Monday, April 26, 2010

No Hill Monday

Hiatus week for Kenyan Way and I took full advantage of it...just running from home right after work, and doing 6 miles on my regular 'hood route.

Very warm out today; close to 90 already.  I had HR issues right from the start which was weird (so I know it wasnt the heat), but it happens sometimes.  This made me have to slow down a time or two to get it back down as I felt nauseous a time or two because of it.

I didnt have my HR monitor* on (need a new strap), but I know well enough after training so much with it last summer/year in prep for Houston Marathon...

Tomorrow is treadmill/weights with my trainer...Then off to see Mom for a bit afterwards.  She didnt get to go home afterall...not sure when either but she did have a good weekend, and PT seems to be going ok again...

*(I ran with the Garmin but never put it on the cradle to see splits/average pace)

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