Thursday, April 22, 2010

'Hoods over Hos :o)

I chose the 'hood for my run tonight.

The Ho would be 4 miles of pure torture (trail running at its best here in Houston!) and after the past 3 days of running, especially yesterdays, I needed a nice easy run.  And a long run coming up on Saturday where I have to keep up with the youngin's :)

I was beat up this morning when I got out of bed and was creaky all day, so I was worried how much any run was going to suck.


Didn't suck at all.  Well, except the humidity/warm temps.  Might as well quit talking about that...not gonna change till October; only get worse.  Soon warm will be replaced with hot as Hades (and then some).

Ah yes, tomorrow is Friday.  My do nothing day.  Yay!

1 comment:

Eddie said...

Hey Junie, the Ho was a hoot! Sorry you chose another route but to each person thier own training. Hope you decide to run the last TdB next Thur @ the Ho and can hang with pals after. Love HARRA and all the folks afiliated with it. C'ya soon!