Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Know...I Know...I'm a Bitch, Insensitive..Blah Blah Blah...

Jackie Warner, another girl crush of mine...Has come out with a new book called "This is Why You're Fat".
Harsh title right?  Insensitive maybe?
You call drug addicts dopeheads among other things...same goes for people who abuse alcohol...people are not allowed to smoke in restaurants and bars...you dont OVER SERVE someone who has had too much to drink do you???
Why is the word 'fat' supposedly off limits?  So why are overweight people OVER SERVED?
Anyway, I dont know much about the book other than its a no nonsense in your face kind of book.  And I have followed JW for some time, and although she is NOT my girl-wife fantasy, Jillian Michaels, she is up there..

I wonder if Jackie knew about this new little 'creation' being touted on the airwaves, television sets and marketing ploys all over America right now...

However, if I had to add something to the DoubleDown idiocricy of KFC fame lately, iHop took it to the next level....Because a stack of pancakes is not indulgent enough, lets put some crustless cheesecake between those babies!!!!  I almost died when I saw this new ad...oh and because you want your moneys worth, it coms with 2 eggs, meat, potatoes, grits or hash browns AND your choice of toast...what is in that picture below, completely honest here...is enough food for me for FOUR breakfasts...and I would be scraping that cheesecake crap off...along with the whip cream AND the sugar infused glazed lets make good for you strawberries BAD for you strawberries...

One of my friends on Facebook said "every one has to have a vice, I am glad mine is running"...you know what, I think thats true...however eating yourself into oblivion and only getting fatter is pure selfishness and quite honestly...suicide.

**and yes I am a believer that if you dont monitor your childs HEALTH by encouraging fresh foods and normal portions, you are commiting child abuse, just as if you were slapping them across the face.


Kelley said...

What I don't understand isn't that these frankenstein foodstuffs are offered to us but rather that so many of us lack the ability to say NO. How is it that we somehow delude ourselves into believing that putting some of these monstrosities into our bodies won't lead to negative consequences?

I think we do a big disservice to children by offering food as a "reward." Many of us carry this reward mentality into adulthood where we become master of rationalization.

Ran five miles this morning? You deserve a Krispy Kreme.

Made the bed? Ditto

And on and on and on it goes.

Good post, June.


Junie B said...

thanks kelley!!!

addiction to sugar (and by that i mean corn). and to the fact that the more food you give me for my $5 the better and I am going to make sure I eat it ALL. because i was taught to never leave food on my plate...

anyway, i think if people SAW what they were eating, they might think differently.

for example..take a twinkie out of its little plastic wrapper and put it in a bowl of water. watch what happens to it.

then come back and tell me what you think it looks like in your stomach. a big goopy mess of NASA inspired chemistry project for your insides. give THAT to your kids as a 'reward'...might as well shoot them up with heroin.

Just like livestock peoples bodies werent designed to digest that kind of crap. thats why for example, cattle are slaughtered so quickly at their peak of 'fatness' before they die because of the bacteria in their bodies from the corn they are fed.

have you ever eaten corn? sure you have. and i bet you that the next morning...that corn in your poopy doop is NOT digested either.

Heather said...

Great post!

Its amazing how much we depend on convenience foods yet watch hours and hours of tv a night.

Spend time in the kitchen!

Mel said...

Sad thing is, that IHOP meal is something someone I know loves to order. Last time we went for brunch, there wasn't even enough room on the table for my food.

Junie B said...

Melissa: they eat the ones with the cheesecake in between the pancakes??? sigh. :o(

and thats where i would draw the line. leave some room on the damn table. :oP or go get your own table to sit at! ha!