Tuesday, March 6, 2012

(Sunday) MONDAY ... Happy Days

When I saw the WOD for today, I knew I wanted to skip KW hills.  Especially since this included some running, and a lot of leg strength on the row'er.

I had a session with K scheduled for 4:30 so this also gave me the opportunity to run for 30 min on the treadmill (I also ran for 15 min before starting with Kyle) before heading over to the box.  I could have started a bit early with K and made the 5pm session, but I didn't want to rush and then miss out on some recovery time beween my regular gym and my CF gym.

I had K run me through some upper body stuff since I knew I was going to need my legs big time for the WOD.  We also did ab's; he actually worked lifting and ab's in together amazingly enough.

It was my last session with K for a while until after the 7 months of CrossFit, then I can re-evaluate what direction I want to go.

Warm Up:
10 min Jump Rope Drills

8x Shuttle (suicide) Sprints (cones at 5, 10 and 25 yards = 80 yards each go)
with 200m Active Recovery row btw each
1st Sprint will be all sprinting forward.
Row 200m
2nd will be shuffle left out, sprint back.
Row 200m
3rd shuffle right out, sprint back.
Row 200m
4th is back pedaling out, sprinting back.
Row 200m
Then repeat that sequence...

For time on sprints only as the 200m rows were for 'active recovery'.

10 Wall Walks
with 3 HR (hand release) pushups at the bottom of each
Take a look at what a 'wall walk' is...Good gravy!  Talk about hard to do!
To 'scale' you just go up straight and come back down straight, no walking to the side and back).

Another 3 hour workout today.
My hamstrings are gonna be hurtin' tomorrow, I can already feel it!

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