Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happiest Place On Earth (for Adults) - Costco!

I cannot remember exactly when it was, probably back in November maybe, when I first walked into a Costco.  I had heard and heard about how awesome and wonderful it is from so many people, but I just couldn't imagine any place being that awesome worth $55 a year to shop at their store.

My friend N was coming into the city to make a Costco trip and we were doing some other things as well later on, so I went with her.

Oh goodness!  What a fantastic place!  Its a good thing I no longer have my house because it would be full of stuff.  And I suppose its a good thing I no longer eat processed crap because my house would be full of it!

I ended up getting a few things using her as my go between, because how can I pass up a huge thing of feta, individually packaged chicken breasts for easy thawing/cooking, frozen fruits for smoothies, just to name a few things.

The weekend of the Houston marathon she was coming back into the city to have dinner with M and I, and was going to Costco first.  While she was there she texted me and asked 'do you want anything while I'm here?'.  Um yes.  Feta and that chicken!  That was 6 weeks ago and I am just now at the end of the feta and let me tell you I use feta on EVERYTHING.  And I am almost out of chicken too.  Actually now that I think about it, I might be completely out as of this week.

So seeing as how I absolutely could benefit from this place, my $55 is now in the hands of Costco and I am a member.

Since I was on my own and no real time constraints, I had plenty of time to peruse around the place for items such as meats and fresh produce, among non-food things.  I didn't see anything that caught my eye except for some Adidas racerback running tanks ($7!), but alas there were no size Smalls.

Of course I walked out of there with a couple of things I didn't intend to but how do you pass up a humongous jar of garlic and jalepeno stuffed 'super mammoth' olives?  You just can't!  Or a tub of spinach artichoke dip?  No way, you can't.  :)  Those people with their damn samples!

Thankfully I did not walk out of there with a 70" HD TV.  Oh the televisions are to die for!

Are you a superstore shopper?


robinbb said...

I am addicted to Costco, it is actually quite embarrassing. I like to make a family outing of it and go there almost every Saturday. My daughters don't enjoy it as much as I do, but oh well, mommy loves it! :)

Melissa said...

I only go once every 2 months because the we only have TWO for all of central Texas and it's insanity, even during the week, during the day. I've even tried getting there when they open, still insane.

they are building one in Cedar Park later this year, I cannot freaking wait. I think it would be much more tolerable and way closer!