outside of their comfort zone, they might just very well be ADDING hours/days/weeks/years to their life.

And maybe, just maybe if more people did that...there wouldnt be a huge oil spill in the Gulf or Tiger Woods wouldnt have had 20+ hookers on the side...

OK well maybe it wouldnt have changed either of those, but thats the kind of stuff along with so much other crap I read on Facebook that TO ME, makes no damn sense either...

OK, so after all of that, I swam for an hour I havent run.  Nor do I think I will...Wasting that time in the pool was physical enough for me... :o)

We'll return to our normal running schedule tomorrow...


And for the runner readers of this blog, I leave you with this little ditty:
You're running on guts. On fumes. Your muscles twitch. You throw up. You're delirious. But you keep running because there's no way out of this hell you're in, because there's no way you're not crossing the finish line. It's a misery that non-runners don't understand.