Wednesday, April 28, 2010

3 miles on the treadmill.
1 hour on weights.
1 mile on the treadmill.

Man, I knew I was going to be sore this morning, but my shoulders are KILLING me!  Argh, hurts so good!

Got some good sleep last night and thankfully feel like much better than yesterday.

Went to see momma last night...she is too funny.  Was a good visit.  New 'hope to be back at home' date is the weekend of Mothers Day.  That would be wonderful!


And because I love everything that is Carrie Bradshaw (and I AM channeling her today with the cutest new 'what Carrie would wear' shoes and dress!), I give you what I have been waiting for!  The new book by Candace Bushnell that chronicles Carrie BEFORE she went to NYC!!  The prequel!!!

I haven't gotten the book yet, it just came out yesterday...and I didnt pre-order...I must have it though!
When I will make the time to go by the book store is a question yet to be answered!

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Cass said...

I didn't know about this... definitely will be on my must read list very soon!