Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Who Are You and What Have You Done with SW?

Wednesdays are so long.

Work all day, then to the park for my workout; a bit of a time off then I coach the PIMsters.  This equates to 9 miles on Wednesdays and not getting home till almost 8pm.  Wears my ass out.  :)

Got to the park and did an easy loop, I actually did 'poles' running harder for 4, recover for 1.  I stopped off at KW base to chat with Coach SW.  Earlier in the day I had had an email conversation that pretty much was this:

If I am done racing for the season, then why do speed?

Answer:  Are you kidding me?  Do what your KW bumper sticker says.***


So I asked Coach the same thing:  Hey since I am done racing, I dont really need to do speed do I?

Now what I was expecting to hear was:  STFU and go run your 800's.
Instead what I heard was:  Yeah, just run easy for a couple of weeks.  You got a long summer ahead of you for Chicago.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?  Who ARE you?  LOL.

So I am like all happy and shit, thinking ha ha ha! I dont have to do my 800's; I can just do another easy loop before PIM.

What do YOU think I did?

800's.  LMAO.

I thought oh HELL arent going to play head games with me mister... :)

Now granted I ran them easier than what the schedule said, and I only did 5 instead of 6, but still.  I didnt have the Garmin on at that point, but ran by 'feel', and I probably was running them about at 8:30-8:40 pace.

Good enough. 

Ran back to PIM start and had a bit of time to chat with some folks before starting.

The girls did GREAT today.  Ran 1.5 miles straight before they needed a break and I had already told them, when you want to walk, you get ONE pole, so make it count.  And they did.

Then we stopped counting poles and just ran till they needed that 'pole' break.  They ran almost the whole way...only walking maybe 3-4 times for those 100m.  So proud of them.  I kept them going as there were some PIMsters coming up from behind and I was like:  Dont let them beat you!!!

It worked.

I just heart those 2 girls...they really are excited and so proud of themselves when its all said and done.  And they committed to me that they will indeed be doing the Cinco de Mayo 5K, so that makes me really happy!  They are going to do great!

Now that I have shoved dinner into my piehole ;), its time for abs...sigh.


***bumper sticker says: Shut Up and Train

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