Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend Update

What a whirlwind of a weekend!

I was thankful (at first) that there was no bad weather in the forecast for Saturday since it had been a while since I had had a long run out on the roads.  

Of course it sucked that it was 70deg at 6am, and high humidity.  I am not ready for Summer yet!!!  Yes I know that in the  Summer its usually 80deg at 6am, but still.  It had been a long time since I've run in craptastic SE Texas weather!

I had made plans to run with M, who I hadn't seen in quite some time and we had a LOT to catch up on. 

The route thankfully was Rice/Hermann because its loaded with new construction along the way which means an abundance of bathroom opportunities which would also prove to be in my favor.

Another thing that hadn't happened in a long time was me having stomach issues.  I had to stop 4 times which really did a number on my head having to stop so many times.  Coupled with the fact that because I wasn't hungry on Friday night, I didn't eat dinner.  Another big mistake.  I should have made myself eat something but I didn't.

I still managed a 10:40ish pace (which didnt include the stops) for 10 miles.  I was just frustrated.  And I spent too much time yakking along the way, and that usually isn't a good thing for me.  I still enjoyed the time with M, but overall the run was crappy (no pun intended), and I was happy for it to be over.  M pulled away from me as we hit the Shephard bridge, and she went up the dirt side while I went up the sidewalk side.  I was also thankful for this because as I was running up Memorial, off in the distance on the other side, I noticed a familiar gait of a runner, and was relieved that I didn't have to come within even 5 feet of them.  Sure looked different, that much I could tell, even from across the 4 lanes of road that divided us.

After coming home, taking my BCAA's and a quick protein concoction, I rested before hitting up UC for the CrossFit St. Patricks Day Beer WOD.  So much fun, loads of pictures taken which I will upload into another post.

Today I hit up UC again at noon instead of going to the gym (soooo boring to me now!), and took on the challenge of "Karen".  I thought since it was a re-do of the weeks CFG challenge (150 wall balls, 90 DU's, 30 MU's in 12 minutes) that I was going to be able to stop after 12 minutes.  This was not the case.  R and J made me keep going until I got to 150 Wall Balls.

I started out with a 40c row (4:06), and cooled down with another 40c row (4:37).

I have expressed my hatred for Wall Balls enough here, and I went because of that very fact.  I wanted to face the challenge to see how many I could get in those 12 minutes.  

I ended up doing all 150 as I said and it took me 13:55 (14lb ball).  I started out with 20 at a time, then dropped to making it through 10 at a time, then about half way through I went to getting through 5 at a time before taking a few seconds to bring my heart rate back down.  I was the only girl to show up today, and W and D were the only 2 attempting the challenge (they did theirs in 9+ minutes before moving on to DU's).  Both of these guys are in grrrreat shape and even they were struggling, but obviously still miles ahead of me, but when they were done, stood there and cheered me on to the finish!  

Love my CrossFit compadres!!!

I will probably only run tomorrow (KW Hills) as even now my biceps are killing me, but we shall see.  Tomorrows WOD isn't posted yet....  :O)

A small part of the St Patricks Day CrossFit competitors

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