Saturday, October 10, 2009

10 For Texas

First 10 mile race since 2007. Last year this race weekend I had a 22 miler to do... :)

2006: 1:55:xx
2007: 1:51:xx

This year?


Schweet! 13 min pr...

Avg pace: 9:47. Only 3 sec per mile off my goal marathon pace. I had to take a potty at the start of mile 3, then an untied shoe in mile 3 and still ended up with a 9:33 pace for that mile. I had to make up some time right?

Mile 5 had a wardrobe malfunction...HR strap kept sliding down (have lost weight)...and when i was adjusting it, it came undone and i had to run and try to get it clipped back in without flashing any boob. Hard to do I tell you... So mile 5 ended up being one of the miles over 10:00. Mile 1 was as well due to the Start traffic (10:07)

Very happy with my effort.

Perfect conditions as the cool front had come in on Friday, so we had 57 deg but still humidity and a mist the whole way. Perfect though. I was shooting for MP the 10 miles and wanted to definitely get under 1:40. Mission accomplished.


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Priscilla said...

Great job! I love that race and hated to miss this year. Sounds like you are on the path to Boston!