Saturday, March 24, 2007

Law Week 8K 2007

It always freaks me out a bit whenever I get someone who I dont know that says "Hey June! I read your blog!". That happened a few times today. More so than it ever has at one event/time. The first time was a guy and was while I was still out on the race route and just after we made the turn at Shephard. Hiya!!!

The second time was as I was about to cross the Finish line, and this time it was a girl. After she said Go June!! I turned to look to see who it was, not recognizing her, and she followed up with "I read your blog all the time!!" I just smiled and waved. I hope to see you at Bellaire next week!!!

And then the final time was a bit after it was all said and done and some of us were just hanging out. A special shout out to Mr. Rios :O) for giving me such compliments ... and it was very nice to meet you. And I am glad I was able to set your mind at ease :o)

So anyway it does in fact make me smile and I wish that I could meet more of you that happen along the way. I see the hits and where they are from and alot of them are from Houston, but I have no idea who you all are!! ;o)

It was definitely different conditions than last year. Last year was about 20 deg cooler and no humidity. Today we were socked with 70 deg and about 95% humidity. Last year I ran it in 56:05 and with the conditions and me not feeling 100% due to allergies I just didnt have a clue that I was going to be able to pull out a PR. Thank goodness for oxygen tanks and Altoids...thank you HSteve for that!! The Altoids definitely opened up my sinuses for at least the first 3 miles.

As usual I go out too fast even though HSteve says there is no such thing. First mile: 9:32. Something I had not counted on. Mile 2: 10:20. Not sure of the splits after that because my signal kept going in and out, but I averaged out at 10:51 per mile...I did feel confident enough that I had the Garmin set way high on intervals just in case...I had it set for 9/1's but as it turned out I only walked the 1 min once and for 30 sec on another time. The rest I saved for the water stops. All I kept hearing in my head was HSteve telling me to not be a wimp and dont slower .. ok, but dont walk. :o)

For a PR of 53:23 total race route. Last year was 56:05. I will take that.

And as usual I know I could have gotten sub 53 if I would have just stepped it up a time or two. Ugh I hate it when I dont freaking push myself. I know this mostly because after I crossed the Finish line, and Santos was there to take off my chip, I wasnt heavy breathing, I wasnt winded...Yeah I was soaking wet but hey, it was hot/humid out there this morning. So I know I had more in there to give. I think once I knew I had a decent PR that it was ok to just coast.


Anyway, Bellaire 5K next week, and we'll see how that goes. Another PR? Let's hope so. I sure hope for at least less humidity :o) We're gonna have to do alot better on my per mile pace next week for a decent PR although given my time in the first 3 miles this morning I think I should be a-ok.

Kudos to all the Striders that did so well out there this morning, and as usual its always good to see a bunch of friends! Of course John Yoder won 1st in his age group, and I know that DavidM, Andrew, HSteve, Pony...everyone did really well!!!

Now I am off to consume as many crawfish as I can in the span of a couple of hours at the MDA Benefit. And to answer the age-old question it seems everyone asks when it comes to crawfish: "Yes I do." ;o)


m hagan said...

I was the one at the finish. You did great.

Junie B said...

Yay!! I am so glad you commented!! Hope to see you next week!!!

Sarah said...

Crawfish: EW!!

Great race this morning! Wish I could have joined you all, but I jumped on a chance for some open water swim practice in advance of my upcoming tri. :)

Vic said...

My wife does too!!!

"HSteve telling me to not be a wimp and dont slower .. ok, but dont walk."...Wow, he's got more guts than I gave him credit for. I may be setting myself up for a big butt-whoopin' but I've been wanting to say that ever since I've know you. :o) Steve, you got guts!!!!

Thanks for the pep talk on chat the other day. You rock.

Steve Bezner said...

Congrats on the PR! I tentatively planning on coming out of retirement and doing the Trolly Trot next week.


L*I*S*A said...

Excellent job on the PR. You'll rock that 5K, too.

Anonymous said...

June asked me what is was going to take to PR in her upcoming races. She wanted to become a runner/racer but she had to evolve from a walker/jogger. She had to learn that she did not need the walk breaks, that was just laziness. Exercise and diet go togeher like running and weight lose. To get faster get leaner and train for speed. She is putting these all together. She doesn't reward herself for a good run/good effort with a Big Mac, she rewards herself by not having a Big Mac. She wants to get faster and I have the time to show her. That's not balls thats what friends do.

Sam said...

What kind of a reward would a Big Mac be, anyway for a good run/good effort?? Heck, if you're gonna reward yourself with that, get a Whataburger. :D