Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Creativity Be Damned!

...or bloggers block I guess...I just don't have a lot of oomph to write lately...Maybe once Chicago training starts back up again things might get 'exciting' around here again.

I took yesterday as a glorious rest day.  The most strenuous physical activity I did was walking.  Once home from work, I walked to Darque Tan, then home (1/4 mile).  Then waited a bit then walked to Yogurtland (-1/2 mile) (which is what I had for dinner + an orange).  Then walked next door to YL to the grocery store (50m) and picked up the last few items I needed and then carried the groceries home (another -1/2 mile).

It was glorious really.

Although today I was itching to run, but I also wanted hot yoga.  Did I dare try them both?  90 min of intense sweaty posing and then come home and run 3 (easy) miles?  Could I possibly?

Oh yes I can!  And did!  Even though I havent been to hot yoga in over a week I was surprised at how well my fitness and flexibility stayed intact!  I can still even do 'toe stand' on both sides!  Whoop!  So as soon as I got home, I changed into dry shorts, threw on a singlet and headed out the door!  Glorious weather.  I dont know if I would have been so gung ho on doing it if the humidity and temps had been higher :)

Then started the turkey burger patties for the next few days of eats and also started the tilipia on the stovetop.  Threw some spinach leaves in a bowl, sprinkled some feta and sliced up a couple of kalamata olives and the once the tilipia was done, I placed a piece and a 1/2 on top and dug in!  Fantastic!!!

Now here I sit, working on a powerpoint presentation for our meeting on Thursday...I need to work on it until its done..I cannot let myself think I can finish it up tomorrow morning since I have other pressing items to attend to first thing and this needs to be approved asap!  Gah!  Biggest Loser is on and its cramping my thought process!  I could never work at home full time!


A few have sent emails asking about my new WOE (way of eating; and really it isnt that different).  I have begun to implement Primal (or some know as Paleo).  Really this is just good clean eating; no processed etc., so again not too far off my beaten path, however it does have some carb 'restrictions'; nothing like Atkins or that crazy stuff, but definitely focusing on limited grains etc.  A couple of the reasons I am doing this is because a) I love my clean eating, with my occasional indulgences and b) I tend to eat more processed when I am not watching my carbs (other than veggies) and finally c) I have the midsection situation when I do B.

When I clean up my carb situation, I lean out through there and with other factors for me (age and hypothyroidism), its difficult to keep that under control.

Here is a bit of example: 
    October 2009.   Really tell where I gain huh? I wish I had my first year of photos...at that time I was clocking in around 138 (a lot on this little 5'1 frame where even 5 lbs makes a huge difference; at least on me it does)
Houston full marathon - January 2010 - slimming down as I had started 'clean' eating back sometime in November I guess it was...

Late Jan 2010 - started porking back up...Thick in the middle and the thighs came back

March 2010 - leaning up again...this time for good as for Lent I went in to full on vegetarian mode (and continued it through the summer)...legs thinned out a bit by then due to a lot of speed work but again, that middle...ugh...so my Achilles heel when it comes to weight loss

Until i got to this...took me all Summer and it was slow, up and down a lb or 2 here, up and down...but...

 Dropped down to 117 before Chicago Marathon in October (1 year from that first photo up top); best shape since I started running back in 2005

You have seen recent photos from Angies and from Four 4 the Park and while overall I am really happy about losing the added weight again and toning (I think my legs and arms look better than they ever have to be honest), the midsection still always a trouble spot.  After 2 weeks I can see and FEEL the difference not only from the outside but I can feel it on the inside again.  Sleep is better, mood is better...everything is just better when I stay away from anything process except for the rare occasion and even just staying away from pasta, rice (no matter if its brown or not..bread, again, brown or not, it still fucks with me inside and out.

So...which brings us to this week when I finally got back on the scale...
  • April 11, 2011 - 119 lbs.  2 weeks after (Four 4 the Park race) beginning the Primal implementation and while the lbs on the scale arent that evident, its the way I 'look' .  Again its always in the mid-section for me and I couldnt be more pleased!!  I have my A and B goals, so we'll see if I succeed again as I did last year (the B goal; never made it to A goal...)  Maybe this is the year for that???
Bottom line is that all throughout I was running (a lot), working out, you name it and until I (most of us) change(d) the way I eat, all the running in the world wont make a difference.

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