Friday, March 30, 2012

Welcome To The Weekend!!!!

Thursday:  Blech to the WOD workout.   Double unders (again!) and Muscle ups.  Sorry no can do MU's and the scale is even hard.  And the amounts of each which were basically a descending scale from 70 DU's/7 MU's, 60/6, 50/5 and so on and so forth, hell to the no.  So since I had my bag with me, I decided to go to the gym and do a short run and do a CF WOD on my own.  Tuesday and Wednesday's WOD's were both pain machines, so I wanted to keep that trend going, and doing the 'box' WOD tonight wasn't going to challenge me since its not one I can even scale appropriately.

I chose 'Angie' (for time), which is all body weight exercises and easy to do in the gym.  I did use the 'assisted' pull up machine, but put the resistance to where it was difficult but doable for 100 reps.  Its a whole-body with a nasty upper body component, extremely tough, metabolically challenging and collectively complete.

3 mile run
'Angie' - 100 pull ups, 100 push ups (50/50), 100 sit ups, 100 squats   (TIME: 20:02 )  Used my IM Timex watch/Chono timer to time myself.  I knew that feature would come in handy eventually.  I've only ever worn them for a watch watch, not for anything running/timing related.  I also know that had I done this workout at my CFB (crossfit box), it would have taken me longer.  Pullups on an assisted machine is much much easier than with a pull up bar and a band.

Enjoy the weekend people!  Be grreat in all you do and be kind to one another!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

No Thank You Yasso Barfo, and Good Riddance!

Earlier today on Facebook, where probably half of my 'friends' are runners, a few of them are gearing up to run Boston in a few weeks.  One of my dearest runner friends posted that his workout for today (speed) was 24x400m and that he need crutches.  I know him well enough to know he did each and every single one of those ballz to the wall.

You know what?  If ever there was any doubt (which there hasn't been), about whether or not I would miss running/marathoning, I sure have my answer now.

The most repeats I have ever had to do was 10 on some 800's and that was stupid enough to me knowing that it truly was not going to be some damn indicator of whether or not I could do the marathon, but for someone, anyone of non-Elite status to even entertain the thought of 24 laps around a 400m track at a speed that is redonkulous is just ludicrious to me.  It was before and its even more so now.

But...I know...different folks, different strokes.  Boggles my mind like so many choices 'people' make but eh...

I will keep my 400's and 800's to 4-5max thank you very much and interspersed with the lifting and gymnastics of CrossFit.  Sure I want to be able to go faster for my WOD time to be better, but thats a far cry from why I use to want to be faster.  ;o)
The best feeling is knowing that I could kick any number of peoples ass up one side and down the other.  Best.  Feeling.  In.  The.  World.


Short, easy run before heading over to Crossfit:  4 miles


Warm Up:
10 minute Jump Rope Skill Sets
Med Ball Warm Up (30/20#) (eff that, I'm still using the 14lb'er! Maybe another 2 weeks or so and I can use the 20lb'er for some work i.e. not wall balls!)

WOD: (called a 'ladder')

100 DUs (or 300 singles; which is what I had to do; better to start them as if you tried for DU's and aren't that good at them, it can end up taking you much longer than 300 singles)
20 Burpees
30 Goblet Squats (55/35#)(I used 25lb)
40 Butterfly Situps
50 Push Press (75/55#) (I used a 45lb rack; up from my usual 35!)
40 Butterfly Situps
30 Goblet Squats
20 Burpees
100 DUs (again 300 singles for me! I'm getting really good at them, and avoiding a break in rhythm for at least 50-75 at a time)

For Time! 
23:12!  VERY happy with that time!  
Most of the girls were 25+ except for the ones that have been there for a while.  Amber KILLED it coming in under 15minutes!  ANIMAL!  She Rx'd it too in that time!  Incredible!

Tabata Plank
Tabata Hollow Rock


Want to make your chicken or tuna salad not only healthier but also Paleo?
Smash up 1/2 an avocado and use that instead of mayo!
That's what I had for dinner and it was yummy!  Egg, chicken and avocado.  Mmmm Mmmm good!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Foundation of Nutrition

PLEASE watch this for 2 reasons:  1) To see what I (and countless others) do at CrossFit each day (or at least some of what we do) and 2nd to see how we are striving to eat. 

And why.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What I've Been Up To These Past Few Days

Sunday:  unscheduled rest day.  Because I had to work a shift at LL, my morning was spent grocery shopping, farmers market and cooking what I could before having to get ready for work.  I had planned to take a 15 mile ride after work since we close at 5, but when I got off work, it was 90deg outside and I said hell to the no.  :O)  And I didn't feel like going to the gym.  I needed to finish all my food prep anyway, so it worked out in my favor.

Monday:  My CF box website showed all running drills for the WOD, so I said eff that and just decided to run on my own (treadmill) (5.5 miles) and then created my own mini-WOD:  1000m row followed by 3 rounds of lat pull downs (55lb) and sit ups/pole ups (20).  Then I moved on to the tricep dips (30lbs) and back rows (25lbs/single arm) x 3 rounds.
Which brings us to ...   

When I saw this on the website this morning (its the first thing I check when I wake up), my first thought was 'ummmm...hell no'...  :O)

I knew it was going to be a workout that would almost bring tears to my eyes...

Partner Warm up (while 1 person is doing the actual exercise the other one is doing the hold for the time it takes the other one to complete and then you switch:

40 Pushups

Plank Hold

30 Squats
Squat Hold
20 Ring Dips
Lockout Hold
10 HSPU(both Brit and I scaled the HS pushups using a box)
Handstand Hold (up against the wall)

Not going to lie, the warm up alone had us all thinking WTFFFFF after we were done.  Jeez.

Four 4 minute AMRAPs
Rest 1 minute btw AMRAPs

3 Hang Power Cleans (95/65#)
6 Toes to Bar
3 Muscle/Power Snatches (95/65#)
6 Box Jumps (30/24")

I actually raised my weights up on my bar to 45lbs today! and was able to hang in there throughout.  By the time we got to the 4th round, the power snatches were a bit tougher to get up and me under, but I held on. 
R1: 44  R2: 42  R3: 48  R4: 46  (pretty proud of those numbers!)

I couldn't do a full toe to bar, so I had to scale to knees to elbow instead.  Still VERY hard as you are hanging on for dear life trying to swing back and forth for momentum.  Ugh.

Core: 90sec x 3 rounds of deadbugs
This was the killer of all killer core sessions.  If you do these right, your abs will be screaming bloody murder.

This was by far one of the toughest start to finish WOD's I've experienced so far.  A couple girls then were going to go run a mile and I was like: eff a bunch of that!  :)  I came home, took my aminos, drank my protein shake and had a bit of dinner, which was just a small plate of misc (boiled egg, 3oz grilled chicken, sliced olives and 1/2 an avocado) since I had no clue what exactly I wanted.

Good.  Night.

Tour de Cure - Houston, Texas - September 22, 2012

They had a promotion today where if you registered to ride/fundraise for Tour de Cure here in Houston, you could register for $3 !!!!

Well you know I jumped all over that!  I have more than a few friends doing this ride, all different distances, but I decided to sign up for the 47 mile distance.

Keep in mind that I've never ridden farther than 30 miles at one time before and that was back in 2009!

I'm super excited!  Another adventure!

Definition of Paleo (as it pertains to Way of Eating) and a Paleo Eats (Recipe)

Anonymous asked in a comment recently:  Can you explain Paleo for those of us that don't know exactly what it is?

I suppose I could, but to be thorough it will take some time for me to put together a post on it.  To be fair, know first off that I brieeeeeeeeeefly tried Paleo once, and Primal once (maybe twice) and they are indeed what works best for me, but I just always couldn't give up the diet soda and cheese for very long.  :o)

Plus I did find it difficult sometimes to keep up the endurance for training for marathons.  It can be done, I just wasn't very successful at it.

Anyway, let's start with the basics...

paleo- or pale- or palaeo- or palae-
1. Ancient; prehistoric; old: paleobotany.
2. Early; primitive: Paleozoic.

If the food on your plate can be found in nature just as it is (NOT chemically altered, NOT processed into something unrecognizable) then it's Paleo.

There is a ton of information on the interwebz, including a lot of blogs that I read, Marks Daily Apple is top notch and one of my favorites (so check it out!).  I have done so much research over the years on this, and the number one thing that I continually strive for, whether Paleo or not, is staying away, far far far far away from processed foods.  If something IS in a box or a bag, I try and limit the number of ingredients down to 5 or so, and nothing that I cannot pronounce.

What are processed foods?  Processed foods have been altered from their natural state, either for safety reasons or for convenience. The methods used for processing foods include canning, freezing, refrigeration, dehydration and aseptic processing. 

Also its not just eating meat and vegetables, its eating meat that is grass fed, not corn fed on some meat 'lot' and vegetables that aren't sprayed with gases to make them 'ripe' in color after sitting in the back for weeks since being shipped in from God knows where.  Try and buy as locally as you can, when you can.

Just to be clear, Paleo is NOT NOT NOT NOT a diet in the sense of the word people generally use that word for.  It is my preferred way of eating.  Not  for becoming thin(er) or whatever, but to be strong and feel good on the inside.  

I have come to realize that I can get to 95/5 very easily without feeling deprived.  And of course I will have a piece of whatever, whenever I choose.

I will write more on Paleo from time to time, but that should give anyone some sort of understanding on what "Paleo" is.  You can also click on the Paleo or Primal label(s) to the right and see other posts I have done on it.  There haven't been many, but there are a few.

I don't recall what this was called or where I found this 'recipe' but clearly it would have been on one of the many Paleo sites/blogs I read daily or ever couple of days.  Anyway when I read it, it sounded weird and awesome all at the same time.  Not to mention easy!

Ingredients:  sausage (venison if available), an 2 apples (I used one large), an onion (I used half of a large white onion), cinnamon, cayenne pepper, coconut oil.

Chop apples and onion (I didn't peel the apple, but the recipe said to)
Heat 1.5 tbsp of coconut oil in pan
Toss in apple and onion
Add cinnamon and cayenne (I didn't measure, but if I had to guess I put a tsp maybe a bit more of each (but certain to do equal(ish) amounts of each

Cook down.  OMG the smell was amazing and the apples started making this fabulous 'sauce' (not sure what else to call it), but it was just amazing to smell!!!  Who would have thought of putting those 2 spices and apples and onions together?

Add the sliced sausage, stir/coat and then put the lid on for a bit on low to just cook up a bit more

I actually cooked the sausage beforehand in the same skillet because I thought it would be easier to slice up which is what the recipe calls for to begin with.  I think this is my preferred way to do it.  And when I was finished cooking it in the skillet (in the coconut oil I mentioned), I left the 'dregs' in there to use obviously to saute the apples and onions.  I had added 1/4 cup of water when steaming the venison so it wouldn't stick, but the water cooked almost out and it was fine to use.

I tasted this after it was done and it was delicious!  I had something else for dinner, as this was to be part of my 'fit foods' that I section out for lunches and dinners etc. for the week.

I had it Monday for my lunch along with a 1/4 of a baked sweet potato (I baked a couple of them and quartered to have during the week). 

Definitely will be making this again!  Cheap, easy, and fast!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Hunger Games - My Thoughts

It. Was. Incredible

A truly, truly great movie, regardless of whether you have read the books or not.  There were a few things that as a reader of the book(s) that I 'knew' that those who had not read them wouldn't necessarily know or understand, but nothing that would take away from the non-reader completely enjoying this movie.  I am so glad that they made this movie 2.5 hours long.  Had it been 2 hours, so much would have been lost.  So so so much!

This is BY FAR the best adaptation of a book to film that I have ever read/watched and there have been a lot in my days...

The cinematography was terrifying. 

Without spoiling anything, here are some of the specific things I noted:  I cried during the Reaping scene because I was so nervous and could so easily empathize with the children.  I was like wth?  Crying already?  Thankfully there was only one other time that I cried, and it was tiny tears both times.  :O)

The Capitol citizens looked garish and dramatic but not cheesy.  I thought every single person cast was SPOT ON for the character.  The only one I was a bit taken by was the choice for Rue.  I didn't get from the book that District 11 was predomoniately African American, so that kinda threw me for a bit. 

When in the training arena, before the Games, it all so reminded me of CrossFit.  Seriously.  Functional fitness and skill at its core.

Tracker Jackers were so much smaller than I imagined them; I thought they would be the size of baseballs and mechanical-looking. 

The Katniss/Peeta dynamic was spot-on.  Also, the actress that plays Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) is a really amazing performer.  From the moment I knew she was cast for Katniss, I knew from seeing her in Winters Bone that she was absolutely PERFECT for this role. 

No awkward Bella-from-Twilight moments (not that I have seen any of the Twilight movies, but I have seen enough of the clips to know the actors, especially KS as Bella leave a LOT to be desired.  I actually watched 10 min of Twilight last night as it was on FX and its 10 min of my life I will never get back...tragic indeed).

I absolutely love the Gale character and knew he wouldn't be that much of a part of the first movie, but I think they did a great job with showing who he is as a person, his relationship with Katniss, and his vulnerability as to his 'true' feelings as they emerge watching her throughout the Games.

When Katniss was being transported into the arena, she was trembling so violently that I really believe it was happening to her – the perfect mix of vulnerability and strength.  It was so amazing that I actually lost myself in that moment and was so terrified for her it was uncanny.

The ending?  Well had I not read the book(s), knowing what I know as the story picks up in Catching Fire, I would have been that person sitting there going wtf?  Thats how it ends?!?!??!?!?!?  Buuuuuuuuuut knowing what I know, it was perfectly ended...President Snow....pondering....

I am actually going again this coming weekend.  I have to see it again!  I was so caught up in the moments of the entire film, making sure that I was soaking it all in, that I now just want to go back and enjoy it in all its glory!

Only one movie (that I can recall) that I have ever paid to see twice at the theatre:  Dark Knight

I'm already excited to go see it this weekend again!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Make Mine A Double - Kenyan Way with a CrossFit Back

A bit cooler this morning, but the fog was so, so, so dense!  And when I left the house my phone read 98% humidity, and I felt every bit of it.  It actually felt like it was misting, but it wasn't.  By the end of the run my hair was completely soaked as if I had just gotten out of the shower.  No lie.

It was nice to come back to base when some of the faster guys were back and see a lot of shirtless boy wonders.  Not as nice to look as the guys at CF, but nice nonetheless.  :O)

The route was a familiar one, 10 miles and always with the usual options to add on, but when I had gotten the email on the route, I knew that it was going to be a 'morning of decision' as to if I would do the whole route or 8 miles of it.  The deciding factor would be what the WOD would be on our CrossFit box web page.  If it was one I was interested in doing, then I wanted to make sure I had time to run, come home for a bit and make the 9am session.

It indeed was one I wanted to do, plus I always love seeing my peeps at CF!  I swear they make it so fun even in the worst moments.

So 8 miles it was, and I did so much better this week than last.  Eating dinner the night before clearly helps :)  Average pace: 10:22 and a negative split.  Happy.

Came home afterwards, took my aminos and shook up my protein drink, chugged it and headed on over to CrossFit.  I had decided I wasn't going to do the warm up since my run was my warmup as far as I was concerned.  Glad I did too, because the warmup is what they call "Old School Blacktop" and its a freaking killer.  No.  Thank.  You.  I did that the first night of CrossFit On Ramp and I thought 'shit.  I'm going to die the first night and its the warmup'. 

4 Rounds

90sec Max Clean and Jerk (135/95) (I used 35lbs, but its obvious its time to move up to 45lbs)
Suicide Sprint (front, left shuffle, right shuffle, backwards)
90sec Max Wall Balls (30/20#) (I only saw one girl use the 20lb ball; the rest of us used the 14lb ball)
90sec Max Double Unders (I still haven't mastered double unders, but today was the first day I was able to do my singles without the little extra hop I was putting in there, so double unders are within reach!
120sec Rest  

Repeat the above 3 more times.
Count total reps completed for your score (I have NO IDEA what my score was because I lost count somewhere in the middle of the first round and it wasn't important enough to me to inhibit the workout to try and keep count)

Core stabilization:  30 floor wipers (max weight)

Afterwards came home and showered AGAIN, then headed out for a hair appointment.  Cut it ALL off.  
Short, short, short, short!  Love it!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Paleo Treats - Almond Butter Coconut Banana Cups

Yesterday afternoon my good friend N sent me a link for what looked to be like a yumscrumdeliciousness of a Paleo treat!

I knew immediately that I had to make these!  Right away!

I knew I had everything it called for except a mini-muffin tin.  I had planned on stopping at the RedBox in front of Kroger on the way home so I hoped that Kroger would have them.  And they did!

The recipe called for the following:
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 3/4 cup unsweetened peanut butter (I actually used almond nut butter; peanut butter is not Paleo.  I also used a full cup and was glad that I did as I might have run a bit low for the top layer)
  • 2 tablespoons – 1/4 cup honey (use pure honey, locally produced if you have it, which I was out of it, so I had to use store bought)
  • 3/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 1/4 teaspoon coconut oil, melted (refined for no taste, virgin for coconut taste) (I keep on hand the virgin)
  • 1/4 plus 1/8 teaspoon salt (omit if using jarred peanut butter with added salt)

I actually didnt end up using the bowl; just mixed everything in the measuring cup, but my measuring cup is very large (4 cup size)

First layer of the mixture

Add the thinly sliced banana on top of each

Cover with more of the mixture
I then slid them into the freezer and kept checking them periodically through the evening.  By the time I went to bed they were still a bit too gooey to extract without them falling apart, so I decided to cover them and keep in the freezer overnight.

When I woke up this morning, I took them out, used a butter knife to slide down the edge and they popped right out!

Not a picture of mine, but they did look exactly like this!  Only mine were a bit darker brown, probably due to the color of the nut butter as opposed to regular peanut butter

I didn't eat one because well, I didn't think it was an ideal breakfast :O)

But I had tasted the batter last night as I licked the spoon clean (no guilt on Paleo!) and it tasted yummy!  Much better than just the almond butter by itself (not a big fan)

I tossed them into a ziploc and then tossed back into the freezer for safekeeping.  I know what my dessert treat will be after I get home from The Hunger Games tonight!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The "Bear Complex"

Sometimes the worst thing you can do is google the CrossFit WOD on YouTube.

Part of me says 'run! just run today!', but the other part of me says 'face it head on!'

I watched it until I saw how hard it gets after a couple of rounds.

I was going to scoot home after work, change and then head to the gym for a few miles on the treadmill before walking over to CF.

But as the day wore on, and considering the severity of the WOD, I opted to just relax.  My right knee is a bit wonky also which would later hinder my squats during the WOD. 

Warm up:
1 mile run (or 1 mile row): I actually also walked 900m before class to try and work out the soreness of my inside thighs.  Ran with T for her last 800m from the class that was ending as well.

WOD: Bear Complex
7 reps x 5 rounds
1 rep = 1 fluid movement of clean, front squat, push press, back squat, push press.
If at any time in a round you set the bar down (you still had to make it touch the ground, but you could not let it go), you had to take a 5 burpee penalty.

For time.

Cool down:
1 mile run (or 1 mile row)

From looking at the board, the girls had settled in on 35lb, and I was a wee bit worried that I wouldnt be able to finish, or that it would take me forever!
I already knew that my squats (especially the front ones) were going to be lacking in form due to my knee.

I tested it out with the 35lbs and figured that I should be ok.  I knew that if I needed to I could clean the plates off, switch out to lighter plates.  But I also knew that would add on time and probably be more trouble than it would be worth.

As I suspected during round 2 is where things started getting a bit more difficult.  The push presses become really hard to do.  You also find that the best time to 'rest' without being penalized is when you have the bar resting on your shoulders/back.

By round 4, I wanted so badly to clean my bar, but I didnt.  I kept going and just reminded myself that there was no time constraint, and that no matter how long it took me, it would be OK.

I ended up finishing in 12:06 which isn't bad, and that included 15 burpees since I took 3 penalties.

After finishing, I took the time to clean my plates to give my legs a bit of a rest before heading out to finish out with the mile.

That was a pretty brutal mile to run...

Today I am listening to reason and taking the day off.  I haven't taken a rest day from activity since last Friday and my body is letting me know it.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

F is for Fun! And Fitness! For Li(F)e! They Go Together (or should) Like rama lama lama ke ding a de dinga a dong

After I finished Houston this past January, I wrote this little post:  Semi-Retirement

When I posted that on Facebook, I got a lot of hmpft's and yeah whatever's, as for some reason a lot of folks didn't believe me, couldn't understand, or just seemed baffled.

What?  That I could just stop doing marathons?  Why is that so hard to believe.

But if I am being honest, I too wondered how I was going to actually 'handle' that.  I mean, for so long now its what I have been doing.  Half marathons, marathons, races in general.  Of course the smaller races really started to take a back seat the last 2 years since all I had time or the desire to do was train for marathon after marathon.

Well obviously the first couple of weeks were fine.  I had not one ounce of desire to run any further than 10 miles for a long time.  And when I would have a half marathon coming up, then yeah, I would run 13+ a few times to train for good measure.

I even had this idea of going sub-2 at the half this year.

Then things started to change.  I started liking not having to run.  I liked not feeling like if I ran on the treadmill that that was somehow cheating.  I loved not getting up to run at 6am on a Saturday if I didn't feel like it.  I loved that I started thinking that 4 miles on any given day was just fine.

I loved working out at the gym.  I loved when I started CrossFit.

And slowly, very slowly, I was finding that running was becoming that thing I did when I was too sore from CrossFit, or because I didn't like the WOD that day, so I would run instead.

And then in my head, I started thinking of why I started running in the first place, why I kept running, and ultimately why I started putting so much stock in getting faster.  Going further.  Doing more.

And I didn't like the answer.

While I do indeed love love love running, and I will continue to run...duh...why I started was good for me, why I will continue is good for me, but for the majority of the time I realized that the pressure I was putting on myself was being driven by my thinking that if this or that...then...we'll just use the word "acceptance' by a person that use to mean something to me; that was important to me; someone I looked up to; someone I thought would at the very least be my friend for a very long time...and that would...well...'accept' me. 

That would love me.

I was doing it to try and 'win' the admiration, applause and acceptance of someone that I knew their opinion wasn't worth my effort, because to them, I would never be good enough.  At anything.

Fucking stupid. 

The thing is...I am good enough.  At so many things, including running. 

Being good at something doesn't mean you are the best or even above average.  Being good at something means you can do it.  Whatever 'it' is.

I am my best when I am doing anything in my happy state.  If I am miserable or not fully invested in a given activity, then what the fuck is that all about?

I've known this forever and have applied it throughout my life, especially in serious relationships.  I always got out while the gettin' was good, and up until a couple of years ago, always always the minute things weren't 'right'.

So why haven't I been applying this?  I don't know...Not until just recently.  But maybe I did...

There were times that I think I knew...but I was so deep into the running and training even after that person was banished from my life altogether, that I couldn't see the forest for the trees. 

It wasn't until the past couple of months that I have found clarity. 

I have found balance.

I have found happiness.

I have found peace.

So.  What does this all mean? 

Well I am not going to quit running.  That would just be stupid.  But I have decided against running my half marathon at the end of June.  I was all set to fly to Seattle, was staying with friends, etc., but yesterday I told them I wasn't coming after all.

I still have my Fall and Winter half marathons...  :O)

I am not going to do any more of the Spring series races either.  There are only a couple of them left anyway, and I just don't feel like training for speed either.  I might still go to hill workouts, and with the workouts that involve running at CrossFit, well there isn't anything quite like that anywhere else!

I want to run because I like running.  If I want to run slow one day, or walk one day, or run fast one day, then I want to have the freedom (in my head) to do just exactly that.

I will still run just about every single Saturday with Kenyan Way, because I have friends there, and its a supported long run.  And of course KW has been and always will be near and dear to my heart.  I will just run whatever damn distance I feel like running.  :O)

Unless of course, I don't want to.  :O)

I seriously doubt that I ever run another marathon.

And I can't believe how easily that I am to type that.  Say that.  Live that. 

I want to continue to do CrossFit.  I want to continue to swim.  To cycle.  To run.  I want my life to keep being as awesome as it has been in the past few months.  Run half marathons.  Do sprint triathlons again. 

Be active and 'present' in my life.  And in the lives of those closest to me.  After all, those that I love deserve the best me I have to offer right?

What a revelation!

Two nights ago I had one of the most vivid and 'real' dreams that I can recall in quite some time. 

Basically, I was in the dream with others (can't recall who and it doesn't matter), I was then 9 months pregnant and delivered a healthy beautiful baby girl.  Effortlessly I might add.  Yes I actually remember delivering the baby girl like it was actually happening in real life.

I remember it so clearly that I woke up, slowly, trying to get my bearings and was recalling it while I laid there.  It was surreal the feeling that I had.

Anyway, I used the internet to research what the dream could have been interpreting and I found this to be extremely eerie, but yet, spot on.

To dream of a baby represents virtue, comfort, and starting over.  Babies embody all aspects of your personality and character that are untainted and chaste.

Indeed.  It went on further to suggest that the starting over, the (re)birth if you will, was of myself. 

That I was following my heart, and my personality.  To do things that are true to MY nature, not someone elses.

It was further suggested that for the past year, since losing my mother, and actually with both of my parents now being deceased, that I was free from the ties that held me to try and live up to their expectations. 

Especially my mother's.

Whether that was how I dressed, to how thin I was, to my finances, or what, where, when and who...even at my age, my mother insisted on knowing these things as if I were still some child.

And that with this dream, that I have finally, finally, finally, broken free of the ties that bound. 

We are just past the year anniversary of her death.

So here I am.  Finally.  After 48 years, I have seemingly come into my own.

And isn't that what this blog and its byline should be about:  Fit and fabulous.

From every aspect, especially in our head and in our heart.  Because if those aren't right, nothing seems to be 'complete'.

Maybe today should be deemed my 'birthday'.

I think its safe to say any thing I may have written (in private) for goals for 2012 have either been erased, and in some cases already exceeded my wildest expectations.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How About This? You Do You, and I'll Do Me

All I am going to say is that every 'body' is different.  We all differently respond to food and food types.  We all work differently on the inside.  Some people can't tolerate grains.  Some can't tolerate lactose.  And so forth and so on. 

Just know what YOU respond to whether its food, or whether its a particular form of activity.  If you can eat whatever you want whenever you want, eat 100% carbs, drink alcohol like a fish and not gain an ounce or a pudge, more power to you.

Chances are you are 'skinny fat'.

At some point I need to write a post about some things I have figured out about myself and running these past few years.  I've always known it, but only recently come to fully accept it, and at some point, will admit it. outside of my own head.

What I will tell you now is that running has always made me fatUNLESS I was eating Paleo to some degree, whether it was 50/50 or 80/20.  That one time when I was at my leanest and my fastest was in 2010.  

What if you experiment a bit and find out what works best for you instead of listening to someone you've never met tell you what worked for them?  What if you devise a lifestyle that works for you and your life and makes YOU feel and perform better?

I have found a place in paleo that makes me feel good and yet allows me to live a quasi-spartan lifestyle.  I could go the strict paleo route and never eat dairy, potatoes, sugar, coffee, or non-pastured meats again and maybe that will get me an extra year or so added to my life.  But I do prefer and feel better when I am at at least 80% (and still striving for 95%).  :)

But I think I have attained a fairly happy medium where I eat paleo a good bit of the time but I still have room in my life for the occasional french fry, gluten-free baked good, tortilla chip, ice cream or piece of chocolate.  I'm not willing to trade that for the tiny little bit of improvement I might get from being strict paleo. want to know something?  I see and know a lot of runners, fast, and slower, that are at some degree of fat.  Whether is their mid-section, or otherwise.  But its there.  And I see it, and so does everyone else.

Not that anyone cares, but most people do. (care what others think and see)

Mean to say?  Probably.  True?  Absolutely.  And I won't apologize for it.

So as the title says:  You do you, and I'll do me.

Trust me, I have a lot to write, it will just come in a later post (or posts).


As Monday wore on, I became more and more sore from the previous days smack down on some Wall Balls.

I was bummed too, because with that and the level of soreness I felt up top, I knew I had to choose running as my sole activity for the day.  Certainly not a horrible choice, but I really would have felt like I could have done both.  The WOD was one that I would have loved to do, and even ended with 5x200m sprints.

Oh well.

So I got in 5.5 miles and while it was rough going at first, rather quickly my muscles in the legs started to simmer down and I ended up with a fairly decent run.  Once I stopped though, I knew it was going to be an ouchy kind of night.  I did get to a rower and just cooled down with a 1000m row. 

So this morning, when I saw the WOD for today, I was ecstatic!  I knew it was going to be hard hard hard, but also fun fun fun!

Sledge Hammers X 30 (I used 8lb weighted sledgehammer)
Tire Flips X 5 (partnered with C)  400lb tractor tire.

20 Minute
Pull-Ups X 5
Push-Ups X 10
Air Squats X 15

For those that haven't figured it out yet, AMRAP means: As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible

In this case, the time limit is 20 minutes.  Thats a looooong time in CrossFit.  AMRAP's, to me, are a bit more stressful, because you know you are racing the clock, and not so much the people in the room.  Sure you would like to do more rounds/reps than whoever, but to me it just doesn't seem as competitive.

I managed 13 full rounds + 4 extra pull ups before time was called.  The only thing I scaled were the pullups (as I used a ring).  I did full on pushups (130).  No girl pushups today!

By the way, if you have a sledgehammer and a big old tire lying around...this explains how to get your own sledgehammer going!

Practice Walking on Hands (boy do I need practice on this!)  I havent done a handstand since high school.  So thats what I practiced.

Tomorrow is a run and CrossFit day!

Monday, March 19, 2012

CrossFit Beer WOD - St. Patricks Day 2012

Work hard.  Play Harder.

2 person teams.
3 rounds for time:
2 green beers
40 Wall Balls
40c Row
40 Burpees

Any of the above could be broken up between the 2 members of the team, but only one member could be working at any given time.

I believe almost all the teams broke it up as each a beer, and then splitting the rest evenly unless someone was having trouble, then the other could pick up the slack.

A few people did indeed have to run out and vomit in the parking lot, which is indicated on the final scores/whiteboard (picture posted).

These are 98% pictures taken during the competition (which had to be divided into 4 heats due to the number of people that showed up)

No pictures really were taken once the real festivities know to protect the innocent :)

Russ.  One of our Coaches
Jason.  Another one of our Coaches

The 'Coke' machine houses only beer.  And you don't need money.

First heat

Russ and Jason were a team
Second heat

Ben.  And Mary..with her tongue out. 

Terri.  Who is NOT a drinker but held her own with the beer portion
Nilo goofing off...
Teams and times.
My girl Terri flippin' that tire!

Go Terri go!

I seriously didn't think she was gonna do it!! These tires weigh 500lbs, and we normally do them in partners

Yum!  Just part of the food afterwards!  Yay for Paleo!

Incidentially I am back to Paleo and instead of 80/20, I have actually set the goal to be 95/5.  I still need to get the remaining feta cheese from my stock in the fridge, but the weekend was a huge success, and I cooked enough food and portioned it out in GladWare to last me all week: breakfasts, lunches, dinners and even snacks.  At least through Thursday anyway!

I am seeing a huge improvement in muscle tone and overall 'look' so between eating well and CrossFit, coupled with my running, things are good.

Don't tell anyone, but I could so give up running to do CrossFit full time.

Even though I am sore as hell this morning, I saw the WOD for today, and I want to do it so badly, but I think I am just going to be able to run today.  No way I can do both.  And with the amount of soreness in my biceps, I don't know that I could RM much weight anyway.

Sad face.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend Update

What a whirlwind of a weekend!

I was thankful (at first) that there was no bad weather in the forecast for Saturday since it had been a while since I had had a long run out on the roads.  

Of course it sucked that it was 70deg at 6am, and high humidity.  I am not ready for Summer yet!!!  Yes I know that in the  Summer its usually 80deg at 6am, but still.  It had been a long time since I've run in craptastic SE Texas weather!

I had made plans to run with M, who I hadn't seen in quite some time and we had a LOT to catch up on. 

The route thankfully was Rice/Hermann because its loaded with new construction along the way which means an abundance of bathroom opportunities which would also prove to be in my favor.

Another thing that hadn't happened in a long time was me having stomach issues.  I had to stop 4 times which really did a number on my head having to stop so many times.  Coupled with the fact that because I wasn't hungry on Friday night, I didn't eat dinner.  Another big mistake.  I should have made myself eat something but I didn't.

I still managed a 10:40ish pace (which didnt include the stops) for 10 miles.  I was just frustrated.  And I spent too much time yakking along the way, and that usually isn't a good thing for me.  I still enjoyed the time with M, but overall the run was crappy (no pun intended), and I was happy for it to be over.  M pulled away from me as we hit the Shephard bridge, and she went up the dirt side while I went up the sidewalk side.  I was also thankful for this because as I was running up Memorial, off in the distance on the other side, I noticed a familiar gait of a runner, and was relieved that I didn't have to come within even 5 feet of them.  Sure looked different, that much I could tell, even from across the 4 lanes of road that divided us.

After coming home, taking my BCAA's and a quick protein concoction, I rested before hitting up UC for the CrossFit St. Patricks Day Beer WOD.  So much fun, loads of pictures taken which I will upload into another post.

Today I hit up UC again at noon instead of going to the gym (soooo boring to me now!), and took on the challenge of "Karen".  I thought since it was a re-do of the weeks CFG challenge (150 wall balls, 90 DU's, 30 MU's in 12 minutes) that I was going to be able to stop after 12 minutes.  This was not the case.  R and J made me keep going until I got to 150 Wall Balls.

I started out with a 40c row (4:06), and cooled down with another 40c row (4:37).

I have expressed my hatred for Wall Balls enough here, and I went because of that very fact.  I wanted to face the challenge to see how many I could get in those 12 minutes.  

I ended up doing all 150 as I said and it took me 13:55 (14lb ball).  I started out with 20 at a time, then dropped to making it through 10 at a time, then about half way through I went to getting through 5 at a time before taking a few seconds to bring my heart rate back down.  I was the only girl to show up today, and W and D were the only 2 attempting the challenge (they did theirs in 9+ minutes before moving on to DU's).  Both of these guys are in grrrreat shape and even they were struggling, but obviously still miles ahead of me, but when they were done, stood there and cheered me on to the finish!  

Love my CrossFit compadres!!!

I will probably only run tomorrow (KW Hills) as even now my biceps are killing me, but we shall see.  Tomorrows WOD isn't posted yet....  :O)

A small part of the St Patricks Day CrossFit competitors