Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bod Pod Experience

This is a stock photo, but looks the same; minus what appears to be steam

Where I work, there is a mobile 'bod pod' facility (that link will tell you what the bod pod actually does) that comes here once a quarter.  I have never actually participated in it, but since I recently joined our new gym here at work, and because one of my best friends here did it last quarter, he talked me in to it.
Honestly I was more hesitant about it, especially now given what I feel to be less than stellar body composition, due to the fact I was nervous what the dang thing was going to tell me.
Its very obvious to me the differences my body has gone through the past few years.  This age thing has its drawbacks that is for certain.
At one time I had looked in to these, but never could justify the expense (generally around $100).  Since its through work we get a heck of a discount, so there I was signed up.
I signed up for a super early test because for 2 hours before you cannot eat or drink.  I at least could have my coffee at home, and just have the 2 hours to wait before I could eat (normally at 7am).  My appointment slot was for 8:10am
I brought my unitard/onesie/tri-suit since you are asked to wear tight clothing that prevents air between the cloth and your skin.  They also but a swim cap like thing on your head and push all your hair up underneath.
If you read the information in the link above, great!  So after my time spent in the 'egg', I got dressed and the doctor went over my results.
Spoiler alert: It wasn't as bad as I thought, however, definitely room for improvement obviously.  With my age, current 'woman' hormones issues, in addition to being on a synthetic hormone for the past 10 years because of a severely underactive thyroid...well I was wondering specifically it would tell me in regards to metabolism (RMR) and my TDEE.
Since I deemed 2016 doing everything I could to be better, and methods of my own have clearly not been working, it was time for an expert.  Or two.  (the 2nd one is for another blog post)
One thing that I really liked is at no point during or after did the doctor ever tell me my weight.  And yes that's the first thing you do after changing your clothes.  And you can't see the number anywhere either.  This speaks to the fact that this is about health and not how much you weigh.
Sure if you can add then you can tell what you weigh after your get your documentation but even I had a bit of a time before I realized that.  And just as documentation and disclosure, I weighed a full 5 lbs more than I have been telling myself for a year now.  Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut...
As I said above it was better news than I thought.  While I did indeed weigh 5 lbs more than I thought (and had last weighed in at on my home scale which no longer has a battery thank God..), my lean mass to fat mass was still in the moderately lean category (22%-30%)!  And because of my age and gender the %'s might be different for other age groups etc.  Just a factoid for reference should you ever do one of these.
But while I was in the moderately lean category for my age and gender I was on the higher end of that than I would like.  I had a conversation with the doctor about that and my reasonings for the dysmorphia I have (and always have had)...So he gave me a plan based on the numbers and together we came up with a goal for the next few months until my next bod pod.  As an additional FYI, again for me, age etc...the doctor did tell me that 22% is NOT exactly something I should aspire for; and that it would be extremely difficult and just not advised.  And why would I want to anyway right?
So my numbers as of Wednesday, January 20th
Age: 52
Height: 5'2
Weight: 132
BF%: 27.6
Lean Mass/Muscle%: 72.4
Fat Lbs: 36.4
Muscle Lbs: 95.5
RMR: 1185
TDEE: 2062
So the goal is singular before the next bod pod (in April sometime) is to reduce BF% by at least 1% (shooting for an even 26%).  I assume the weight will drop on its on as I don't expect to be gaining a ton of muscle in that short period of time.   Once I have a new set of numbers we will move on to the next goal.
I am thrilled to know that regardless of how I feel I may 'look', I am very healthy...which I knew, but my brain still struggles to distinguish between perception and reality.
I cannot recommend enough to have this done!  It is so important for overall health and for muscle to be protecting your insides, and not fat.
If anyone is reading...I will be posting a couple of blog posts on the change in nutrition and exercise to achieve goals.  Its only been 6 days but the change is already visible (even if only to me right now).  Incredible!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Years Day 10K - Run Houston Series - Sam Houston Race Park - 1:05:01

What is it with this race?  LOL.
It was cold. (low 40's)
WINDY. (25mph)
Raining. (thankfully by race time it was just sprinkles here and there)
Same conditions last year except it was actually POURING in 2015.
This race is a great way to start the year off!  Its easy access, plenty of parking, not a crazy crowded race, great medal, indoor waiting before race and also inside for post-race food and activity, just to name a few.
Its the first in a 5 race series new to the area last year and whereas I use to hate the 10K distance (they also have the 5K), I like it now.  Mostly because I don't want to train for long distances anymore and well most 10K's now give out pretty sweet medals.  Plus I like the idea of doing all 5 of these in a year for a bonus rack and medal.
I didn't do all 5 last year because of location (lazy), but now the outfit has a Virtual run option but there are restrictions.  You have to sign up for that OR switch at least 2 weeks prior to race day.  Their website explains it all nicely.
So I will do all 5 of them this year with the ability to do Virtual for 2 out of the 5.  Right now I cannot remember the next one...think maybe its Minute Maid.
Anyway, when I signed up for this one I didn't look at my calendar for 1/2 training and well since the race fell on a Friday, my last long run for Houston was the very next day.  Oops.
So my thought was to go run it like in the 12:00 range and save my legs for the next day.
Well I ended up running it a lot faster than that.  1:05:01.  My watch for whatever reason showed 1:04:29 but still that's not a huge difference.
I ran the 2nd loop almost 3 minutes faster and for half of each loop you were running directly in to the wind.  Brutal.  I liked the course though even the 2 loops because the way it was laid out it seemed to go pretty darn fast.
So I was pretty worried about the next days long run but it all ended up working out just fine.  Shocked was I at that. 
But lets just say that I am so glad this training cycle is OVER and that I will be glad when the dang race (Aramco Houston) is over too :O)


I don't do resolutions and haven't for many, many, many years.
I do reflect on what didn't get accomplished in that year that I might have set a goal for, and what if anything I want to strive for in the coming year.
I cannot recall if I ever wrote anything down here on this blog or any blog I have had (this is my 3rd), but last night I was thinking I probably should write my thoughts down somewhere.  And since basically no one reads this anymore, I figured I could just do it here since I don't keep a journal.
I have a couple of books on my Kindle that I would like to get around to reading at some point.  They've been there pretty much all of 2015 if I remember right.
2016 was going to be the year I would drop some money on a townhome or condo, but I have since scrapped that idea recently.  First off home prices are high right now due to low inventory.  I don't know that that will change anytime soon.
Furthermore I decided to do some travel this year instead.  A couple of places on my bucket list, and if I keep waiting around for one reason or another, it might not happen.  So the first week of May I am off to Costa Rica!!!  I am so darn excited!  I have the paper filled out to renew my passport and I will book my flight with income tax refund.  I have the accommodations booked though. Sun-Sat of pure bliss and adventure!
The only other place I really want to go is New Zealand but that'll be done in a different year.  Maybe next if the housing thing stays as is.  I have a trip West with some girlfriends in September.
I also thought I would be paying off my debt this year, but well that got accomplished already, so...
I am also striving towards some additional success at work so hoping that my love for this company continues to be as strong as it is today.  I seriously love this company, the people I work with and my job.  That's not to keep me complacent though.  I have a lot to offer in my opinion so its in everyone's best interest :O)
As it pertains to health, I just want to keep being active and healthy.  My goal this year believe it or not is to NOT train for a half marathon.  I love running so that's not going to stop but I'd like to take the Fall off from the monotony of training.  We will see if that changes come September based on other variables leading up to that point.
Pretty sure my heart is set on 10 milers being my jam for a while.  I have one in April and then I will do Katy again in October.  I am thinking that might be the extent of my distance running.
I think that about sums up some of my thoughts around me personally through 2016.  I will have to remember to check back here come December to see how I did ;o)