Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Bellaire (Hurricane) Trolley Run 2007

**edited 11:37am**

Seriously we had it all this morning...getting to the race was hard enough...the rain, lightning, thunder and wind was brutal. I had to pull over a couple of times because at one point I thought my vehicle was going to tip right over...As it got closer to 7:30 it seemed to let up; it wasnt raining as hard and the wind had stopped, but the lightning and thunder prevailed. And the temperature had dropped from 73 when I left my house to the low 60's so that of course was welcomed.

The race started on time.

First things first; I PR' about 2:40 I guess. Garmin time was 30:15, Chip time showed 30:18. Yep, I was that close to my first sub-30. I hadnt even really thought about that till the last turn when I looked at my watch and I thought "I might have this bitch" I kept on, I knew the PR was in the bag already. I turned it on too late though because well I thought I was closer to the Finish than I was therefore no sub:30. I knew I wasnt going to get it once again there was yet another turn (7 in all the whole race course) so I just ran that last bit as hard as I could. Considering the conditions and the turns, well you know... ;o) I am extremely proud of my effort; a big 5K PR and that close to sub 30.

I never walked a second, and just ran past the water stop both times. I felt great out there today. Really great. Wait, no REALLY REALLY great...I was ready to go again. I was ready to be one of those that runs after the run.

Mile 1: 9:19
Mile 2: 10:02
Mile 3: 9:58
.1: .56 (8:29 pace) :) :)

As I said if I had known where I was in that mile 3 (should have looked at mileage on Garmin again), I might have been able to get it...Theres always next time. I have already signed up for the Easter Bun Run here in downtown next Saturday but I dont think its chip timed, so I am thinking maybe I should head to Clear Lake for the Resurrection Run (which I believe is chip timed) instead to get that sub 30. I will make that decision later this week.

7 miles, maybe 10 on the schedule for tomorrow morning at Memorial.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Law Week 8K 2007

It always freaks me out a bit whenever I get someone who I dont know that says "Hey June! I read your blog!". That happened a few times today. More so than it ever has at one event/time. The first time was a guy and was while I was still out on the race route and just after we made the turn at Shephard. Hiya!!!

The second time was as I was about to cross the Finish line, and this time it was a girl. After she said Go June!! I turned to look to see who it was, not recognizing her, and she followed up with "I read your blog all the time!!" I just smiled and waved. I hope to see you at Bellaire next week!!!

And then the final time was a bit after it was all said and done and some of us were just hanging out. A special shout out to Mr. Rios :O) for giving me such compliments ... and it was very nice to meet you. And I am glad I was able to set your mind at ease :o)

So anyway it does in fact make me smile and I wish that I could meet more of you that happen along the way. I see the hits and where they are from and alot of them are from Houston, but I have no idea who you all are!! ;o)

It was definitely different conditions than last year. Last year was about 20 deg cooler and no humidity. Today we were socked with 70 deg and about 95% humidity. Last year I ran it in 56:05 and with the conditions and me not feeling 100% due to allergies I just didnt have a clue that I was going to be able to pull out a PR. Thank goodness for oxygen tanks and Altoids...thank you HSteve for that!! The Altoids definitely opened up my sinuses for at least the first 3 miles.

As usual I go out too fast even though HSteve says there is no such thing. First mile: 9:32. Something I had not counted on. Mile 2: 10:20. Not sure of the splits after that because my signal kept going in and out, but I averaged out at 10:51 per mile...I did feel confident enough that I had the Garmin set way high on intervals just in case...I had it set for 9/1's but as it turned out I only walked the 1 min once and for 30 sec on another time. The rest I saved for the water stops. All I kept hearing in my head was HSteve telling me to not be a wimp and dont slower .. ok, but dont walk. :o)

For a PR of 53:23 total race route. Last year was 56:05. I will take that.

And as usual I know I could have gotten sub 53 if I would have just stepped it up a time or two. Ugh I hate it when I dont freaking push myself. I know this mostly because after I crossed the Finish line, and Santos was there to take off my chip, I wasnt heavy breathing, I wasnt winded...Yeah I was soaking wet but hey, it was hot/humid out there this morning. So I know I had more in there to give. I think once I knew I had a decent PR that it was ok to just coast.


Anyway, Bellaire 5K next week, and we'll see how that goes. Another PR? Let's hope so. I sure hope for at least less humidity :o) We're gonna have to do alot better on my per mile pace next week for a decent PR although given my time in the first 3 miles this morning I think I should be a-ok.

Kudos to all the Striders that did so well out there this morning, and as usual its always good to see a bunch of friends! Of course John Yoder won 1st in his age group, and I know that DavidM, Andrew, HSteve, Pony...everyone did really well!!!

Now I am off to consume as many crawfish as I can in the span of a couple of hours at the MDA Benefit. And to answer the age-old question it seems everyone asks when it comes to crawfish: "Yes I do." ;o)