Monday, November 2, 2009

Raced on Saturday.


Huge PR (1 min 20 sec). Broke 28 min, almost broke 27. would have too if not for shoes coming untied TWICE...finally double the rocky 3/4 mile path in mile 3 around the race track. stupid.

dtag didnt register. still getting that worked out with timing company.

27:14. Good enough for FIRST in my age group.

Go figure. Even when they adjust the time and add me...i highly doubt the woman who got the bad ass plaque for 1st in our AG aint gonna give it back. woe is me.

48 miles this week. 19 on Sat or Sun coming up. Not sure what day i am actually going to do them. Run with KW on Saturday, or do the 25K. Gonna discuss with Sean tonight and see what he thinks.


Entered the lottery today for NYC marathon 2010.


And people...if you're going to talk the talk, run the run. Nothing makes me roll my eyes more than a person thats just plain ass lazy and really good at excuses.


Put up or shut up.


TX Runner Mom said...

1st place? You rock June! Sorry about the chip issue, that just plain sucks! I'm still debating about NYC...might just enter the lotto and see what happens.

Junie B said...

Christy do it!!! and yes sucks about the chip, but got email this morning and all is being worked out!!! so i will have my official time and my official first 1st place in my age group award!!!

Vic said...

I got all the way through to the last registration screen and was about to click confirm but that $180.00 was staring me down. Didn't think it was prudent as I just spent $3000 getting the house painted and now am strapped for cash. Maybe in a couple weeks.