Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Trot - 5K

I don't like this race.  Its about 6000 people and mostly people who run twice a year.  This one and the Rodeo Run in February.  Its full of walkers, strollers, soccer moms, grandparents and gangs of high school kids.  But since this year the 5K was chip timed and I got a free entry, I decided to do it.

Glad I did.  I smashed my 5K PR.  Some say the course was short and thats fine...I have run many 5K's where the course was long and I always have to hear 'well it was the course and thats your time, for good or bad'.  Well if thats the case then if its a short course I say 'well it was the course and thats your time, for good or bad'.  My watch showed less than .1 short on the course, but again its all how you run the course; tangent or no tangent, weave or no weave.  Even if I had to run that extra...I still would have come in at about 26:30?  Still not shabby :o)....buuuuttt...I didnt have to and it is what it is...

Today there was no weaving whatsoever.  I knew better than to line up at my goal pace, and as much as I hate to do this, I lined up near the front where the 6 min mile sign was.  I knew looking around me that NONE of those people were running 6 min miles...

Once I went over the mat, I moved right over to the far right and fell into my stride.  I wasn't in anyones way thats for sure.

Just past the 1st mile marker, the 5K'ers split off from the 10K'ers, and my first mile came in at 8:39.  Right what I was hoping to do.  I knew that once I made the next turn I would be fighting a headwind but I also knew it wouldnt be for very long...Ran right past the water need for water on a 5K in these conditions (temp was about 48).  The headwind didnt bother me that much, but my split at mile 2 came in at 8:51 and this was due all in part to that I started to feel the lactic acid build up and I slowed a bit (but not wanting to post anything with a 9: in it), knowing that I wanted something left for the last mile, and of course the last 800m.

Once we made the turn onto San Felipe I knew I had a PR I just didnt know how much of one.  The last 5K I did on Halloween when I posted a 27:14 that never got recorded due to my chip not registering, well as they say if its not officially recorded it doesnt having said that, my PR for a 5K was 28:31...My hopes today were to go sub 27...I was trying to do the math in my head...I remember looking at my watch at 2.5 miles and thinking...oh.  wow.  We are so going to do this...

Last mile came in at 8:38... and then of course the change for the remainder.

Giving me an OFFICIAL (chip) time for the 5K of 25:55.  Watch showed 25:50 but at one point where we run under the tunnel for the Williams Tower I heard my watch beep and it showed Auto Pause as if I had stopped.  As I exited, it read Auto Resume.  So thats where the time difference is I suppose.

Since everyone is saying the course was short, then well I guess I have my work cut out for me at the next at least get that time...I wont have any more 5K's till the Spring though...

The thing that I am most proud of is that I did this during marathon training.  Where there is no training going on for short distances.  No 800m repeats, nothing like that.  Its all about the endurance training and hitting your training paces with some MPace in there from time to time.  I feel certain that once I hit Spring training, I should be closer to 25 or sub 25....thats the goal...

The other thing that I am most proud of is that looking a time where I ran 36 and 37 min 5K's...just a mere 3 years ago...taking 3 min off per mile is something that I, and I am sure others, dont take too lightly or without some semblance of respect for the effort.  And the training...

At least I like to think so.

Next up?  Las Vegas Rock and Roll Half Marathon.  Next Sunday. 

I smell another PR....

Monday, November 2, 2009

Raced on Saturday.


Huge PR (1 min 20 sec). Broke 28 min, almost broke 27. would have too if not for shoes coming untied TWICE...finally double the rocky 3/4 mile path in mile 3 around the race track. stupid.

dtag didnt register. still getting that worked out with timing company.

27:14. Good enough for FIRST in my age group.

Go figure. Even when they adjust the time and add me...i highly doubt the woman who got the bad ass plaque for 1st in our AG aint gonna give it back. woe is me.

48 miles this week. 19 on Sat or Sun coming up. Not sure what day i am actually going to do them. Run with KW on Saturday, or do the 25K. Gonna discuss with Sean tonight and see what he thinks.


Entered the lottery today for NYC marathon 2010.


And people...if you're going to talk the talk, run the run. Nothing makes me roll my eyes more than a person thats just plain ass lazy and really good at excuses.


Put up or shut up.