Monday, June 14, 2010

A Little Compromise....6 miles and a Camel

I had to figure something out.  My runs during the week are basically 6 miles Mon-Thurs and of course on Tuesday I run those on the treadmill. 

With our kind of weather here, especially right now (92deg at 6:45 when I started, with a feels like of 98) its really difficult to feel like you are even doing anything out there if you cant find the right solution to the heating problem.  As you know lately I have been running with a handheld (10oz) and having to make my route so that I can stop back by the house to refill, which is hard cause well, you're home and you want to just quit.  And within 1 mile my hand/body heats the fluid up to where I am certain if I poured it in a pot I could boil pasta with it...water is good but not when its not cold!

I had a lot against me today besides the heat, with a very bad backache, cramps and Mother Nature calling...I was fatigued from that as I did what I have never done before.  I filled my little CamelBak with a mixture of G2, water and ice.  I made the decision to give it a try today; I normally only use that on bike rides and during duathlons/triathlons but never during the running portion.  Its the smaller version of the CB for women and I am not sure how much it will hold (maybe 32oz?)  Of course I didnt put that much in there, but what I did along with the device itself, I figured it weighed about 2-3 lbs on my back. 

I could definitely feel the weight on me, but after about a mile I got use to the thing back there, and it was AWESOME just putting the spicket in my mouth when I needed some hydration.  I never really drank a lot, but I think knowing that I had it made a huge difference as well.

I also took 2 S!Caps 15 min before heading out.  I am telling you those things WORK!

Bottom line is I rocked out my 6 miles. Yes it was STILL hot as Hades, but also I think waiting till 6:45 and no sun also helped.  I do believe I have found my combination of what I need to survive the weekly runs in this God awful heat/humidity!!!


Jason Holmes said...

Running in the heat makes us mentally stronger hurts...but it feels good when you finish. You are a good runner.

Junie B said...

thank you jason. coming from you THAT means A LOT!