Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bellaire Trolley Run - 5K

I hadnt run this race since 2008 ... skipped last year because it fell on the same day as the 4 The Park 4 miler, and I was 'expected' to run that one instead due to Luke's Locker.

I really like this race, its a fast course, one of the fastest we have here so in spite of all the drama over the past few weeks, and being worn down, I still expected a decent run.  The weather was supposed to cooperate.

It didnt.

Instead of dry air and cool temps, we had a bit warmer and 90% humidity (Droid told me so :)  And rain clouds threatening to rain on us...I knew it was coming by the radar, I just didnt know when (thankfully it didnt start till maybe 5 min after I finished!)...Ugh.  Oh well.  Given what I ran the 3 miler at back in November at the Turkey Trot (25:50) I thought ok...get 26:30...that was my goal.

Not as large of a crowd today which was odd...but oh well.  I lined up in the spot I figured I would be ok with so as not to give any of the faster runners issues...

Given Coach's 5K advice, here is how it actually broke down...

Mile 1:  SW:   Run fast and steady.  8:29.  Check.
Mile 2:  SW:   Feel like shit.  8:49.  Check.
Mile 3:  SW:   Hold on for dear life.  8:55.  Check.  (I slowed down at the water stop to grab a cup of water just to throw over my front and another one on top of my head)
.1:   8:30 pace...thank goodness for that at least...

8:44 average pace

27:04 Garmin/27:11 Chip
Top 10 in my AG (tough AG too, only 1 woman barely in front of me for 9th, and then the ~24:xx's were the rest)
AG Time: 24:xx
85th finisher

2 min PR on the course
1.5 min PR on the distance

Obviously not exactly what I wanted, but I actually slowed down on purpose in mile 2 to try and grasp and hold on to something to have in mile 3.  And I did for about 800m, then I started shutting down...My legs just started to feel like lead and honestly I gave it what I had...I just didnt have enough today.  I KNOW I am better than that; previous times and speed drills indicate first I was ok with it, then I got a bit mad at myself, and then I realized how far I've come in 4 years...I've chopped off 3 min PER MILE on my 5K time..thats kinda of a big deal I think, no?

I really wish I had another shot at the ~26:30 this season, but well, its just not to be.  Its just too hot from here on out.  I will be 'running' the Cinco de Mayo 5K, but I will be 'pacing' my PIMsters and wont be wearing a chip...I will have one, but I dont want the time to be calculated against me, so I am opting out of wearing it.

Who knows I may re-evaluate the situation when the Heights Run comes up, but I will be just starting marathon training, and that race is first weekend in June and dude, its H.O.T!!!

Oh and I do have a 10K at the end of May, but its a night/trail run...Chupacabre Night Trail Run...THAT should be interesting...


Drove out to the hospital to visit with Mom before they moved her to the 'skilled/assisted' living place.  Where its a nursing home, she will be in the wing that is for more rehabilitation...She does a lot of things OK, but not everything, and her memory just isnt there...We have found someone part time for when she does get to come home...We don't expect her to be at this place least I hope not.

My sister went to run errands for a bit and I stayed with Mom...crawled into the hospital bed with her...she said "you dont take up much more room from when you were a baby"...sigh...We laid there and watched tv for a bit...was kinda cool...I cant convey to you, if you dont know it first hand, just how HARD it is to see your parent struggle to do the smallest things we take for granted...


Heather said...

Great run! What an amazing time - you should be very proud of youself!

Howard Gray said...

I think you owe yourself a Martini!

MJ said...

Nice time on the run!

I hope your mom continues to make some improvement. I know she'll be happy to get home soon.