Sunday, April 10, 2011

Now Where Were We???

I am currently in what I call 'maintenance' mode which means that from now until June, my Saturday runs are gonna be pretty much 10 miles, maybe 11 or 12, depending.  Since I somehow got hoodwinked into Chicago again :O), these weeks of 'short long' runs are going to be the only real break I give myself I guess.  Of course I wont be doing any speed other than HIIT and a few hills here and there.  All dependant on if I feel like it or not.  Then full on Chicago Marathon training mode will kick in...

Hey as a crazed runner, and if you are one as well, you know thats a sacrifice and a 'break'.

Since I decided against running the 5K yesterday, I went to Kenyan and started a bit before the group just because I was ready to just get going.  It was warm and humid (and will be for months and months so no sense in dwelling on it) of course, but surprisingly the run was a good one.  Averaging about 10:30 pace overall, with the last 3 miles at 10:10, 10:06 and 9:52.  I will always still go for the negative split because its been bore into my head by Coach for 4 years now.  :)

This morning instead of just running I wanted to do something different (again giving myself a break of sorts) and headed out on the bike which I havent done since early last Summer.  I didnt want to end up with any soreness so I just did a bit over 12 miles (12.25) and then after putting the bike inside, I took off for a short 1 mile run.  That was tough.  Been 2 years since I did that.  I am thinking of doing a duathlon in June and maybe a Sprint tri (only if its a pool swim; no more open water swims for me!)  Even if I dont, the bike and swimming will only help my cause and just give me the mental break and to hopefully insure that I stay healthy for marathon training.

I am also in the throws of completely overhauling my eating for dropping some weight, and I am really not going to go into how, why or what, because I dont need any scrutiny.  I actually just got home from going to Whole Foods (for xanthum gum and damn how expensive is that stuff!?!?!?) and I ran into a fellow KW'er there and she was like "are you losing weight?"  Its always nice to hear those words, I dont care who you are! 

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend and are happy and healthy!!


Mel said...

The good thing about Xanthan and guar gums is they last forever, because you use so very little. I read somewhere to store them in the freezer to extend the life.

My schedule is all thrown off. I'm in maintenance too or what Hal Higdon likes to call "spring training." Not sure there is much of a difference between that and the regular schedule for half for me.

Still haven't decided if i'll ever do another full

TX Runner Mom said...

Hey, there are a couple more pool swim tris to choose from this year. I'll e-mail ya a list!

TX Runner Mom said...

Combat Triathlon – Sunday, May 29 (near Galveston)

Memorial Hermann Sugarland Tri – Sunday, June 26 (Sugarland)

Y Freedom Tri – Sunday, June 26 (Pearland)

Texas Star Sprint Triathlon – Sunday, July 10 (Woodlands)

Jeff and Brede’s Houston Racing Triathlon – Sunday, July 10 (Katy)