Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kenyan Way - Long Run - 14.5 miles

Whew!  Man am I glad THAT is over!

I had the alarm set for 4:26 (random), but I was awake shortly after 4, so I laid there for a bit more, getting up around 4:20, got ready and was at base just before 5am.  A few people were already there, including Bonnie and Robin showed up shortly thereafter, but Robin was having issues with her Garmin so I took off.  I got in 4 miles before the start with the group.

Temp: 81deg (AT 4:45 AM!!!)
Humidity: 84%
Dewpoint: 74!!!!  ARGH!!!!

I took 2 S!Caps before I left the house, and took another 2 before the start along with my Gatorade Prime.  In extreme heat/humidity, Succeed recommends 2 S!Caps every hour.  Which is what I normally do, give or take, but last week, I was off on my intake, and was taking 1 and I didnt take any before the start.  I feel certain (especially after this weeks performance) that that is exactly what did me in last week along with the quick pace too early on.  I also started with the 4:30 marathon group instead and by the time I got to the 2nd water stop (4 miles in) I had caught up to the 4:15 group and stayed with them the whole time. 

So bottom line is that the 14.5 miles this morning was a huge success!  No walking, no feeling like I was going to keel over and die and no SAG WAGON!!!  Overall pace was 10:31.  Right where I need to be.  My schedule now shows for a 4:15 marathon, my training paces should be between 10:25 and 10:40 on my long runs.  After the route was done, adding on 1/2 mile seemed pointless :)

The only thing wrong with today is that after I was done, my body completely quit perspiring and I had a very dry mouth.  This twas not good peeps.  Thankfully I had about 1/2 bottle of G2 in my car from when I had left the house so I drank that while driving till I could get to the gas station.  I had to go to Exxon because a) I didnt have my wallet, and could only scrounge up about .50 in my car, but b) I knew my 'homie' would be working and she always gives me free drinks!  All I wanted was the biggest fountain drink with tons of ice and Diet Coke!  Score!  Free 40 oz'er!!!

OK was supposed to fill in at the local running store today, but they dont need me after all...and I am happy about that!  I dont think I would be very helpful today in a retail store on my feet for 6 hours!  I would be CRANKY!  ;)


Lauren said...

Oh my god that's so funny after my long runs I bring a brownie flavored clif bar and I stop by Steak n' shake on my way home and get a GIANT diet coke with lots of ice... fun to hear someone else is a DC addict too :D

Bert said...

Diet Coke rules! I think I'm going to have to look into the S Cap? thing as well, to keep electrolytes balanced. Good going!

Junie B said...

its less about Diet Coke and more about the large LARGE cup of crushed ice. I would give anything to have a Sonic near me...they have the BEST ice.