Sunday, July 5, 2009

First Duathlon

Official Times:
7th in AG
First 2 miles: 19:36.2 9:48/M
T:1 1:30.4 (I was 8th in my AG on this transtion; took way too long trying to make sure the camelback was working)
10 Mile Bike: 35:37.6 16.1avg pace
T:2 0:54.0 (I was 2nd on this transition... :)
Second 2 miles: 20:01.2 10:01/M
Total Time incl transitions: 1:17:39.6

I have to say that I am VERY happy with these times! I didnt think with the heat and the humidity, plus the fact that I felt the way I did on those last 2 miles, I just didnt think I had it in me to pull those times out...Seriously.

First Run: I didnt wear my Garmin so I had no idea what my pace was but I just kept it nice and easy, as I knew that with the added run before the bike, I wasnt sure what I was going to have at the end. I just basically got in a groove, watched my HR and kept it there. I hated the fact that part was through grass as they had just recently cut the grass and with the morning humidity it was just globbin up everywhere on you. When I made it to transition, I looked at my watch and saw 20 min...Guess I was off as they show me at 9:48per mile. As I was nearing the chip mat I pulled out a gel and began eating it...

Transition 1: I went straight to my bike and was glad it was open rack cause I got to pick a spot midway and on the end. I put the Camelback on and tried to see if it was working and I fiddled with it way longer than I should have. Tore off my patella bands and because of the time with the CB I opted to not try and put my biking gloves on with sweat pouring out of me and all down my arms. I would just deal with the slippery on the bike ride. took a swig of Accelerade and off I go....

Bike: No problems hopping on and heading out. It was an out and back and flat till you got to the turnaround at 5 miles and then it was just a small hill to problem.. I was passing people left and right on the bike and that helped my confidence. I had one or two pass me, one being Penny but I knew she was stronger than I am on the bike and fully expected her to catch me. She caught me just after the turnaround, somewhere in mile 6...I just kept thinking, you'll catch her on the run :) ... On the way back, there was a spot where it was all open and thats when I felt the headwind. On the way out I was going about 17-19 mph, but when I hit that, my speed fell to about 15mph...shit...Then after about 2 miles Im guessing when I hit the trees to the right, it was fine and I was able to recover back up to my original speed. I knew I couldnt go faster as I had that run coming up and I needed to save some in my tank. Then I saw the tents and such coming up on my right and I knew I was almost there...35 minutes for the 10 miles...I'll take it.

Transition 2: Wow. When I got close to the dismount line, some chick stopped in front of me and I had to stop about 20 ft away...and when I hopped off I almost felt like I was going to fall...legs were pudding...All I did was take off the camelback and took off the helmet. No time to put the patella bands back on. It was 2 miles need. 54secs..and 2nd in my AG in this transition. Me like that.

Run 2: Holy shit. I still cant believe my time came out to 10min miles. Seriously. I felt like I was BARELY moving. Especially the first half mile. I even walked the water station to make sure I got all the gatorade in me. 1 other time I took about 20 seconds to just let my legs recover. It really was hard throughout this 2 miles. I just kept thinking about the movie I watched last night about Fred Lebow and him running that NYC marathon pretty much on his death bed, and if he could run 26.2 miles in that condition, then by God I could freaking run as best I could in the condition I was in...I had NO idea what my pace was at all...At whatever point it was I knew I had a sub 1:20 in me...I could walk it in and do it...Secretly I had 1:15 as a goal, but I have no idea where that came from since I hadnt done one before...and when I knew it was gonna be in the 1:17 range I was especially elated. yeah not 1:15, but for the effort and how hard it was, I was very happy indeed.

As I was coming up to the Finish line I saw all my Strider buddies there cheering me on and Dixie and Evan!!! I could not believe I had done it and done it quite well in my opinion. After it was all said and done, I felt fine right after and actually still do...

So having said ALL of that...I signed up for Du the Bear in October....and am gonna swim some this week...I might, MIGHT...give that Tri a go in August in Clear Lake...