Friday, April 30, 2010

Last Day to 'Rest'

Tomorrow begins Run Every Day in May. 

Today is my usual rest day, with only 10 miles on the schedule tomorrow and the fact that I feel like a big, huge, ginormous, monstrous cow, I should run today. 

But since I will be running for the next 31 days methinks I better enjoy this last bit of 'rest'.

What I might do is run 12 miles tomorrow instead of just 10. 

Might as well.

Fun FridayTidbits

I know I missed last week, but honestly Friday had me really, really tired :)

So some of these honestly are from last week; there wasn't much to add to this week...Celebs and 'tantes must either be taking an 'easy' week, or they're somehow avoiding the 'razzi...Even these are just kinda 'eh'...Sorry, maybe next week they will be better!!!

Fergie, my girl!  Looks like she's takin' a little walky walk (usually a runner), but she's pimpin' out her new perfume...What do you think about actresses all doing their own 'scents'?

Even actors are diggin' Vibram Five Fingers....Do you think you would ever run in these?  Not me.

My girl-wife took a lot of flack for some comments she made this week about birthin' babies...Come on Jillian you know its not really because you dont want to put your body through 'all that' just dont want to have sex with a man!  right??  ;o)  ;o)   I took offense to so many people getting all up in arms over this...I thought we had free speech here...oh yeah...I guess with free speech, if you're gonna put it out there, you have to deal with the opinions (free speech) of others...

And what can I say...another girl crush...where do you think I got Naked Sunday from to begin with?  Thank goodness the girl still does it after husband and baby made 3...Lovin' the new music...excited for new album to drop.

Ultimate cougar-esque SATC 50+ maneater, Kim talks about having to put on weight for a role...thankfully she talked them down in the actual number she needed to gain...What SATC star would you say YOU are?  I am like a cross between Samantha and Carrie...Ok maybe a bit of Charlotte...If I had to choose which body I would want, it would definitely be Carrie's...You?

And this video is just for Amber...Kind of reminds you of that girl we saw that one day running around Memorial right????  LMAO!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Again, with KW on hiatus this week, I had no 'scheduled' workout, but of course just to run.  And not going to PIM tonight either...well there wouldn't be a 10 mile Wednesday thats for certain!

I contemplated my strategy (route) on the drive home, knowing I needed at least 6 miles for the day...and yeah, I was not really feeling the usual 6 mile route.  Sometimes that 3 mile loop around Rice can seem like a drain...I just prefer to run on pavement.  Rice is better than Memorial surface wise, but still.

So being that it was so hot out and the sun beating down on top of it, I devised my plan.  Run to Rice and back (3 miles), stop back at the casa for some water (which I sat outside on the patio so as not to go inside the nice cool AC'd house)..Then take off back down W. Alabama, run to W. Gray, past Hazard, then flip and come back up Hazard ending up right where I started!  Close to 6 miles.  Perfect.

Sometimes I like all the turns because it gives me 'goals' that seem smaller and do-able on days when you need that extra oomph to get you where you need to be...So I liked the idea of todays route and it indeed worked out to be great. 

I had a little bit of an 'issue' when I had to stop to answer questions my Garmin decided to ask me about 1/2 mile in ... and wasnt keeping time/pace ... I didnt think much of it at the time, but stopping where I did wasnt the smartest thing to do...That intersection/portion of Hazard has some unseemly characters loitering around sometimes...Lesson learned.  Keep running to a spot where you feel safe and comfortable. 

On the way back from Rice, I knew I didnt want to run right back by there so I veered off and headed East a bit and then ran up another street, adding on about 1/2 mile, but all in the name of feeling 'safer'...

The run was better than Mondays, and I chalk that up to the fact that well, over the weekend I might not have eaten quite as much/often as I should have, and by Monday my body needed nutrition and my run was affected by it.


Watched a DVD last night at a friends house...Running on the Sun...a documentary shot during what I think was the 1999 Badwater 135.  I dont care who, what, how, where or why...but that is one race that I have NEVER EVER EVER aspired to do...I would be one of those people that would die out there (or would certainly need an IV, which of course when that happens you get disqualified...yeah only the need for an IV will disqualify you)...crazy ass people.  Great documentary though (just dont look at the parts where they show the peoples feet)...running through the desert in 120deg/blowing winds/weird rainstorms for 30+ hours doesnt bode well for those that like their feet to be 'cute' or 'nice'...I will try and draw off their determination when I have to train for Chicago in the heat/humidity of a SE Texas summer...Bet I still bitch about it though... :O)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

3 miles on the treadmill.
1 hour on weights.
1 mile on the treadmill.

Man, I knew I was going to be sore this morning, but my shoulders are KILLING me!  Argh, hurts so good!

Got some good sleep last night and thankfully feel like much better than yesterday.

Went to see momma last night...she is too funny.  Was a good visit.  New 'hope to be back at home' date is the weekend of Mothers Day.  That would be wonderful!


And because I love everything that is Carrie Bradshaw (and I AM channeling her today with the cutest new 'what Carrie would wear' shoes and dress!), I give you what I have been waiting for!  The new book by Candace Bushnell that chronicles Carrie BEFORE she went to NYC!!  The prequel!!!

I haven't gotten the book yet, it just came out yesterday...and I didnt pre-order...I must have it though!
When I will make the time to go by the book store is a question yet to be answered!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Know...I Know...I'm a Bitch, Insensitive..Blah Blah Blah...

Jackie Warner, another girl crush of mine...Has come out with a new book called "This is Why You're Fat".
Harsh title right?  Insensitive maybe?
You call drug addicts dopeheads among other things...same goes for people who abuse alcohol...people are not allowed to smoke in restaurants and dont OVER SERVE someone who has had too much to drink do you???
Why is the word 'fat' supposedly off limits?  So why are overweight people OVER SERVED?
Anyway, I dont know much about the book other than its a no nonsense in your face kind of book.  And I have followed JW for some time, and although she is NOT my girl-wife fantasy, Jillian Michaels, she is up there..

I wonder if Jackie knew about this new little 'creation' being touted on the airwaves, television sets and marketing ploys all over America right now...

However, if I had to add something to the DoubleDown idiocricy of KFC fame lately, iHop took it to the next level....Because a stack of pancakes is not indulgent enough, lets put some crustless cheesecake between those babies!!!!  I almost died when I saw this new ad...oh and because you want your moneys worth, it coms with 2 eggs, meat, potatoes, grits or hash browns AND your choice of toast...what is in that picture below, completely honest enough food for me for FOUR breakfasts...and I would be scraping that cheesecake crap off...along with the whip cream AND the sugar infused glazed lets make good for you strawberries BAD for you strawberries...

One of my friends on Facebook said "every one has to have a vice, I am glad mine is running" know what, I think thats true...however eating yourself into oblivion and only getting fatter is pure selfishness and quite honestly...suicide.

**and yes I am a believer that if you dont monitor your childs HEALTH by encouraging fresh foods and normal portions, you are commiting child abuse, just as if you were slapping them across the face.

Monday, April 26, 2010

No Hill Monday

Hiatus week for Kenyan Way and I took full advantage of it...just running from home right after work, and doing 6 miles on my regular 'hood route.

Very warm out today; close to 90 already.  I had HR issues right from the start which was weird (so I know it wasnt the heat), but it happens sometimes.  This made me have to slow down a time or two to get it back down as I felt nauseous a time or two because of it.

I didnt have my HR monitor* on (need a new strap), but I know well enough after training so much with it last summer/year in prep for Houston Marathon...

Tomorrow is treadmill/weights with my trainer...Then off to see Mom for a bit afterwards.  She didnt get to go home afterall...not sure when either but she did have a good weekend, and PT seems to be going ok again...

*(I ran with the Garmin but never put it on the cradle to see splits/average pace)

Run Every Day In May is Coming!

Yep, thats right.

My self imposed challenge for May is to run every single day (I needed something after the Lent=vegetarian thing). 

If you read my blog or know me at all, you probably have figured out I don't run on Fridays (99%) (day before long run) of the time, and I don't usually run on Sundays (50%) (day after long run).  In the Summer months, I tend to bike and/or swim on Sundays.

But starting this coming Saturday, I shall run every single day.  Even if its just 1 mile.  :O) 

I.  Shall.  Run.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

KW Long Run

The storms were all gone by this morning, and we were just left with some yukky blech humidity.  By the time the sun starting rising though all the clouds had burned off and the humidity started to lift and it actually became cooler!

I must have been totally out of it this morning, as not only did I forget to take S caps before I left (I did have 2 in my little pack so I took those at the first water stop), I walked out the door and drove to base without my Garmin.  Once I realized I didnt have it, I started to drive back home (its only a couple of miles) but I needed to run a mile before the group start as the route was just at 11 miles long.  So I just said to heck with it.

Did my 1 mile and then Amber and I started with the 4:15 group as usual, and I know for a fact that those first 6 miles through the Heights were done fast.  Without my watch though (and Amber didnt bring hers either, thinking I would have mine), I dont know how fast, and it is that reason that we probably did as I couldnt slow myself down knowing just how fast :)

Once back to base after the first 6, I had to 'go'...then once we started towards the bayou, I had to 'go' again and there was NO WAY I was going to make 5 more miles with no porta stop.  So back to base, take care of that and we were on our way.  We intended to just run the ups on the AP side, but somehow we forgot...right up to the part where we were going up a hill.  After that we stayed up top, but on the back side you dont have that option.  The last mile man I was just done!  I took a quick walk and then finished...

It was a great 12 miles and I know that Amber and I both fed off of each other this morning, as periodically around the bayou we each had our 'struggles'...

I feel really good about all the miles lately, especially when I run long, that things seem so good.  Even my plantar is behaving itself!  I attribute that to the frozen water bottle rolling I do from time to time and the stretching before and after running of that area that makes plantar occur in the first place.

Rest day tomorrow!!!  Next week is KW hiatus before the Summer program and the Fall Marathon training program starts.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

'Hoods over Hos :o)

I chose the 'hood for my run tonight.

The Ho would be 4 miles of pure torture (trail running at its best here in Houston!) and after the past 3 days of running, especially yesterdays, I needed a nice easy run.  And a long run coming up on Saturday where I have to keep up with the youngin's :)

I was beat up this morning when I got out of bed and was creaky all day, so I was worried how much any run was going to suck.


Didn't suck at all.  Well, except the humidity/warm temps.  Might as well quit talking about that...not gonna change till October; only get worse.  Soon warm will be replaced with hot as Hades (and then some).

Ah yes, tomorrow is Friday.  My do nothing day.  Yay!

Running Towards 2012 - Are We There Yet?

If you know me at all, you know that I am a freak when it comes to documentaries and if the documentary happens to be about running, marathons, ultra marathons, running the Sahara, Tarahumara, or any man or woman that has overcame struggles etc., or has a life story about their love and success (and sometimes failures) with running...therefore I am always on the look out for something I may have overlooked and not seen...This morning, on Facebook I got an update from USA Track and Field on a new one that is currently being filmed as 4 women runners seek to qualify for the 2012 Olympic Trials.
These 2012 Olympic Trials which will be right here in my hometown of Houston, Texas.
I simply CANNOT wait till this day...
And I cannot wait for the film to come out!!

Here is the first trailer for the film

"Running Towards 2012: Are We There Yet?" - Trailer 1 from WendyCity Productions on Vimeo.

Here is the official website for the Production Company, WendyCity Productions
And another link about the film where I suspect more trailers will be out periodically

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

KW Speed and PIM

3 miles (easy loop of the park)
3 miles of 30/30's.  This means 30sec fast/30sec med.  For me, and a lot of others it means 'poles'.  I dont use my watch for 30/30's, so I do 2 light poles fast (about 200m) 2 light poles med/easy (also 200m)  :)

Stopped and chatted with a few at KW base, and then finished up and waited for PIM to start.

My group had 4 miles on the schedule.  If you remember, up till now, they havent been able to run more than a mile and 1/2 without needing a 'pole' break :) ... but tonight?  oh yeah...they ran the first 3 miles without stopping!!  And I wasnt running all that slow (by their standards)...I heard Casey huffing and puffing a bit, but she held on.  They did a small break when I had to stop and 'go' about 2 miles in... They couldnt run the full 4 but thats ok!  Huge progress for them!  They are so darn sweet!  After we were done, they were like "so June, what are we going to do when we're done?"  I said "what do you mean, like after PIM is over?" And they said "yeah."  I said weeeellll...if you want, I will meet up with you 1-2 times a week if you want and run 3-4 with you...lets get on email and we'll work it out!  Best compliment ever!

I have to say though I couldnt get out of there fast enough...I was tired and about ready to just pass out from the blood sugar drop!  I have to say I never thought I would be running 9-10 miles for a mid-week run!  Awesome!

Now I get to open up the fat package that was on my doorstep when I got home!  New clothes!

Oh and thanks to Anonymous being a smart ass on the last entry, I have taken off the ability to post anonymously...not that my Statcounter doesnt give away the identity, or at least a portion of it...sometimes I wish my blog link wasnt on the HARRA website ;)

More Febreze Please! (aka Clearing the Air Part Deux)

This is the last time (I think) that I will defend myself as it pertains to anything I may post on Facebook.

One thing that boggles my mind is why on earth, if I post a status, that is my opinion about something, or a thought about something, why that becomes a topic for anyone to question said opinion or statement?  The last time it was about my STATEMENT about 2 lbs not moving off the scale...and now this too?  I wish I could say its been the only 2 times, but it hasn't...there have been others...
I am usually very clear when that is expected.  Its usually followed with:  Discuss.  (or)  Thoughts?  (and I have NEVER used either of those words in a FB status)...  Anything else, a comment is fine; I love comments.  Love love love them!  Sometimes I am just floored at a status that I might write that causes so much 'debate'?  Here is what I wrote yesterday:
...I know its early but if an American (male) could fiiinally win Boston again I am pretty certain that I am gonna scream out loud in the office...
After a few comments I responded with this:
Unless Meb can hang....I knew Hall couldn't...he hasn't been able to...
Oh Lord have mercy...I got not only more than just a few comments about that, but even today I received an email from someone stating yet again, about my Ryan bashing?  WTF?

Lets make one thing perfectly clear.  I have never, will never, bash Ryan Hall.  I like Ryan Hall...I rooted for him many times in his first marathon appearances...And then well, I still root for him, but unlike so many, I, at this particular time, do not believe he has the maturity/skill to win a major.  Yes I think he will.  Eventually.  He is one of our best shots at it...Meb finally did it back in November and I so wanted him (Meb) to win Boston...

Someone pointed out that Ryan ran 2010 Boston faster than any American ever had, and by the time he posted he would have won every BM with the exception of 8 of them.  Not that I want the answer here in comments, but I am certain most of those would have been a long time ago, maybe a few here or there recently.  And regardless of that...

Yes he ran it faster than any American ever has, but guess what?

It wasn't, and it ain't fast enough.

And there really isnt any notierity in that either...nor is there a place on the podium for you...nor do you get a check for your efforts...No course record...No PR...You ran faster than any other American ever has...well I certainly hope so!  We need to be getting faster otherwise we will not win another major marathon again...unless we DO get faster...and smarter...He made the same mistakes he did last year at Boston...

Anyway, this post is not about Ryan Hall and his abilities either...We all know he's awesome.  So dont go posting comments or sending me hate mail that I am a Ryan Hall basher.  :o) 

He just wasn't awesome enough on Monday.

Heck I know he's commited to running Chicago in October as well, so I think what I will do is send him a little email to see if he wants to hang out while we're best friends or something...and judging by the fact that at least Meb, is running NYC instead, (not sure on any of the tried and true International elites), Ryan has a good chance maybe in Chi Town...we'll see once the elite field is announced...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2 miles: treadmill
1 hour on weights
2 miles: treadmill

I took it easy today, knowing that I have 10 miles to do tomorrow...I did add some weight to some reps today, specifically on shoulders...I am not seeing an increase in definition there and I want more!  :)

Abs will be done while watching Biggest Loser.  I am opting not to go to the center tonight to see Mom.  Oh and by the way, she gets to go home on Saturday!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

KW Hills (or Not)

Earlier in the day today, I decided that I would rather a) run right after work instead of waiting till 6:15 and b) I wanted to run a nice flat, fast route...Again since I am smack dab in the middle of end of Spring training and upcoming marathon training, just running for running sake is what suits me best right now.  While hill work will make me faster...Chicago is flat anyway...I think hill work only really makes a big difference in either training for a hilly course, or for short distances...

Right now I want more mileage and faster miles...THAT I think is what will help me more come October...

It was cooler today, overcast but very humid...
Mile 1: 10:01
Mile 2: 9:54
Mile 3: 9:50
Mile 4: 9:51
Mile 5: 9:40
Mile 6: 9:29

Just what the doctor ordered.  I felt like I could run forever today.  Must have been the great day of rest yesterday, a bit less stress as far as Mom is concerned (more on that later) and some ample eats today (all good for me though)...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

KW Long Run (and Sunday misc)

Whew, Summer is already here :)  Soooo humid for our long run...only going to get worse.

At run time it was 68 deg with 89% humidity.  Yukky!

I wasn't exactly sure how the long run was going to turn out, but then again you never really do right?  I had went out to dinner on Friday night, eating later than I like, but thankfully Date wanted Italian, so veggie pizza for me.  Not that I dont like meat on pizza anymore, its just that the last 3 races I have done, I had veggie pizza the day before and it always bode well in the results :) ... Plus I knew any pasta with sauce would be no bueno.  One of the things that eventually happens to a runner is you eventually know your body for the most part and won't bode well the next day.  I only ate 2 small pieces of a small pizza (which by the way was huge to me; enough that I had 2 more meals off of it since Friday night).  I figured the only bad thing about it would be that I ate 'late' (I do not like to eat past 7 the night before a long run or race)

Met with A and M and off we went.  Ran with the 4:15 group, with me thinking, ok start with this and see what happens.  Well within the first mile I had to 'go'.  There was a porta potty on Blossom where some construction was going TP.  Then at the park, 1st porta potty; some dude was in there, and we waited maybe 30 sec.  Nope, move along...Finally at the TC I was able to go.  Megan said so...are we just gonna sprint from bathroom to bathroom? ha!  Pretty much what we did.  After that I felt SO much better and we went on our way.  We were truckin' along, every once in a while, one of us realizing we were going a bit too fast and we backed off.  I was golden till somewhere in mile 9 and it started to catch up with.  Looking back on it now I should have taken a gel.  I dont eat before a long run...I was losing a lot through sweat and even though I had taken a couple of SCaps (before I started and at the 2nd water stop), I should have known to be proactive with that gel.  Plus this is where we hit MP on the way back and that surface most of the time just makes me work harder (to push off and maintain speed)...therefore I tire.  I let the girls go ahead of me, took a small walk break and started again.  I knew the last 3 miles they were going to push the pace and I was perfectly content with how fast I was going.  I wanted to save something for the last mile.  They were maybe a min ahead of me and I never lost sight of them.  Caught up to them at the last water stop and homeward we went.

Man what a HOT SWEATY mess I was at the end...but I felt REALLY good about the effort in the conditions.  I hope I can keep up this as training pace through the REAL Summer months training for Chicago.  If I can, goal race pace in Chicago should be a go!  :o)

Mile 1: 10:30
Mile 2: 10:15
Mile 3: 10:07
Mile 4: 10:08
Mile 5: 10:13
Mile 6: 10:20
Mile 7: 10:17
Mile 8: 10:09
Mile 9: No data
Mile 10: 10:37 (this was where I had just really struggled to get out of the park; and once I hit pavement again, I was fine)
Mile 11: 10:04
Mile 12:  9:32
Average Pace: 10:14

Next Saturday is the last long run of this KW session, and the schedule only shows 9 miles, but since I had a short run because of the Bellaire Trolley run, I am going to go probably 12 miles again and do a shorter one the KW hiatus weekend.  Looking forward to the time AFTER next weeks long run...more blond going in on the do!!


Good week of running/training on tap this week:  KW Hills, Easy Run/Weights, KW Speed/PIM, Trail Running at Ho Chi Minh, and then long run on Saturday.


This morning I woke up around 6:45ish, got up, drank some water, and laid back in the thing I know it was 9am!  Wow!  I was up till almost midnight, but still I usually can never sleep that late...must have been because it was so cloudy out this morning, my room was nice and yummy...

Even though the morning was stormy, I got out and had my nails and toes done, grocery shopping and have successfully made enough food for the entire week of lunch and dinners!  I am ready!  No straying should be a necessity this week!  The sun finally came out and so I did actually manage some sunshine time by the pool as well...been a great day...I actually feel like going to run right now, but I am just going to get some more much needed relax/non sweaty time in before the work week starts!  I am also kinda thinking it would be nice to go sit at the upstairs bar area of CAdobe and enjoy a glass of something...the day has turned out to be very nice afterall!  hmmm...

Tomorrow is the Boston Marathon!  I have the DVR set to record it live (Universal Sports Network)!  Doubtful I will watch tomorrow night, but I will be listening to it/catching a glimpse while at work...

Friday, April 16, 2010

No TdeB ...

I opted out of TdB last night...I went home, and proceeded to fall asleep on the couch till 6:30...Then I got up, did some things around the casa...I definitely wont miss the next 2 because they are being ran on the Ho Chi Minh trails and I like running through the woods :)

Watched Survivor and did do 200 crunches though.  At least the abs got a workout.  :o)

That was the extent of my 'work out' for the day. 

Then I went to bed at 9pm and slept straight through to the alarm at 5:30am this morning.

Me thinks I must have needed the sleep...

Tonight I am breaking a little rule by actually going out (on a date) the night before a long run.  Its not like drinking and dancing will be involved so hopefully I will be no worse for wear tomorrow morning when we take off at 6am.  : /   12 miles on tap...been 2 weeks since I've done that distance...hopefully it will turn out ok.  The weather is going to make it sorta kinda miserable...


To all my friends riding the MS150 this weekend from Houston to Austin, GOOD LUCK!!

And to those of my friends running the Boston Marathon on Monday, 'may your feet always be swift'...Go get em 'Date', Kylie and Geoff!!!  I hope you all get PR's and get the time you are aiming for!!!  I will be listening online while DVR'ing it at home for viewing later!!!

Fun Friday Tidbits

Its that time of the week again!  A lot of goings on in the celeb world this week as it pertains to food, diet and exercise!

So without further adieu...
  • I dont know if any of you know who Katie Price is ;o) ... but apparently she was going to run the London Marathon for charity and now isn't...I would never suspect it was because of possible pregnancy, but more like...'I cant because I .. well I cant ...'  I am pretty certain she wouldnt make it farther than um...maybe 6 miles...just sayin'...
  • Dammit!  Just when I am working on getting my first SIX pack, now you tell me you're supposed to get an EIGHT pack...sigh...who decides these things?!?!  :)
  • Personally I don't see what all the fuss is about Mario, and now that I read this, it just confirms to me that hes a douchebag..For Gods sake man, the woman is pregnant!!
  • These stories always make me laugh...Jessica just has a fat woman in her just waiting to come out...girlfriend just can't stay away from the Southern food me thinks...well at least shes like most women, and when she gets fat, a good portion goes to the boob area...I pretty much have no boobs anymore since my weight loss, and while I have considered gettin' me some, I keep putting it off..besides I would look like an idiot.  Really thin people with fake boobs (to me) look deformed.  Case in point...can you look any more plastic???   10 plastic surgery procedures (at once!), 1 of which was boobs on top of her already fake boobs...Why do men like this???  And why do we let it make us think we need to look like this (or at least similar) for men to love us?
  • An ah yes, yet another look at how 'awesome' magazines and such go to such lengths to give us the body image issues some may have...Why Britney, you ARE human...cellulite and some fat actually exist on your body...not that the photog's dont give us enough real life pictures to confirm that almost daily...Where can I find an airbrush guy to make me thinner and smoother???  Oh and to give me some boobage of my own :)
  • And yet another celeb couple doing the exercise thing together....everyone say awwwwwwwwwwwwwww....
  • Someone needs to tell girlfriend Mischa to look in a mirror before she goes out in public...shes packed on the pounds lately and the paps arent letting her forget it either...or us...
  • And if the pics of her in those pants...lookin' all fly and shit (not) get the ex saying what a fat cow you the fattest person on the planet.  Ouch.  (the before and after pic tells the tale if you ask me)...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Who Are You and What Have You Done with SW?

Wednesdays are so long.

Work all day, then to the park for my workout; a bit of a time off then I coach the PIMsters.  This equates to 9 miles on Wednesdays and not getting home till almost 8pm.  Wears my ass out.  :)

Got to the park and did an easy loop, I actually did 'poles' running harder for 4, recover for 1.  I stopped off at KW base to chat with Coach SW.  Earlier in the day I had had an email conversation that pretty much was this:

If I am done racing for the season, then why do speed?

Answer:  Are you kidding me?  Do what your KW bumper sticker says.***


So I asked Coach the same thing:  Hey since I am done racing, I dont really need to do speed do I?

Now what I was expecting to hear was:  STFU and go run your 800's.
Instead what I heard was:  Yeah, just run easy for a couple of weeks.  You got a long summer ahead of you for Chicago.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?  Who ARE you?  LOL.

So I am like all happy and shit, thinking ha ha ha! I dont have to do my 800's; I can just do another easy loop before PIM.

What do YOU think I did?

800's.  LMAO.

I thought oh HELL arent going to play head games with me mister... :)

Now granted I ran them easier than what the schedule said, and I only did 5 instead of 6, but still.  I didnt have the Garmin on at that point, but ran by 'feel', and I probably was running them about at 8:30-8:40 pace.

Good enough. 

Ran back to PIM start and had a bit of time to chat with some folks before starting.

The girls did GREAT today.  Ran 1.5 miles straight before they needed a break and I had already told them, when you want to walk, you get ONE pole, so make it count.  And they did.

Then we stopped counting poles and just ran till they needed that 'pole' break.  They ran almost the whole way...only walking maybe 3-4 times for those 100m.  So proud of them.  I kept them going as there were some PIMsters coming up from behind and I was like:  Dont let them beat you!!!

It worked.

I just heart those 2 girls...they really are excited and so proud of themselves when its all said and done.  And they committed to me that they will indeed be doing the Cinco de Mayo 5K, so that makes me really happy!  They are going to do great!

Now that I have shoved dinner into my piehole ;), its time for abs...sigh.


***bumper sticker says: Shut Up and Train

FrankenFood (also known to me as a Fatty Melt)...

Fried chicken, filled with dead pig and cow juice.
If I ever find out any one I know eats this, I will disown you.

40 min treadmill
Upper body weights for 50 min

Tuesdays are so rushed right now because its the night I go to visit Mom, so I have to be quick and down and dirty...

I pushed it on the treadmill tonight, and also on the weights.

I increased the weight and lowered the reps, but kept the sets at 3-4 depending on the exercise.  Actually thats not accurate because what I did for most of the cycle was this:
  • I would do a set of 8 reps at the higher weight
  • 25 jumping jacks
  • Another set of 8
  • Rest for 1 min
Repeat 2-3 more times, again depending.  We mostly focus on back, bi's and tri's on Tuesdays, but I added 1 for shoulders as well.   By the time I got home from visiting Mom, I was just too beat to do abs.  Will make up for it tonight ... or maybe not since I just remembered what I have on tap tonight...

I woke up this morning definitely FEELING the difference...I can only imagine what its going to feel like as the day goes on...

And tonight is 9 miles, including 6x800m thrown in there for some speed...I am just hoping that the little changes I make might make a difference on the scale.

I am debating on the 3rd stage of Tour de Bayou tomorrow night...its a tough course and about 4.5 miles...I am thinking I need to not do it because of a) Another day in the gym this week seems important and b) because I will need my legs for Saturdays 12 miles...


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oh hell yes I am!!!
Monday, July 26th!!!

Woo to the hoo for BG having the hook up for pre-sale for the 2nd show!
First show sold out so dang fast neither of us were able to get tickets...
We were scared the same thing would happen this coming Friday, but now we don't have to worry about it!

I am just as crazy about GaGa as I am for Pink...
This show is gonna rock!!

Clearing the Air

Yesterday I took quite a beating on my Facebook status when I mentioned the stubborn 2 lbs saga...

So in case anyone might think the same way about my 'dilemma'; let me enlighten you...

I am not, not now, not before and not in the future will be losing this weight for vanity reasons...I am PERFECTLY content (I will admit I had some body image issues before..) with my naked self, and what I see in the mirror every single morning and beyond that, that I stand before it...I am all about naked, be certain of that...and those of you who see me regularly know that I have no issue with wearing running attire that most women cringe at.  I don't like hot weather, and when it gets warm around here, I am shedding clothes...

So for those of you who may, and I said 'may' be thinking, oooh she's focusing on the number and not the overall health, or oooh she's doing this for the wrong reason...she might have a problem...or maybe you think...oooh I see a potential for eating disorder...just stop it.

The single reason I am adamant about a number is simple:  Its about how much weight I have to lug across 26.2 miles for however long it takes me to qualify for Boston; which who knows it could take me 4 freaking more years...but thats another story for another day...

The lower that number is on the scale (within reason for Gods sake), the easier it is for me to be 'faster'...To work out and cross train...that just makes me stronger as well, which is indeed important come race day.

I do not, I repeat, do not, have natural talent...I dont have the lung capacity of some athletes in this sport, nor do I have the gift of speed or anything else for that matter.  There are things I just dont have control over...

All I have is my heart. 

And I do have control over what I put into my body, and how much...and I know what it needs to function (well) thank you very much...

And if I have to lose lbs to up my chances, then that is what I will do.  And while I am at it, don't even think that the last 2 lbs will be the last of it...I know what number I need to be at, and its further away than 2 lbs...

You're either for me or against me...if you have opinions that are negative, then please keep them to yourselves or talk amongst yourselves about my 'problem'...Just don't do it where I am going to find out about it...

Monday, April 12, 2010

KW Hills

Not to much to report.

1.5 miles warm up
4x1000m repeats (2 ups/1 down)
1min walk in between
1 mile cool down

Tough for me today;  hamstrings were tight.  I did what I had to do and thats about it :) 

Time for abs.  :(

The Time Since Lent...Am I a Vegetarian Now???

So its just been over 7 days now since Lent, and I wonder if anyone is wondering how that went, if it went, is it still going???  Or possibly no one cares.  Oh well, I am going to tell you anyway.

I went 46 days without meat (or seafood) and while I never ate a lot to begin with, I could have it if I wanted it, and I more or less stayed to turkey, ground or otherwise, fish and sometimes chicken.  Sometimes beef came into play but mostly while in social situations be it a date, a running social event or out with friends.

Easter morning I got up and put 3 thin slices of turkey on my egg white fakemcmuffin at home.  Then at lunch I had about 4 oz of link sausage (bbq (no sauce though) at hospital with mom).

On Monday morning, I felt 'off' and guess what?  No bathroom.  Stupid meat.

From Tuesday to Friday, I managed to eat 2 boneless chicken breasts, usually sliced thin (never a whole one at once; too big!) and never more than one serving of meat per day.   Thats it. 

I did buy some chicken salad from WFM and put a tiny smidge of it on a sandwich thin for my lunch today along with sliced avocado and sprouts...I love WFM chicken salad...what can I say?

Obviously eliminating meat for that time was for the most part (90%) easy as pie.  And to be honest as much as I might have kidded around about eating a whole cow or something...I havent even had beef, nor do I want least not right now.  After that first day I knew that my WOE had completely taken a change in direction.  I feel so so so so much lighter without all that in my just makes me feel gross...and I see, 'fresher' might be the applicable word maybe...

And for new readers, and I know you're out average diet consists of:
  • fruit
  • vegetables
  • whole grains
  • non-meat alternatives (like Boca/Morningstar etc)
  • ground turkey
  • fish/seafood
  • eggs/dairy
  • 'green monsters'!  I no longer use yogurt to make these but instead Silk/Almond Breeze, and adding so much spinach it kind of freaks me out how much sometimes!!!
I RARELY eat pasta, even the whole grain kind.  If I had to guess it would be that I would say I eat pasta 3 times a month?  If that.

I guess I can officially say that I have indeed become an 'flexitarian' vegetarian, which is what I figured would come of the experiment anyway.  My body craves fresh veggies, beans, fruits...I mean a craving for something do deep within, it sometimes takes over!  Hey that reminds me of something else...but I digress ;o)

If anyone is the least bit interested in maybe even just cutting back on the meat in their eating lifestyle, here is an excellent read for you!

7 Steps to Eating Less Meat Now
Mondays are weigh in day.  I pick Mondays as its the only day (other than Saturday) where I don't do any workouts of any kind the day before.  This allows all the gunk to 'settle' and get a more accurate reading.  The number seems to be higher whenever I weigh after a long run, a hard hill/speed workout or a tough day at the gym and someone told me I needed to weigh only on the days I mentioned.

So there is that.

I am still sitting at 11 lbs lost total.  It was up a lb last week, but back down this morning.  Does that mean I lost a lb?  I dont look at it that way.

I am still looking for those last 2 lbs to be subtracted off the number.  Why isn't it happening?  I had an 'easy' week last week, so with added mileage and going to up the intensity on the workouts with the trainer (plus 2 hill workouts this week), maybe I can actually see what I consider to be a 'true' loss next week...

I am by no means discouraged by the progess I have made, but I guess you could say I am being a slave to the scale; letting a number define me, whatever you want to call it.  I havent been the weight I am today in a very long time to be honest, so I am ahead of the game...but still...Even yesterday, a couple of people who have not seen me in a while, had something to say about my 'new body'...and while I relished in the words 'skinny', 'amazing', and 'wow', in my head I was like...yeah...but...

Anyway to be honest it would even be better if it was 2.1 lbs gone...Now THAT would be cause for celebration.  I tell you the day it happens I am not quite sure what I am going to do!  ha!

Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Bueller?  Bueller?

p.s. and dont tell me to throw away the scale either...not the kind of suggestions I am looking for...  :o)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bellaire Trolley Run - 5K

I hadnt run this race since 2008 ... skipped last year because it fell on the same day as the 4 The Park 4 miler, and I was 'expected' to run that one instead due to Luke's Locker.

I really like this race, its a fast course, one of the fastest we have here so in spite of all the drama over the past few weeks, and being worn down, I still expected a decent run.  The weather was supposed to cooperate.

It didnt.

Instead of dry air and cool temps, we had a bit warmer and 90% humidity (Droid told me so :)  And rain clouds threatening to rain on us...I knew it was coming by the radar, I just didnt know when (thankfully it didnt start till maybe 5 min after I finished!)...Ugh.  Oh well.  Given what I ran the 3 miler at back in November at the Turkey Trot (25:50) I thought ok...get 26:30...that was my goal.

Not as large of a crowd today which was odd...but oh well.  I lined up in the spot I figured I would be ok with so as not to give any of the faster runners issues...

Given Coach's 5K advice, here is how it actually broke down...

Mile 1:  SW:   Run fast and steady.  8:29.  Check.
Mile 2:  SW:   Feel like shit.  8:49.  Check.
Mile 3:  SW:   Hold on for dear life.  8:55.  Check.  (I slowed down at the water stop to grab a cup of water just to throw over my front and another one on top of my head)
.1:   8:30 pace...thank goodness for that at least...

8:44 average pace

27:04 Garmin/27:11 Chip
Top 10 in my AG (tough AG too, only 1 woman barely in front of me for 9th, and then the ~24:xx's were the rest)
AG Time: 24:xx
85th finisher

2 min PR on the course
1.5 min PR on the distance

Obviously not exactly what I wanted, but I actually slowed down on purpose in mile 2 to try and grasp and hold on to something to have in mile 3.  And I did for about 800m, then I started shutting down...My legs just started to feel like lead and honestly I gave it what I had...I just didnt have enough today.  I KNOW I am better than that; previous times and speed drills indicate first I was ok with it, then I got a bit mad at myself, and then I realized how far I've come in 4 years...I've chopped off 3 min PER MILE on my 5K time..thats kinda of a big deal I think, no?

I really wish I had another shot at the ~26:30 this season, but well, its just not to be.  Its just too hot from here on out.  I will be 'running' the Cinco de Mayo 5K, but I will be 'pacing' my PIMsters and wont be wearing a chip...I will have one, but I dont want the time to be calculated against me, so I am opting out of wearing it.

Who knows I may re-evaluate the situation when the Heights Run comes up, but I will be just starting marathon training, and that race is first weekend in June and dude, its H.O.T!!!

Oh and I do have a 10K at the end of May, but its a night/trail run...Chupacabre Night Trail Run...THAT should be interesting...


Drove out to the hospital to visit with Mom before they moved her to the 'skilled/assisted' living place.  Where its a nursing home, she will be in the wing that is for more rehabilitation...She does a lot of things OK, but not everything, and her memory just isnt there...We have found someone part time for when she does get to come home...We don't expect her to be at this place least I hope not.

My sister went to run errands for a bit and I stayed with Mom...crawled into the hospital bed with her...she said "you dont take up much more room from when you were a baby"...sigh...We laid there and watched tv for a bit...was kinda cool...I cant convey to you, if you dont know it first hand, just how HARD it is to see your parent struggle to do the smallest things we take for granted...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Milestone Dates in A Girl's Life...

Sweet 16.
Lose virginity.
Wedding day.
Divorce final.  Gigglesnort.

I am certain there are others for different women...
Like for me...

May 27, 2010

And yes, I have already put in for 1/2 vacation day that day...who knows maybe I will take the whole day off!  Did it 2 years ago...

And if you haven't seen the official trailer for the movie

And honestly, I cannot BELIEVE that this sequel actually looks BETTER than the first movie was/is...
Are you freaking kidding me with Aiden?????

Fun Friday Tidbits

Another Friday of some socialite/celebutante linky links...and an added picture of 2 of my favorites, Kourt and Kim running on the beach in Miami (Trick!) here ya go...

I couldn't have said it better myself, so I will let this say what I would have said...Honestly, I am just dumbfounded by it, and believe me, being home from work yesterday with all the news/talk shows on, I saw it enough times...brilliant is not a word I would ever use to describe this 'ad'.

Here is another one that left me dumbfounded...Heidi is just too out there for words...Just a strange strange girl...I was running with PIM the other night and this one woman ran by without ANY support whatsoever, and was bustier but not like in fake kind of way, and a low cut to begin with, and we were like, wtf?  Hey boobs are something to be admired sometimes, but in this case, not so much.  Ick.  Cover em up and tape em down for Gods sake...

Now while I do not like Jakes hair for this film, or in this picture, I must say the man can amp up very nicely...apparently juicing helps.  And I know he's a serious bike rider, and runs as well... Hey I think he's mighty juicy ... I could have a tall glass of him...

Kirstie talks more about fat...I like her new show btw.  Funny as hell.

Another WW her and I think she looks grrreat!!!

And since I am slightly addicted to foodie blogs and photos of said foodies food, I give you this....apparently its all the rage!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mom is losing blood somehow.  Upper and lower GI tomorrow to try and figure it out.  So no going anywhere for her a while...

3 miles today nice and easy (no Tour de Bayou race tonight :( ; I missed not being there) per Coach.  Race Saturday for me (5K).

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

KW Speed and PIM

A much better day than yesterday...thanks a lot to unlimited texting! :o)  Man am I glad I got that when I switched over to my (an)Droid back in December!  I never thought I would be much on the whole texting thing, but what I like about it is (well one thing that is) the fact that instead of calling when you think of something, which is kind of silly to do for maybe just a sentence or two, you can just do the text thing no matter when you know?  What I don't like is sometimes the delay in texts being sent and/or received...this my friends can cause confusion and chaos!  ;o)

Found out some things about Moms tests yesterday, and the failure might have had something to do with a) her blood sugar had dropped to ~50 and they gave her the test(s) anyway and b) she was needing blood and they hadn't done that either, but continued with the test(s) thinks the PT people and the actual doctors need to get on the same damn page...So there may be another round to determine this going home or not going home again...

OK, so not really knowing how well I felt (till I actually start running and warm up), I was a bit worried about speed work tonight...I even thought about just running 6 easy you know?  What did I end up doing?????

I did one loop nice and that was 3 miles, just over that actually since I ran from where I parked to the KW starting spot...and then started the speed workout for the day...

3 sets of 800m, 400m, 200m, 200m
After the 800 you have 3mr
  • 4:11, 4:02, 3:56
After the 400 you have 2mr
  • 2:04, 2:00, 1:54
After the 200 you have 1mr
  • :59, :50, :49
After the last 200 you have 6mr before starting the next set
  • :58, :55, :41!!!!  whoop!   To be honest, I almost hurled after that last one :)

Repeat this 2 more times! Times are above for each set.  I killed it today!  The only one that was over what it should have been was the first 800m, which I always have trouble with simply because I don't have my pace in my head at that point...and plus I am always a bit shy to go out too fast...

Then at 6:30ish we started our PIM group run (which I had about 30m rest here, which I dont like, but it is what it is, but I had a 'visitor' during this time as he stopped by to say 'hi' so that made the time go much faster!!, and tonight our little Carbos 1 group was to do 3 miles running...well I knew that wasn't going to happen...Instead this did: 1 mile warm up straight running, then I started them on poles; run 3 poles walk 1 pole...about half way through they were running 4 poles, walking started raining a bit into it, and then the wind picked up...they were so excited!  Ha!  excited about running in the rain!  By the time we were done, they were already asking me "what are we gonna do NEXT week June???"...hmm...I am going to have to think about this one... :)  I even picked up the pace on the running portion and they were keeping up so they are better than they give themselves credit for!  Love them!

Now I am home, showered and getting some food in me!!
3 miles treadmill
1 hour 5 min on weights with trainer

Horrible workout.  Just beat down.

I found out around 2:30 that Mom failed all her tests today.  What this means is that she isn't allowed to come home unless she has 24 hour care.  Insurance doesn't pay for that, and well, we certainly can't afford a live in nurse.  We had found someone that we were going to have come twice a day, but that isn't good enough.  They won't release her to home.  So now we have to find a place where she can go till she is able to come home.  In addition to that, she seems to have back-slid into a bit of mental instability.  Just doing weird things that don't make any sense, and she doesn't seem to comprehend what is and isn't right to do or say.  Sigh.

This made me lose it at work.  I just broke down into a puddle of tears.  I pondered not going to the gym but I knew that would just make me feel worse.  So I went.  I don't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing because I just felt like I was going through the motions you know?

And on a selfish note, because of it all, I couldn't go out with Date...Yes, thats what we'll call him I think.  :)  It was a last minute kind of deal, but I had to go meet sis for a bit about a new place for Mom to possibly be moved to over the weekend.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Subway....Its Whats for Breakfast?

Not that I have any notion to eat my breakfast at Subway (especially since I found out there is HFCS in their breads), but I know some people will...and you know, given a road trip situation, I would...unless there is a WFM around (or) I have my own tasty options in the car!  The simple fact that you can get egg whites makes it a win over any other fast food egg-type breakfasts...

Anyway, here is a linky link to reviews over at Slashfood, which I love their site by the way!  The reviews are less than stellar...Not surprising.

Been There, Ran That

To avoid getting possibly dinged twice to run the NYC Marathon
I did this instead...

Marathon registration status: Removed from lottery

I have run NYC before (2008) and you know if I decide to try again in 2011 then I will.
However, I cannot see paying $160 twice (which is what would have been the case had I been chosen this year and deferred to 2011)
All I had to do was send a little bitty email to the PTB up there in New.  York.  City?  [insert Pace picante sauce commercial voice]
I absolutely loooooooooooove the NYC Marathon but not $320 worth of love.
Thats a freakin' pair of new really nice high heels right there my friends...
And I looooooooooooove me some really nice high heel some of you indeed know...
Bring on Chi-town though!

Monday, April 5, 2010

No Hill Monday

I did exactly as I wanted, and skipped hills today. 

Instead I set out on a 7 mile run, and let me tell you it was the best decision I could have made.  I ran for me and nothing else.  No other peeps around me, and just ran as my body saw fit.

And because of that, even with the horrible heat we already have, I had a great run indeed.  It was just at marathon training pace, around 10:18 average pace and again, the sweat just melted me into a puddle of pure running joy.

Sometimes we forget what running can actually do for us.

Today it made me feel like a runner without a cause...just a woman who happens to enjoy running for the pure joy of it.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kenyan Way - Saturday Long Run

I was worried about this one.  Even though I didnt run on Friday, I was still very busy, and along with that a certain level of stress being at the hospital with Mom for most of the day.

With Coach being gone, he made it the standard route of Memorial and the Bayou, both boring and both that I dont care for when it comes to long runs.  But its easy for him so that the water stops are minimal and easy to set out and pick up for the girls who help him on Saturdays.  All I thought was...great...more damn hills (bayou)...and I tell ya I am about as sick of hills as I am of well...I dont know really, but I know I'm sick of them!  Since March 14th, its been hills, hills, and more hills.  Gah!

So it was basically just Amber and I running together this morning and after we were about halfway around Memorial, we were discussing the bayou situation and Amber suggested we just add on at the park...Which was the worse of two of my evils?  So we just added on at the park.  :)  That would put us at 10+ back to base and we'd add on there.  Good enough.  I held on till we were almost through the second loop of the park and then my legs just gave out for a bit...I told her to go ahead and honestly I probably walked all of 45sec...once I hit the pavement I was off and running just fine again.  That surface there was just adding to my already fatigued legs.  As we got about 40 yrds from base, I stopped to walk that part in and a wave of nausea came over me like I hadnt felt before.  I started to have that gag reflex, bent over and just waited...nothing.  All I can say is that it was very warm and VERY humid out there and maybe that along with just overall fatigue made me feel that way?  Anyway, we got some fluids, mostly Gatorade for me before we took off again.  About 400m in, we were just chatting away about something and bamm!  It was like someone opened me up and just popped out my batteries...I stopped dead in  my tracks and simply said "I'm done".  She kept going and I walked again for about 45 sec and started again...Somehow I finished, although I turned at Floyd instead of going all the way to Washington.  This gave me 11.6 miles ... Damn good enough...

Avg pace for 11.6 miles = 10:25  Not sure how I managed it but I did; even managed a negative split, with mile 10 being the fastest at 9:55.

Mile 1: 10:35
Mile 2: 10:30
Mile 3: 10:37
Mile 4: 10:36
Mile 5: 10:40
Mile 6: 10:32
Mile 7: 10:18
Mile 8: 10:27
Mile 9: 10:13
Mile 10: 9:55
Mile 11: 10:18
.6  10:06 pace

Definitely can tell that I struggled compared to long training runs of late.  I HAVE to get my legs back this week.  And with Mom doing so much better, the stress is somewhat lifted, so I am hoping that will help.  I havent done a lot of anything today sans going to the hospital for Easter with Mom...after that I came home and took a big nap!!! It was fantastic!

If I can just maintain training at 4:15 marathon estimated time, I should be good to go for Chicago for a big PR barring any issues, before or during of course...

On the drive home, I decided that I might not do hills tomorrow..I would like to just come home from work and go on a solo 6 mile favorite route around here and just be with my thoughts and have some alone time.  Its hard for me to remember the last time I did that...While I love all my running friends to the moon and back, and have been running so much with them lately and loved it, I think I need a soul searching, all by myself kind of run for a change of pace (no pun intended)...its gonna be 80+ tomorrow when I run, so a super sweaty run will be on tap...and you know, I kind of look forward to challenges me, cleanses me and makes me sometimes feel so rejuvenated...I need that kind of run I think...Date and I were talking about that last night...sometimes its the alone-ness of being a runner that makes it so darn special...Guess you now know he's a runner too...and a damn good one at that...

Long range weather for upcoming 5K looks to be in my favor...After that, I am pretty much out of any race mode unless I get a wild hair...

Now I am going to settle in and watch The Hangover...

Tour de Bayou - Stage 1 - Spotts Park (and Happy Easter!!!)

Every Spring, HARRA (Houston Area Road Runners Association) holds a series of races (free) at various 'cross country' spots around the Houston Area (all inside the loop).  I have never done the series for one reason or another (mostly because I SUCK at cross country and because its so hot already!).  This year I decided I wanted to give it a try because of the challenge, a change in a workout and also to reconnect with some that I have lost 'touch' with over the past several months.

Spotts Park is an area where when I first started with KW, we would go to occasionally for a hill workout, and man did I hate it.  Its honestly the worst hills we have here and I dont know for sure if they're man-made or not, but they're steep and long and you can really track out a good course with a lot of repeats and and with some of the smaller ones thrown in, its easy to get a mile loop.  This first stage consisted of 3 of those loops (my Garmin clocked it at 2.99).  Additionally, KW never does hills there anymore simply because its just too hard.  I hope he never incorporates them again, but I wonder just because the hills at Shepherd/Memorial may be compromised with a new trail that is being done there.

And when I say steep I mean you seriously cannot run up them, unless you are a very experienced cross country runner or just a VERY good runner in the first place.  And going down some of them are just as difficult (I only put the hammer down on the very last one going into the Finish and almost ate it).  At the very start you head up this one hill, not the worst one, but man what a way to start.  I noticed about 1 mile in that a few people had already quit.  I had resigned myself to the fact that this could NOT be about time, but just to simply finish.  This almost didnt happen because 2 miles in and I was just ready to quit.

But I didnt.

I reminded myself that this was my run/workout for the day...finish it June.  And so I continued. 

Let me see if I can put this in perspective a bit.  The winner of this stage, normally a 15:xx 5K guy ran it in over 17 minutes.  And me?  My best 3 mile time was 25:50 on a flat race course last November.  Today?  Try over 34 minutes...yeah.  Tell me about it.  Obviously there was a lot of walking up those hills...and keeping your footing was not easy so it wasnt like a normal walk.  No sirree bob.  I was DRENCHED in sweat, my legs were KILLING me and my HR was THROUGH THE ROOF...

But I did indeed finish and I was proud that I didnt quit.  I am just thankful that this is the only time we do this course.

This week, on Thursday, its almost 4 miles and not quite as hard.  I am disappointed that I wont be doing this one though, because of the 5K on Saturday that I want to do really well at.  To do another cross country hilly hard workout on Thursday would not bode well for a race on Saturday (I am shocked I did as well as I did this week on Saturdays long run; post on that later).  I will be out there to watch and socialize though!  It was indeed great to hang out and chat with so many people I know and just havent seen enough of lately!

So there you have it...its Easter Sunday and I hope everyone has a wonderful day with the ones you love!  I will be spending it with Mom et al at the hospital.  And Lent is over!  Bring on some meat!  ;)  I made it 46 days without meat, including fish, etc.

p.s. I had a date yesterday afternoon, into the evening and I must say, the best date I have had in a long, long (although we didnt really watch; we were talking too much), a couple of drinks, and then we went to dinner...thats all you get to know about that. For now  ;)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

Today was a rest day.

That is if you call this resting:
  • laundry
  • spending 4 hours at the hospital with Mom
  • boiling and dying Easter eggs
  • grocery shopping
  • shoe shopping :) ... I have wanted a certain style (pair) of shoes for a while now, so after leaving the hospital I stopped in know just to look...ended up with 2 cute cute CUTE pairs!  Pictures below...oh and also a very cute shirt :)
Tomorrow is long run day, but its only going to be 12 miles...I am keeping my long runs at 12 miles until marathon training starts..I just dont see the need to do 15 miles every Saturday right now...

And yes, I know...I owe a post to the hell on hills Tour de Bayou disaster run from last night...All I can say is THANK THE BABY JESUS we only have to do that course ONCE...

Less than 36 hours till I get to have me some MEAT!  ha!  I even bought turkey and chicken at the store today...The first thing I want is a dang turkey sandwich!!!


Vera Wang 'lovah' shoes...very dominatrix don't cha think?

Also  Vera Wang...deep purple with a side of bling bling..TOEtally matches the deep purple polish on my piggies!!

For the Fun of It Friday!

It's been a slow week in celebrity tinsel town!  Where is everyone?  Why aren't they working out?  What gives?  Oh I know, I know...Tiger Woods 2.0 (aka Jesse James) is taking up a lot of the feeds, and well, for that matter Tiger Woods 1.0 is making new headlines too...oh Tiger...

Question:  Will you be watching the Masters?

And is anyone else completely O.V.E.R. this whole sex addiction excuse?  Good God're a man-whore...just accept it, deal with it, and lets move on...At least Ricky Martin came right out and (finally) said if we ever didn't know it anyway...

So whew...after all of that...I give you the one tidbit I could find this week worthy of a celebrity fitness tag to be attached to it.  Kim and Khloe K look darn good these days, but I never see them do anything other than tout QuickTrim...they tweet a lot about working out/running on the beach there in Miami (Trick!), but I never see any proof of it...come on pap's!  Do your J.O.B....

So this is all I got this of my favorite 'Friends'...


Tour de Bayou first stage run write up later...I am still trying to recover from it...suffice it to say it was the single most hardest 3 miles I have EVER run in my life...and that includes the last 3 miles of ANY marathon I have ever done...

I am reminded of one of my favorite Dean Karnazes quotes:  Run if you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Three Things Thursday

  • I wonder if there are any races in Vegas in July....just booked my week long trip to Vegas this Summer!  Oh well, if not, my booty will be pool side soaking up the sunshine and having a hot tanning butler put lotion all over me.... and cabana boys bringing me fruity drinks with umbrellas and living it up at night so its alllll good...Can't wait!  I miss my friends!!!  Staying at The Mirage...been so long since I've been in my other 'home' town...Vegas and Chicago this year!  Fantastic!
  • Mom is doing better...had a scare yesterday but we think it was just a random thing (blood sugar dropped to 40 and she became completely irrational among other things...)  We're hoping that the PT continues to go well, and if so, then she might get to come home next weekend...
  • I might have, at least temporarily, mended a little fence between my brother and my might just be 'on the surface' and 'for mom's sake', but mended nonetheless...