Sunday, April 18, 2010

KW Long Run (and Sunday misc)

Whew, Summer is already here :)  Soooo humid for our long run...only going to get worse.

At run time it was 68 deg with 89% humidity.  Yukky!

I wasn't exactly sure how the long run was going to turn out, but then again you never really do right?  I had went out to dinner on Friday night, eating later than I like, but thankfully Date wanted Italian, so veggie pizza for me.  Not that I dont like meat on pizza anymore, its just that the last 3 races I have done, I had veggie pizza the day before and it always bode well in the results :) ... Plus I knew any pasta with sauce would be no bueno.  One of the things that eventually happens to a runner is you eventually know your body for the most part and won't bode well the next day.  I only ate 2 small pieces of a small pizza (which by the way was huge to me; enough that I had 2 more meals off of it since Friday night).  I figured the only bad thing about it would be that I ate 'late' (I do not like to eat past 7 the night before a long run or race)

Met with A and M and off we went.  Ran with the 4:15 group, with me thinking, ok start with this and see what happens.  Well within the first mile I had to 'go'.  There was a porta potty on Blossom where some construction was going TP.  Then at the park, 1st porta potty; some dude was in there, and we waited maybe 30 sec.  Nope, move along...Finally at the TC I was able to go.  Megan said so...are we just gonna sprint from bathroom to bathroom? ha!  Pretty much what we did.  After that I felt SO much better and we went on our way.  We were truckin' along, every once in a while, one of us realizing we were going a bit too fast and we backed off.  I was golden till somewhere in mile 9 and it started to catch up with.  Looking back on it now I should have taken a gel.  I dont eat before a long run...I was losing a lot through sweat and even though I had taken a couple of SCaps (before I started and at the 2nd water stop), I should have known to be proactive with that gel.  Plus this is where we hit MP on the way back and that surface most of the time just makes me work harder (to push off and maintain speed)...therefore I tire.  I let the girls go ahead of me, took a small walk break and started again.  I knew the last 3 miles they were going to push the pace and I was perfectly content with how fast I was going.  I wanted to save something for the last mile.  They were maybe a min ahead of me and I never lost sight of them.  Caught up to them at the last water stop and homeward we went.

Man what a HOT SWEATY mess I was at the end...but I felt REALLY good about the effort in the conditions.  I hope I can keep up this as training pace through the REAL Summer months training for Chicago.  If I can, goal race pace in Chicago should be a go!  :o)

Mile 1: 10:30
Mile 2: 10:15
Mile 3: 10:07
Mile 4: 10:08
Mile 5: 10:13
Mile 6: 10:20
Mile 7: 10:17
Mile 8: 10:09
Mile 9: No data
Mile 10: 10:37 (this was where I had just really struggled to get out of the park; and once I hit pavement again, I was fine)
Mile 11: 10:04
Mile 12:  9:32
Average Pace: 10:14

Next Saturday is the last long run of this KW session, and the schedule only shows 9 miles, but since I had a short run because of the Bellaire Trolley run, I am going to go probably 12 miles again and do a shorter one the KW hiatus weekend.  Looking forward to the time AFTER next weeks long run...more blond going in on the do!!


Good week of running/training on tap this week:  KW Hills, Easy Run/Weights, KW Speed/PIM, Trail Running at Ho Chi Minh, and then long run on Saturday.


This morning I woke up around 6:45ish, got up, drank some water, and laid back in the thing I know it was 9am!  Wow!  I was up till almost midnight, but still I usually can never sleep that late...must have been because it was so cloudy out this morning, my room was nice and yummy...

Even though the morning was stormy, I got out and had my nails and toes done, grocery shopping and have successfully made enough food for the entire week of lunch and dinners!  I am ready!  No straying should be a necessity this week!  The sun finally came out and so I did actually manage some sunshine time by the pool as well...been a great day...I actually feel like going to run right now, but I am just going to get some more much needed relax/non sweaty time in before the work week starts!  I am also kinda thinking it would be nice to go sit at the upstairs bar area of CAdobe and enjoy a glass of something...the day has turned out to be very nice afterall!  hmmm...

Tomorrow is the Boston Marathon!  I have the DVR set to record it live (Universal Sports Network)!  Doubtful I will watch tomorrow night, but I will be listening to it/catching a glimpse while at work...

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