Friday, April 30, 2010

Fun FridayTidbits

I know I missed last week, but honestly Friday had me really, really tired :)

So some of these honestly are from last week; there wasn't much to add to this week...Celebs and 'tantes must either be taking an 'easy' week, or they're somehow avoiding the 'razzi...Even these are just kinda 'eh'...Sorry, maybe next week they will be better!!!

Fergie, my girl!  Looks like she's takin' a little walky walk (usually a runner), but she's pimpin' out her new perfume...What do you think about actresses all doing their own 'scents'?

Even actors are diggin' Vibram Five Fingers....Do you think you would ever run in these?  Not me.

My girl-wife took a lot of flack for some comments she made this week about birthin' babies...Come on Jillian you know its not really because you dont want to put your body through 'all that' just dont want to have sex with a man!  right??  ;o)  ;o)   I took offense to so many people getting all up in arms over this...I thought we had free speech here...oh yeah...I guess with free speech, if you're gonna put it out there, you have to deal with the opinions (free speech) of others...

And what can I say...another girl crush...where do you think I got Naked Sunday from to begin with?  Thank goodness the girl still does it after husband and baby made 3...Lovin' the new music...excited for new album to drop.

Ultimate cougar-esque SATC 50+ maneater, Kim talks about having to put on weight for a role...thankfully she talked them down in the actual number she needed to gain...What SATC star would you say YOU are?  I am like a cross between Samantha and Carrie...Ok maybe a bit of Charlotte...If I had to choose which body I would want, it would definitely be Carrie's...You?

And this video is just for Amber...Kind of reminds you of that girl we saw that one day running around Memorial right????  LMAO!


Mel said...

I'm totally Charlotte.

As far as the Jillian thing, I am scared to even touch that one. But I'll admit, if I ever have kids, I am scared of what will happen to my body. I know tons of people bounce back and look great. I'm not scared of that, i'm scared I won't have it in me to lose the weight and bounce back. I mean, look how long it took me to even try to lose almost 40 lbs. I carried that weight with me part of college and several years after.

Of course, then again, I read Cassandra Forsythe's blog and she's amazing. Just gave birth, stayed in shape the whole time, and already looks great again. I hope that if I ever have kids, I can be like that. I'd like to think with the lifestyle I live now, that would be the case....who knows?

Heather said...

I absolutely love that video - I watched it twice yesterday. Cracks me up!

Nicole C. said...

1- The girl on the treadmill looks like she's having a seizure.
2- I was really hoping she'd fall off.

elf said...

Not into the Five Fingers. However, my track partner and I did our strides barefoot in the grass after our track workout on Thursday, and it felt really, really good. Might be worth a try.

BTW--I fired up my blog again. Check it out if you're interested...