Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Groovy Tuesday at CrossFit

Warm Up:
Turkish Get Ups
5 - 4 - 3 - 2 -1
Each arm
Go up in # each set

15 min AMRAP
10 DeadLifts (225/185#) - Only overhand grip allowed (like I can deadlift 185lbs!)
10 Lateral Hops - Over and back over the DL bar = 1 rep
5 DumbBell Thrusters (45/30#)
300m Run

Buddy Cool Down:
100 Medicine Ball Butterfly Situp passes (20lb/14lb)

One good thing about the time change is that its now lighter out longer in the evenings so I can ride my bike to and from either the gym or CrossFit.  Sure I could have done it before, but its just scary riding over the TCJBridge at night.  I just didn't see a point in possibly becoming roadkill.

So yesterday I decided not to run before CF and just hopped on my bike and rode over to the box and met up with the usual suspects. 

There was a new girl, fresh off of On Ramp last week, that is also Kenyan Way, so its always fun to meet a fellow KW runner.  With so many people at KW during marathon training season, its hard to meet everyone!  She recognized me, not the other way around, as usual :O)  She ended up being my partner for the Partner Core at the end since B wasn't there and T was coming for the later session.  I hope she is there tonight as well, because she is really nice and I liked her from the get go.
I scaled the deadlift weight to 85lbs (as most girls do/did), and I only used 15lb dumbbells x 2 for the DB Thrusters.  The new coach tried to get me to put more weight on, but I said nope.  This is plenty and while it may look like its easy for me to you, its not.

By looking at the board from the day, most everyone was hitting 4+ or 3+ rounds, and I set my sights on 3+ (which means 3 full rounds plus whatever others I could fit in before he called time).

At some point after coming back in after my 300m run the 3rd time, I looked at the countdown clock and knew I had a small chance of making it a full 4th round.  The bar hops gave me the most 'trouble' in that last set, and I never thought I was going to be able to run another 300m after 5 more DB T's, and when I looked at the clock and saw that I had just under 2 min to finish, I was out the door! 

About 150m in my legs just started to give out and I stopped to walk and I heard C behind me yelling GO JUNE GO!  You got this!  I said a bad word and off I went. 

As I rounded the last corner with a mere 10 yards to go, I reached the gate and heard J call TIME!

I had done it.  Thank you C for yelling at me!

I just love love love CrossFit! 

Even when I hate it.  :O)

And of course since I had ridden my bike there...I had to ride it back home...


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