Monday, September 4, 2006

Fired Up 5K

I had a PR in my sight. I could have done it. However I chose not to. Huh? Yeah, I had it and I knew it, but I chose not to. I was 1 min 7 sec off from it. The reason I chose not to was because it wouldnt have been that much off of my PR set back in April of 32:57. I probably would have just got there and maybe a few seconds less. When I passed by mile 2 marker and heard the guy holler out just 21 minutes, I knew it then. And I knew it towards the end of mile 3.

I want my next PR to be a PR that I can get excited about.

Therefore I just kept on keeping on...I still feel REALLY good about my effort today though. Given the humidity (although its been worse) and the temps (in the low 70's I would guess), I did alright.

My average pace was 10:59 throughout the 3.1 and I am pleased with that.

Here are my splits:

Mile 1: 10:19
Mile 2: 11:04
Mile 3: 11:20
last .1 : 9:08 pace (yeah I stepped it up at the end :O)

As usual I am too quick out and need to focus on trying to do 11 at the start and finishing stronger. My hope is that when the weather gets cooler, I can maintain those 10's though. My best mile ever (that is on record) is 9:40. And thats when I set my PR.

I KNOW I can break 30 minutes, its just a matter of when it will happen. As I have said before if I do it once, I will be happy with that and never care again!! :O)

It was great to see Vic, Jon and Jan out this morning. I also met a couple of Steve's out there as well. The course was an easy one, with just one slight incline there at the end. It was overcast and even if it hadnt been the course was tree-lined and there would have been plenty of shade.

I can definitely tell the progress over the past 9 months and I just have to keep on working. Right now my focus is finishing 13.1 Then I might try for some speed work again, and definitely working on hills. Those are better left for cooler weather (at least for me).

Now for the important thing. Running skirts? ROCK!!!! I doubt I ever run a race in anything but! However, body glide will be important. Training runs will still have to be done in shorts though since (right now) I only own the one running skirt (thanks Mom!!), but I plan to start adding to my running apparel collection. Seriously it was great running in that thing. I never imagined it would be so much more comfortable (and you're right MsRabbit, no riding up!!!)

I do think I am about to join the Striders. I need another club to run with and alot of people I have met are on that particular group.

Its another week (now in Week 10) of training.
Tuesday: 5 miles
Wednesday: 5 miles
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 9 miles (Memorial/Downtown)
Saturday: Mom's
Sunday: 3 miles

As you can see right now I have no cross training or weights work. The plan calls for it, but right now all I want to do is run. Get the miles in. After I get through September, then I will start more on the weights and my core leading up to the half at the end of October.

Now I have a huge pot of Taco Soup on the stove simmering (with ground turkey of course) and the whole house smells fabulous. Time to figure out what I am going to do the rest of the day!!

Keep on truckin!!!!