Saturday, February 23, 2008

Park to Park 5 Miler

The last time I ran an official 5 mile race was 2 years ago.

My time then? 62:10


50:07; Average pace was 10:01

Um, yeah, a 12 minute PR is one that I will definitely take!

Last March, in the Law Week 8K which is 4.9 miles my time was: 53:23

So again, a PR even off a distance that was less than today by over 3 minutes.

My goal was to go sub :50 and to just have that average at under 10. Of course my mindset right now is if I hadnt stopped for water at the 3 mile mark. But I can't think like that. The last 800m I thought about the 800m repeats this past Wednesday and drew off of that, but the kick that I did have at the end just wasn't enough.

But don't get me wrong, I am pleased as peaches that I did so well.

The mile markers were off up till mile 4; as at the 3 mile mark they called out a 27+ and thats when I knew for sure they were off by about 1/4 mile. When I hit the 4 mile mark it seemed only to be off by a 1/10, and when I stopped my watch it read EXACTLY 5.00. That never happens!

Here are the splits:

Mile 1: 9:58
Mile 2: 10:11
Mile 3: 10:31
Mile 4: 10:01
Mile 5: 9:23

Again, exactly what I wanted to do. Negative splits and have a strong 5th mile.

I can't ask for anything more than that!!

Next up: Rodeo Run 5K next Saturday.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

WTH? Extra Hill(s) AND a Long Course!? (Christophers Heart Run 5K)

Oh boy.

When I looked at the map for the race today, one would assume that once you went down and up the first hill of AP that you exited Waugh, went over and then back.

But nooooooooooooooo...

You went past Waugh, then down again, and about 1/2 way up the next hill, turn around and immediately go back up again. And then of course the other hill was looming.

Yesterday I started having crud in my chest, sneezing and just overall allergy crap I think. So last night I made the decision to do Theraflu and slathering Vicks all over me before tucking in for the night. It didnt seem to bother me much but I knew I had those meds in me. I ate 1/2 orange and had Gatorade before leaving the house and running the 1.2 to the Start. It was much warmer this morning (61) than it was supposed to be (50ish), but I didnt feel much humidity.

For the first time ever I think I ran my first mile in what I wanted to: 9:38 instead of something stupid like -9:20. I knew I had to do it to make sure I could take those hills without too much problem. I havent been hill training and I knew I might have some issues.

But honestly I really didnt. Yeah they slowed me down a bit (especially the last one), but I was alright.

It wasnt till just past the end of the 2 mile mark (this is where the course was long) where I started losing a bit of steam, but I kept finding bits of steam here and there. I knew all along it wasnt a PR day/course but I certainly didnt want to crater. I have to say that this was probably my best 2nd mile ever in a 5K, at least in the way that I felt during it, hills and all.

I had no kick left at the end, but I know I was remaining steady on my pace there at the end which was all I could hope for. I do have to give some credit where credit is due as I had some extra 'encouragement' during the last 1/2 mile or so. Thank you for that.

According to all the heavy hitters, the course was 3.2 or more (I found this out in the last mile), and I decided then to stop my watch at the 3.1 for a 30:53 (sure enough the 3.1 was at the 3 mile marker).

Thats just over what I ran the Texas Med 5K in and that bitch was flat. Plus its just over what I ran my 3 mile time trial at the other day. And I felt ALOT better today than I did that day at the Med Center 5K.

The race was not chip timed, but they did scan your bib, but since the scanner was a good ways past the Finish, I dont like that at all, but whatever. And if stopped running at the Finish, which I did, and walk to the scanner...well that adds to your time.

You know that shit ain't bad (for me) considering the course. I sure as hell will take it. Extra hills and all.

Oh and to the girl that so cheated and turned around somewhere in between the first 2 hills, you suck :o). But I still passed you twice and beat you by about 3-4 minutes. So there.

Instead of doing the bayou (I had had enough of hills for today)...I ran long through downtown adding another 2 miles on, before arriving home giving me 10K for the day.

One thing more...this is an infant race, and they really have a great after race spread for such a small group (about 200 runners maybe)...too bad I had more running to do, or my face might have been in that pizza and fajitas). I will definitely do this one every year.

I've got 3 weeks before the Rodeo Run; this is where I hope to PR. Of course I will also be hoping for that ever elusive sub 30.