Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rock and Roll Baby! Rock and Roll!

Yesterday the RockNRoll peeps sent out mass media about a special Leap Year registration that was just too good to pass up!  For a very small window of time, you could sign up for just about any Rock and Roll race, use the code LEAP, and get $29 off your registration!

Obviously I had to sign up for something now didn't I?  Of course I did! 
That's 3 RnR events for me in 2012.
All at a discounted price!  Sufficiently discounted I might add.

I just love a good deal!

Anyone else sign up for an RnR event yesterday?

1 comment:

Xaarlin said...

Woot woot! CAnt wait to see which ones you run this year. Fingers crossed for Chicago ;)

I didn't register for any... I'm on a hold until this injury has passed.