Monday, March 5, 2012

Race Against Violence

Rounding the corner for home

I know for a fact that I didn't do a 5K in all of 2011, and if my memory serves me correct, I haven't run a 5K since November 2009?  Nope that's not right.  I just went back and looked and its been since early 2010 when I not only ran my last 5K, but also where my PR stands (27:04)

OK, so its been 2 years.  TWO YEARS?!?

Actually since that Spring, I haven't done much speed training either.  And certainly the past couple of weeks hasn't really had the time to assist me either.  Not to mention that I have completely forgotten how to run short distances.  I seriously went into this one blind as a bat with no expectations other than to just get one under my belt.  Plus it was a free entry since my employer paid for anyone wanting to do it since it benefits the Houston Womens Shelter which is right near our campus.

It would have been a perfect morning for a race had the wind not been blowing 20mph.  Each time I had the opportunity I would just tuck in behind someone but that just aggravated me.  Thankfully along Allen Parkway, it was more of a cross wind on the out, but on the way back, not sure why, but it seemed to be a bit more in front of me until I made the final turn for the .1 and it was like the wind just suddenly stopped.

At least there was that.

Before the race, I ran 3 miles around the area as I didn't want the day to just be about 3.1 miles.  I probably ran those a bit faster than I should have considering I was about to 'race' a 5K, but again, was more of a 'lets see if I can still do this'' kind of 'race'.

I made all the mistakes.  I ran the first mile way too fast (was running 8:34 until I noticed it and dropped it to 9:00 just before the mile marker).  My goal is to run my next 5K at 8:30ish for the full distance, but I didn't want that today.  Then I got aggravated, but did end up with my final push of .13 at 8:18 pace.

Basically I had forgotten that its just going to suck and I am going to have to just push through it and know it will soon be over with.

I knew there was not going to be a PR or anything near it, so knowing that in advance and letting myself just enjoy 'racing' (or short race atmosphere) again was my goal.

This is the first year I have done this race, and it has grown quite a bit.  There were only about 600 runners, with about 1000 walkers.  The post race food was AWESOME, with Whole Foods being the big contributor since the race started and ended in their parking lot.  My company is another huge contributor, sharing real estate with Whole Foods, not to mention the fact that it benefits such a wonderful cause: Womens Shelter of Houston.

I love the race route, with the exception of having to run up one of the Allen Parkway 'hills' but at least its right at the beginning and you don't have to mess with it after that.

Will definitely run this one again next year!

Another shot as I am turning onto Waugh for the finish line

Finish line within feet...

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Mel said...

YAY! Glad you got back into the 5K and had fun doing it. Before last spring, I hadn't run one for almost 2 years.

I hope to start running them again soon. I would really like to work on improving at them for sure