Saturday, January 31, 2009

5K Time Trial - Texas Med Center

I wanted to run this race as a time trial to see where I am as far as 5K shape. I haven't run a 5K since I think last April...there hasn't been any speed training, only training for NYC and then the half here in Houston (which of course did not happen). I wanted to see where I was before Spring/speed training started.

It was a perfect morning; about 42 degrees and sunny. My previous 5K PR was 28:32. This morning I ran a 28:31. The course was long, and that proof is in the times posted by the top runners. About 200m I guess, which isnt that much but can make a big difference in the faster runners times...

I did a mile warmup and kept doing strides to keep the legs warm beforehand.

Splits per the Garmin:
Mile 1: 8:47
Mile 2: 9:11
Mile 3: 9:20
Last .15: 8:06 pace

I will take it considering as I said, no speed training whatsoever in months and months. I got REALLY hot in the 3rd mile and my knee started bothering me (first time I didnt wear my patella band; bad decision). Thankfully I had some encouragement in the last 1/2 mile and that certainly helped ;o) And then in the last .1 there was a woman in front of me I wanted to catch and pass (which I did) but she came back just a bit, and I had to make DAMN SURE she didnt beat me...she didn't. ;o)

Now I have speed training coming up and we'll see what kind of improvement I can get through the Spring.

OK off to worky work!