Tuesday, February 28, 2012


A couple of weeks back when I first started the On Ramp of CrossFit, I had pre-scheduled a work out with K for today (I have sessions left that I need to use up).  Since it was only a 30 min session, I decided to go ahead with it after looking online for our WOD since I am officially starting as a full member today!!!

I actually packed two work out bags for today:  1 with my running shoes and a set of clothes, and then the other with my minimalist shoes and a clean set of clothes to change into before going to CrossFit.  My regular gym and my CrossFit 'box' (gym) are a block apart from each other which makes it very convenient!  My appt with K was for 5:00, then I can make the 6:00 CF session.

Ran on the treadmill at the gym for 45 min or so, nothing fast, as first off I was sore as hell yesterday from my Sunday workout, and then went to KW hills last night (which worked out the kinks), but still kind of feeling just beat up today.  A lot of my fatigue has to do with it being lady week and all, so I am just trying to power through it somehow.

So I got in 45 min on the treadmill.

Then 30 minutes of brutality from K, which I told him 'lets do legs since my CF workout is mostly upper body'.  After I was done with K, I had second thoughts about going to CF knowing what the work out was, but since I had 20 min to spare before CF started, I popped in to talk to one of the coaches on how I would be able to 'scale' the workout

CrossFit 'Hero' WOD (Murph)  Or rather a mini-Murph since a full on Murph is double the following:
  • Warm up:  Medicine Ball
  • WOD - for time
    • 800m run
    • 50 pull ups
    • 100 push ups
    • 150 air squats
    • 800m run
  • Scaled - for time
    • 800m run
    • 50 pull ups (I used rings)
    • 100 pushups (mostly girl)
    • 150 air squats
    • 800m run
We were instructed that we could 'break up' the middle sections any way we wanted.  So I did 10/20/30 of each times 5 rounds to finish out every single rep!

That last 800m run was brutal.  It was all brutal actually.  With the warmer temps and the humidity, somewhere around the 3rd round I couldn't see because there was so much sweat rolling into my eyes.  Ugh.

Total time:  25:36

I stacked up nicely amongst all the players from the day (the board is a running total of all classes through the last one before the On Ramp classes begin).

After that we had to do 3 rounds of 25 butterfly situps and 10 hip extensions.  I have never been so happy to have to do situps in my life.

I have no idea how I am going to feel tomorrow because I know I pushed the envelope today.  It won't always be this jam packed though.  I can't keep up this kind of pace.  However as I had mentioned before, this week and probably next I am going to have to experiment with how to get in what I need to get in running wise.  I have a lot of races coming up in March and April and I have to keep up the endurance as far as running goes. 

When I got home I couldn't fix food fast enough to shove into my piehole!

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