Friday, March 30, 2012

Welcome To The Weekend!!!!

Thursday:  Blech to the WOD workout.   Double unders (again!) and Muscle ups.  Sorry no can do MU's and the scale is even hard.  And the amounts of each which were basically a descending scale from 70 DU's/7 MU's, 60/6, 50/5 and so on and so forth, hell to the no.  So since I had my bag with me, I decided to go to the gym and do a short run and do a CF WOD on my own.  Tuesday and Wednesday's WOD's were both pain machines, so I wanted to keep that trend going, and doing the 'box' WOD tonight wasn't going to challenge me since its not one I can even scale appropriately.

I chose 'Angie' (for time), which is all body weight exercises and easy to do in the gym.  I did use the 'assisted' pull up machine, but put the resistance to where it was difficult but doable for 100 reps.  Its a whole-body with a nasty upper body component, extremely tough, metabolically challenging and collectively complete.

3 mile run
'Angie' - 100 pull ups, 100 push ups (50/50), 100 sit ups, 100 squats   (TIME: 20:02 )  Used my IM Timex watch/Chono timer to time myself.  I knew that feature would come in handy eventually.  I've only ever worn them for a watch watch, not for anything running/timing related.  I also know that had I done this workout at my CFB (crossfit box), it would have taken me longer.  Pullups on an assisted machine is much much easier than with a pull up bar and a band.

Enjoy the weekend people!  Be grreat in all you do and be kind to one another!

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