Saturday, April 24, 2010

KW Long Run

The storms were all gone by this morning, and we were just left with some yukky blech humidity.  By the time the sun starting rising though all the clouds had burned off and the humidity started to lift and it actually became cooler!

I must have been totally out of it this morning, as not only did I forget to take S caps before I left (I did have 2 in my little pack so I took those at the first water stop), I walked out the door and drove to base without my Garmin.  Once I realized I didnt have it, I started to drive back home (its only a couple of miles) but I needed to run a mile before the group start as the route was just at 11 miles long.  So I just said to heck with it.

Did my 1 mile and then Amber and I started with the 4:15 group as usual, and I know for a fact that those first 6 miles through the Heights were done fast.  Without my watch though (and Amber didnt bring hers either, thinking I would have mine), I dont know how fast, and it is that reason that we probably did as I couldnt slow myself down knowing just how fast :)

Once back to base after the first 6, I had to 'go'...then once we started towards the bayou, I had to 'go' again and there was NO WAY I was going to make 5 more miles with no porta stop.  So back to base, take care of that and we were on our way.  We intended to just run the ups on the AP side, but somehow we forgot...right up to the part where we were going up a hill.  After that we stayed up top, but on the back side you dont have that option.  The last mile man I was just done!  I took a quick walk and then finished...

It was a great 12 miles and I know that Amber and I both fed off of each other this morning, as periodically around the bayou we each had our 'struggles'...

I feel really good about all the miles lately, especially when I run long, that things seem so good.  Even my plantar is behaving itself!  I attribute that to the frozen water bottle rolling I do from time to time and the stretching before and after running of that area that makes plantar occur in the first place.

Rest day tomorrow!!!  Next week is KW hiatus before the Summer program and the Fall Marathon training program starts.


Bill said...

I can relate to this post. I feel handicapped without my garmin. I wish I could break the addiction, but I'm such a nerd for the numbers.

I've been using S-caps for a couple years. love, love, love them for long runs!

amber said...

thanks for the support! i would have never made it without you! : )