Tuesday, March 13, 2012

May The Odds Be Forever In Your Favor

I finished the 3rd book in the trilogy a while back.

Hunger Games I devoured in days
Catching Fire I devoured in weeks
MockingJay I took my time because I didn't want it to end...

Now its 11 days until the premiere and I am so excited I can hardly stand it!

I can't speak to the fact that some are comparing the premise of the series to the Twilight stuff because I never read any of that, and it looks to be cheesier than cheesy.  Plus from what I have seen and read, Katniss and Bella are NO WHERE near the same kind of woman.  Not even close!

Katniss is badass and I know her and I would be BFF's.  :O)  I bet she would be a girl you would meet at CrossFit.

I already bought my ticket online and will be taking off work just a bit early so that I can see it hopefully in time frame where most people will either be at work or school...I really don't care either way.

There are very few movies that I can recall where I go to these extremes on opening day.  Actually I can count them on one hand, this one included.

"The world will be watching.."


saroy said...

Bella is a mopey twit. Katniss, indeed, is a badass. No contest whatsoever. Can't wait for the movie!

Junie B said...

Kristen Stewart as a person gets on my last nerve. I get that she is 'shy' but even anything I have ever seen her in, she plays this meek person like she appears to be in real life.

I am curious to see how she handles the role of Snow White (not the one w Julia Roberts, but the other one which looks to be a bit 'darker' of a story).

saroy said...

Yeah, Bella is rather boring in the books, and even MORE boring as played by Kristen Stewart.

Do you watch Top Chef? Charlize Theron was a guest judge once this past season and the chefs all had to cook with dark/wicked ingredients to tie in with the upcoming movie where she's the evil queen.

Junie B said...

I do not watch it, but I love Charlize! I think she is going to make a great evil queen. I plan to see both Snow White movies!

TX Runner Mom said...

Katniss = total badass, Bella = not.

I've read both and Hunger Games is so much better than Twilight. Plus, the movies were just plain horrific. Let's just hope Hunger Games movie do the books justice! Can't wait to see it on Sat!!!