Thursday, April 28, 2011

You Could Set Your Watch by It...

EVERY SINGLE YEAR...when the weather turns warmer (meaning HOT) and I spend the first few days at the pool/lake etc. somewhere on my lip I am going to end up with a big fat PAINFUL canker sore.  I gotta tell ya, Its painful as hell.  Its a bit better today, but not by much.  At least this year its across the entire bottom lip (I know right?) and not TOO noticeable...About to go get some high powered full strength aspirin as that seems to be the only thing that makes the pain a bit less...


Last night I ran my mileage on the treadmill at the gym, throwing in a round of Tabata (20sec on/10sec off) for 8 repeats (4 minutes).  The 'on' was done at 7:27pmp.  I threw it in somewhere after about 35 minutes of running.  Sure made running easier after that.  50 minutes flat on the t'mill.  Then I bounded off and did a lot of weights, with more HIIT thrown in. 

Demon Child
I was one tired girl by the time I got out of there! 


I don't know if I mentioned it earlier but I re-enlisted :o) with Kenyan Way for marathon training...starts May 7th and runs through end of this morning I plugged in all the data and it spit out my workouts and long runs ... Thankfully (I say sarcastically), none of my long runs go above 15 miles until some time in know, like when, you want to kill someone because its so hot?  Can't wait...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thank the baby Jesus I didn't get selected!!!!!  Woo-wee am I ever glad I dodged that $200 bullet!!!


The newest installment of the prequel leading up to the original Sex and the City!!!

I finished Carrie Diaries (Carries senior year in high school) in no time flat, and finally we have the follow up to that!!  

Summer and the City!!!

It actually was released yesterday but since I have been so busy, I didnt blog about it nor have I downloaded it yet to my Kindle!  I need this for my plane ride out to California in 15 days!!!  (not that I dont have 3 other books on there that I have started; most recently 'Open' by Andre Agassi.  Pretty powerful story there for sure.


Yesterday:  Easy 3 mile run in between my day job and working the orientation for Kenyan Way marathon/half marathon/Beat the Heat program last night at Lukes.  Was a very long day indeed!  Looking forward to 6 miles including HIIT along with serious weight workout tonight!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

While I entered the lottery for NYCM again, I am hoping and praying that I don't get picked!!!  I never intended to run it this year (even before I decided on Chicago).  If you remember I am the one that swore I wasnt going to be doing a marathon this year or even training for one...

Open mouth.  Insert foot.  Not only am I training for Chicago again, but have decided to also do the full at DWR and Houston (if I am able to get in that is; HARRA slots opened up yesterday and I put in for one, so we'll see; otherwise I will have to be in the lottery for that too!)

Anyway, I know I can defer to 2012 if I get selected but I really want to avoid the duplicate $160 fee to defer.   The only reason I put in for it was to hopefully get the rejection and have 1 to my credit.  Last year I pulled my name from the lottery once I decided to do Chicago.

All I want is to be rejected.  :o)  Pretty please!

I keep checking my bank account online, because honestly they have the names already, they just dont post them until date/time stated.  I remember in 2008 I was charged the day before the actual announcement. 

Please don't pick me.  Please don't pick me.  Please don't pick me.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Just the Facts

Wednesday:  6 mile bike and 25min of hills.  Ran the hills in the Vibrams and OHEMMGEE!  Fantabulous!  I cannot believe how great it felt running almost barefoot!  We'll see if there is any residual new soreness in the legs from running in them once I wake up tomorrow!

Thursday:  4 mile run.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Nicely surprised that the Vibrams workout on the hill yesterday didnt do a darn thing to mah laygs.

Friday:  Rest day.

Saturday:  Ran with a new group this morning since KW is on hiatus until May 7th.  10:02 average pace?  WTF?  damn it was HOT out too.  But I was pleasantly surprised at that pace in that kind of weather (73deg 87% humidity).  I definitely felt it though.   The route was only 8 miles, and since they started at 7 and I didnt know anyone really, I got there on time (my friend started early and didnt tell me!!! wwahhhh!), which meant when I finished the 8 mile route, I wanted to hurry up and get on the road to the lake!  So 8 miles instead of my normal 10.  The group I ran with, a split off of some Houston Fitters, are called the Knuckleheads.  I was invited by a friend of mine in the KW group because she wants to play matchmaker.  :)  She (and one other person I know) thought we would be a great match and so I agreed to meet him.  Super good looking!  And super nice!  And we have a lot in common from running to our jobs to the way we eat (he's Primal/Paleo as well).  Unfortunately after the run he asked to go to breakfast but I couldnt go (again I needed to get on the road for the water and jet ski's that awaited me!)  They are going to start earlier this coming Saturday so that works for me, and I will get a couple in beforehand if the route is less than 10 miles this coming week.  What sucks is that there are no water stops so I ran with a handheld (hate! we are so spoiled with KW!).  I stopped off around mile 6 and bought a Powerade Zero to fill it back up and go potty).  While I am sorta kinda 'seeing' someone right now...this new guy I met is more up my alley.  So we'll see if it goes anywhere!  I am DEFINITELY interested.  :)  I have been for some time now, ready to be in a real live relationship.  You know where you can actually be in a solid relationship where everything is mutual.  Hard to find someone that I would even consider though.  This guy has definite potential.  Been a while since I could say that about anyone.  I am hoping to be on my A game though so I can run more with him this coming Saturday.  :)  At the very least, maybe he will make me faster.  :)

Sunday:  No run.  

Monday:  6 miles.  Did 7/1's today.  I just didnt feel like getting out there to be honest, so I had to make a deal with myself.  :O)  About 1/2 mile in I realized I forgot my tunes.  That part sucked.  At least I remembered my 10oz handheld (smaller than the one I used on Saturday); I had frozen Powerade in it last night.  Only way to keep it cold for any amount of time in this heat.  :)

Stay tuned!  I will be posting some pictures from my fantabulous time off!  I had such a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yep...gonna do it...sure am...
Now go over to her blog and see how wonder woman did Gansett Marathon on Saturday, then ran Boston Marathon on Monday (both under 3:30 I might add)?  And then ran a recovery 8 miles on Tuesday?  Girls a fahREEK!  love ya SR!!!
I hope I don't die attempting my measly goal; but you have inspired me!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

92 degrees with 63% humidity.  Welcome back Summah!  Methinks its time to sloooow it down a bit to survive running.  4 too fast miles.  I may never stop sweating.  And I've even taken a shower already.  Gah!  :)

There's a New Shoe In Town

New Balance Minimus (Vibrams sole)
I worked at the Locker all weekend and on Saturday it wasn't very busy (Boston, MS150 and the Avon walk kept a lot of people out), so when its like that, its normal for employees to start trying out shoes; running on the store treadmill, or running up and down the track.  After all the research I have done, plus testimonials from those I know IRL, I decided to try on the Vibram 5 Fingers (not shown).  Weird.  Ran up and down the track a time or two, then the big cheese said, here...I am going to put you in these (to the left).  Wow.  Pretty much feels like a second skin.  And weird.  But after running in them a time or two on the track, I decided to wear them the rest of the day while working.  The first thing I noticed was the strain on my back (which had been flaring up all week) immediately was reduced (I normally have on some running shoe; not necessarily one that I ever really run in).

I wore them again on Sunday the entire shift and for the first time ever when I came home after being on  my feet all day, I had no leg soreness!  It is honestly like walking around barefoot!  Sold.

Today I took them with me to the gym along with my normal trainers (Brooks Ravenna which I do love).  My plan was to run a mile in them, then switch out.  You do need to alter how you run, which might take some getting use to, but thats the point.  To run more on the mid to front part of the foot, lean a bit more forward (both of which will generally make one faster).

It felt weird to run in them, even for that 1 mile, but it was cool.  What wasn't cool was switching into the Ravennas with my ortho's in them.  They felt like bricks, not Brooks!  :)  Then unfortunately a bit into it, I started feeling really weird in my stomach and I began sweating unnaturally.  Like stomach flu/pass out kind of sweating if you know what I mean.  I just tried to slow down and make the final moments of the run, but I hopped off to get some water and then just did weights for almost an hour.  Then hopped back up on the treadmill for another 15 min but my body just didnt feel 'right'.  Hopefully tomorrow I will feel back to normal.

My plan for these shoes are not to become a barefoot runner, but more for using them in short distance runs (working up to 4-5 miles in them), in speed drills and on hill work.  All in hopes that with training myself to run differently, I will also do that in regular trainers and in short distance racers.

I give them two thumbs up.  For now.  :O)

Now...about last Saturday...while I figure some of you will say 'wtf? that isnt fast', you wouldnt be so quick to say that had you been reading my blog long or known from where I began...
But I digress.
As I mentioned it couldn't have been a more perfect morning for a run.  61deg and less than 20%humidity which really honestly happens about 2 times a year, and typically its NEVER below 20%.
On top of that I was feeling just really, really good about things in general and it didnt hurt that the first 7.5 miles of this particular route is one of my favorites.

On a whim (or actually at the suggestion of Gizelle) we took off with the 4 hour marathon (training)pace group...I figured I wasnt going to be able to hang very long with this group and while Gizelle did take off ahead of me, I stayed right there with a pack of 4 guys and 2 girls.

I was running this training run at a pace I normally would be 'racing' at for a distance of 10 miles.  (9:30 to 9:45 pace).  I had 1 mile that was over 10min because my damn shoe came untied.  This kinda bit me in the butt because it was hard to get going again, but once I caught back up to the group at the water stop, I was fine.

It wasnt until I had to finish out the 2.5 miles around the bayou that my pace wavered a bit.  Stopping back by base and then the ups and downs of the 'hills' just started wearing on me a bit.  1 of the 2.5 miles came in at 10:01 as I stopped to walk for about 30 sec after topping a hill that took my breath a bit.

On top of the much faster training pace today, the thing that stuck out in my mind was that it didnt feel like I was overly taxing myself.  It just felt 'natural'. 

The only other thing about this run that just made me smile even bigger was the fact that at one point of the KW route (I think its Harvard where its a long straight shot), I turned back to see where the next group was and for as far as my eye could see, there was no one...not one single person in my line of sight.  That was something I loved since usually I feel like most of the time I am being 'chased' and always struggling at the back of my particular pace group.  The 4:15 group?  Yeah.  Nope.  No one.

Things are a changin' methinks...I just need to stay focused and keep the 'good' in my life right now.  Positivity breeds positive results...

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Dwindling Fire has been Re-kindled....

I am going to do anything and everything I can for the next 2 years to get there...
Who wants to watch?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Oh Hot Yoga How I Love Thee...

Thursday was a beeeYOUteefull 90 min of hot yoga!  What actually seemed hotter than normal, but then Amy and I decided after class it wasnt the heat that was higher, but the humidity was higher in the room yesterday.  Talk about a sweat session!!!  I couldnt keep the sweat from just rolling into my eyes every few seconds and I was a drip drip dripping everywhere!

And best part is that I woke up this morning with the soreness from previous days workouts all gone!
So glad I decided NOT to run after yoga last night!  

Its a good thing I didnt have those cupcakes at home last night...I would have scarfed them down...most of my practice was pretty much like this:

And yeah its Friday, but seeing as how I am working jb#2 both Saturday and Sunday this weekend, I am not all that excited about it like everyone else.  :O)  What I do get excited about is the extra $$$ in ma pock-et though.

And because I just love this cartoon...and probably what Lindsey would say.  :O)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A week ago or so I was asked if I wanted to put in a cupcake order so the MMMCupcake truck would come here (security has been mean to them; saying NO SOLICITING!!!)

At the time this is what I thought in my crazy messed up cupcake lovin' brain:

And so today...along with the donuts that my boss brought...guess what other day it is?
Yep..cupcake delivery day...and this is what I feared!!

Note:  It also has a Oreo cookie on the bottom!!  My favorite!

But then...I remembered...

And Kimora clearly and honestly states that the way she dropped 25lbs was from no other way but not eating...I've seen her show.  Girlfriend likes to eat and she HATES to exercise.

And I am pretty sure when she says "I didnt eat" it also means "I sure as hell didn't eat cupcakes!".

I have the box all taped up so no air can get in there...It'll keep until Saturday...AFTER my long run :O)
Trust me I looked up the calories and carb count ... I can't have it until then.  :O)

I will let the pictures do the talking

Click to Google to of course, google...then this happened...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Ride My Bicycle...and Run Some Hills too! (In Pictures)

Instead of running the TCJester bridge this week, I picked Hermann Park for our workout.  Twas mo betta fo sho!  Plus I get a bike workout in as well.  Remember to click the pictures for better viewing.  Except the sweaty slanty eye one of dont need to see that any better!  :)

One of the streets I run down quite frequently heading to Rice University

Corner of Hazard and Rice; where the running trail is (its right at 3 miles all the way around) and a very popular route for runners.  I like running Rice MUCH better than Memorial Park especially in the summer.  A lot more shade and way less people (year round on that part)

Looking towards Rice Village

Stopped to capture a self portrait!  Wearing my I Wanna Punch Running in the Face shirt from
 Although now because I was silly and put in the dryer it pretty much says I W nna Pu ch  unning in the F ce
She has new shirts coming out so I am glad to get a replacement (plus 1 more new I am sure!)

At Hermann Park

Random dude playing the sax; he was pretty good!

The hill (which doesnt look all that scary); Thats Miller Outdoor Theatre over the hill)

Another self portrait while waiting for Joe to show up

Top of the hill looking down onto the theatre

Down the hill

Off to the side of the hill

LOTS of boot camp'ers out that is fo sho!

The train came by after we finished the 4th set...hey wait for meeeeeeeee!!!

Joe talking smack as usual...  :)
 After running the hills and taking a potty break I took off on the bike the long way home (total bike mileage was just over 7 miles)

Outside the entrance to the Houston Zoo

After passing all of that I was pretty much in just get my sweaty ass home mode...
I had a WONDERFUL day out there!  Its always nice to run and workout with someone who isn't so behemoth about everything.  We just went at our separate paces up and down the hill which is awesome because its not like you have to keep up as when running from point A to point B.
I didnt run any before or after because honestly my hamstrings etc. were pretty darn sore after that workout yesterday (90 min of hot yoga followed by a 3 mile run)...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Creativity Be Damned!

...or bloggers block I guess...I just don't have a lot of oomph to write lately...Maybe once Chicago training starts back up again things might get 'exciting' around here again.

I took yesterday as a glorious rest day.  The most strenuous physical activity I did was walking.  Once home from work, I walked to Darque Tan, then home (1/4 mile).  Then waited a bit then walked to Yogurtland (-1/2 mile) (which is what I had for dinner + an orange).  Then walked next door to YL to the grocery store (50m) and picked up the last few items I needed and then carried the groceries home (another -1/2 mile).

It was glorious really.

Although today I was itching to run, but I also wanted hot yoga.  Did I dare try them both?  90 min of intense sweaty posing and then come home and run 3 (easy) miles?  Could I possibly?

Oh yes I can!  And did!  Even though I havent been to hot yoga in over a week I was surprised at how well my fitness and flexibility stayed intact!  I can still even do 'toe stand' on both sides!  Whoop!  So as soon as I got home, I changed into dry shorts, threw on a singlet and headed out the door!  Glorious weather.  I dont know if I would have been so gung ho on doing it if the humidity and temps had been higher :)

Then started the turkey burger patties for the next few days of eats and also started the tilipia on the stovetop.  Threw some spinach leaves in a bowl, sprinkled some feta and sliced up a couple of kalamata olives and the once the tilipia was done, I placed a piece and a 1/2 on top and dug in!  Fantastic!!!

Now here I sit, working on a powerpoint presentation for our meeting on Thursday...I need to work on it until its done..I cannot let myself think I can finish it up tomorrow morning since I have other pressing items to attend to first thing and this needs to be approved asap!  Gah!  Biggest Loser is on and its cramping my thought process!  I could never work at home full time!


A few have sent emails asking about my new WOE (way of eating; and really it isnt that different).  I have begun to implement Primal (or some know as Paleo).  Really this is just good clean eating; no processed etc., so again not too far off my beaten path, however it does have some carb 'restrictions'; nothing like Atkins or that crazy stuff, but definitely focusing on limited grains etc.  A couple of the reasons I am doing this is because a) I love my clean eating, with my occasional indulgences and b) I tend to eat more processed when I am not watching my carbs (other than veggies) and finally c) I have the midsection situation when I do B.

When I clean up my carb situation, I lean out through there and with other factors for me (age and hypothyroidism), its difficult to keep that under control.

Here is a bit of example: 
    October 2009.   Really tell where I gain huh? I wish I had my first year of that time I was clocking in around 138 (a lot on this little 5'1 frame where even 5 lbs makes a huge difference; at least on me it does)
Houston full marathon - January 2010 - slimming down as I had started 'clean' eating back sometime in November I guess it was...

Late Jan 2010 - started porking back up...Thick in the middle and the thighs came back

March 2010 - leaning up again...this time for good as for Lent I went in to full on vegetarian mode (and continued it through the summer)...legs thinned out a bit by then due to a lot of speed work but again, that my Achilles heel when it comes to weight loss

Until i got to this...took me all Summer and it was slow, up and down a lb or 2 here, up and down...but...

 Dropped down to 117 before Chicago Marathon in October (1 year from that first photo up top); best shape since I started running back in 2005

You have seen recent photos from Angies and from Four 4 the Park and while overall I am really happy about losing the added weight again and toning (I think my legs and arms look better than they ever have to be honest), the midsection still always a trouble spot.  After 2 weeks I can see and FEEL the difference not only from the outside but I can feel it on the inside again.  Sleep is better, mood is better...everything is just better when I stay away from anything process except for the rare occasion and even just staying away from pasta, rice (no matter if its brown or not..bread, again, brown or not, it still fucks with me inside and out.

So...which brings us to this week when I finally got back on the scale...
  • April 11, 2011 - 119 lbs.  2 weeks after (Four 4 the Park race) beginning the Primal implementation and while the lbs on the scale arent that evident, its the way I 'look' .  Again its always in the mid-section for me and I couldnt be more pleased!!  I have my A and B goals, so we'll see if I succeed again as I did last year (the B goal; never made it to A goal...)  Maybe this is the year for that???
Bottom line is that all throughout I was running (a lot), working out, you name it and until I (most of us) change(d) the way I eat, all the running in the world wont make a difference.