Sunday, December 11, 2005

First. Race. Ever. Jingle Bell Run 2005

Done. Over. Finally.

62 min. 10 sec.

I didnt do as well as I wanted to, but this morning I had it in my mind I needed to do it in under 65 min and I did. That and that I didnt want to cross that line last..So I achieved both goals I set out to do. The pavement wore hard on my right knee, and there were a couple of hills which I couldnt favor that leg on on the way up. If it wouldnt have been for that I know I could have done it in 55 min. Oh well, next time.

Not bad for only running the past 2.5 months (since I didnt realize it was a 5 miler to begin with!). If that. I am proud of how I did.

Next race. January 15. Then its one year till the 1/2 marathon. I am sure I can be ready. At least I have till October 2006 to start training for that.

Picture (if its not TOO bad) to be posted in about 3 days, of me crossing the finish line....

Edit: Official Time: 76 June V****** 42 666 1:01:55.6 1:02:14.3 0:18.6 12:23/M

Update: For ya go...