Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Boot-ay Camp and a 5 Mile run

Short and sweet post today folks!

Strides for warm up
Hill repeats (every other one was done up/down the hill backwards); never done hills this ya yo!
After each up/down, we did some sort of core or cardio blast type interval

I added more strides as I was stretched out enough :)

5 mile run; 3 miles with Crystal at 9:41 avg pace
2 mile run; done by myself at 9:59 avg pace

I went slower when I was alone, because honestly I didnt exactly 'need' a 'tempo-ish' run today :)   This of course ended up being a 5 mile run at or below goal marathon pace for Chicago...oh ye yi!!!  I think I am going to kinda sorta sore tomorrow!!!  Thank goodness its a rest day in anticipation of Saturday long run (which its a cut back week; down to 12 miles from the previous weeks of 14-15 miles).  WhooHoo!!!


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Junie B said...

Thanks Raul! I checked out your blog as where to leave comments!