Thursday, April 29, 2010

Again, with KW on hiatus this week, I had no 'scheduled' workout, but of course just to run.  And not going to PIM tonight either...well there wouldn't be a 10 mile Wednesday thats for certain!

I contemplated my strategy (route) on the drive home, knowing I needed at least 6 miles for the day...and yeah, I was not really feeling the usual 6 mile route.  Sometimes that 3 mile loop around Rice can seem like a drain...I just prefer to run on pavement.  Rice is better than Memorial surface wise, but still.

So being that it was so hot out and the sun beating down on top of it, I devised my plan.  Run to Rice and back (3 miles), stop back at the casa for some water (which I sat outside on the patio so as not to go inside the nice cool AC'd house)..Then take off back down W. Alabama, run to W. Gray, past Hazard, then flip and come back up Hazard ending up right where I started!  Close to 6 miles.  Perfect.

Sometimes I like all the turns because it gives me 'goals' that seem smaller and do-able on days when you need that extra oomph to get you where you need to be...So I liked the idea of todays route and it indeed worked out to be great. 

I had a little bit of an 'issue' when I had to stop to answer questions my Garmin decided to ask me about 1/2 mile in ... and wasnt keeping time/pace ... I didnt think much of it at the time, but stopping where I did wasnt the smartest thing to do...That intersection/portion of Hazard has some unseemly characters loitering around sometimes...Lesson learned.  Keep running to a spot where you feel safe and comfortable. 

On the way back from Rice, I knew I didnt want to run right back by there so I veered off and headed East a bit and then ran up another street, adding on about 1/2 mile, but all in the name of feeling 'safer'...

The run was better than Mondays, and I chalk that up to the fact that well, over the weekend I might not have eaten quite as much/often as I should have, and by Monday my body needed nutrition and my run was affected by it.


Watched a DVD last night at a friends house...Running on the Sun...a documentary shot during what I think was the 1999 Badwater 135.  I dont care who, what, how, where or why...but that is one race that I have NEVER EVER EVER aspired to do...I would be one of those people that would die out there (or would certainly need an IV, which of course when that happens you get disqualified...yeah only the need for an IV will disqualify you)...crazy ass people.  Great documentary though (just dont look at the parts where they show the peoples feet)...running through the desert in 120deg/blowing winds/weird rainstorms for 30+ hours doesnt bode well for those that like their feet to be 'cute' or 'nice'...I will try and draw off their determination when I have to train for Chicago in the heat/humidity of a SE Texas summer...Bet I still bitch about it though... :O)


amber said...

just wanted to say i ran 6 miles yesterday at 3pm. it was hot. i had 1 sweat droplet roll down my left forearm. ; )
just wanted you to know i do sweat. hehe.

Junie B said...

I dont believe it for one minute! ;o)

See you Saturday! Looks to be VERY warm AND humid for us...lovely.

Bill said...

"Running on the Sun" is a great DVD. The newest, "Running the Sahara" is another good desert DVD. For X-mas I got all kinds of running documentaries. I need them for motivation.

Junie B said...

Bill, how did I know you would be commenting on this? :P

I have Running the Sahara in my queue on Netflix but it hasnt released on there yet.