Thursday, February 16, 2012

CrossFit (On Ramp) - Day 3

The morning after day 2 of CrossFit (on ramp), I woke up in some major pain, but the good kind.  Once I would get going (walking), it seemed to subside but still, painful to a degree.

Because of this, I decided to forego running before CrossFit this evening.  I went straight home from work, climbed into bed and rested/napped for 2 solid hours.  It did the trick.  When I got up I could tell that my muscles had indeed relaxed and I felt much better.

I will take the opportunity now to say that the hardest part of this is the late time that the On Ramp classes are held.  They have regular classes all day up until the last class at 7 (ending at 8) so ...It begins at 8pm and goes until 9:30 (actually we seem to get out at 9:25). 

Then when I get home, I eat a very small something, stay up for 45 min and try to go to sleep.  Its been impossible.  I generally am not falling asleep until sometimes an hour later.  My body is so amped up that it just makes it difficult.

Therefore in the morning when I still wake up at my normal time (5am'ish), I'm exhausted.  I am SO looking forward to the next few days of no CrossFit so that I can get some damn restful sleep!

OK, so day 3.

I got to the box a bit earlier, and hung out with one of the coaches talking about CF, triathlons etc. and I asked what we would be doing today and he said another 'girl' workout:  Grace

Here is the thing about the workout names that I didn't know, but he told me.  Boy names are the brutal workouts.  Girl named ones aren't so brutal.  And if the WOD has the word Hero: in front of it, its because that particular workout was named in honor of a fallen soldier.

Pretty cool huh?

Anyway, the workout 'Grace' is one that put into play what we had learned the night before during Deadlifts and Push presses.  Tonight we would be learning 'clean jerk' and 'thrusts'.

This video shows the proper way to do a 'clean jerk'.  Your beginning position is almost the same as a deadlift, however its the proper way to bring the bar/weight up to the 'rack' position.  It was interesting to see that so many people (and apparently the majority) just pick up the bar/weight and then basically do a 'curl'.

However in this video, it shows a split leg, which definitely makes getting the weight up and over much, much easier, however....

Now the 'Grace' work out is done for time.  To minimize the time it takes to do 30 clean jerks, doing a split leg lift can actually, depending on how long it takes you to bring the 2nd leg in and stabilize the lift, could put on at least a minute onto your final time.

Instead of doing a split leg, there is another option (albeit harder), which is demonstrated in the video below.  You will see the girl does the split leg almost exclusively, while the guy does not.  Edited:  After watching this again, he really sucks at it.  His back is NOT flat and he doesnt release the bar after each, which you should do.  He just starts again in a bad position and his lift suuuuucks.  Hers are WAY better even if she is doing a split leg while lifting.

Tonights workout started with 20 min of warm up and tonight it was all medicine ball...ugh.  Girls had the 14lb, boy had the 20lb.  We paired up for all the different rounds, and dang a dang dang.  Its hard to throw that ball in all those different ways/positions!  My heart was pounding out of my chest, and because a few of us dropped the ball a few times, at the end, we all had to do 20 burpees.

Ugh.  :O)

Then it was on to instruction before starting tonights WOD.

115lbs for guys/65lbs for girls
Some of the guys actually added weight, as did the girls.  I added an extra 10lbs, making mine 75lbs total.

I swear getting into position, knowing that any minute the buzzer/timer is going to go off is like a racehorse being in a gate.  It has to be.  One of the coaches will call out '10 sec' so you know you need to be ready and GO!

One of the other interesting things here is during that short time before the timer goes off, a coach will put on the music REALLY loud and its usually something very hard rock(ish) and down and dirty kind of rap.  Its so loud, you can't really think and you get into this 'zone'.  Last night, with everyone dropping their bars/weights after each lift (which is what you are supposed to do), it was kind of a weird exhilarating feeling.  Like you were a part of something really, really cool.

Boo.  Yah.  I swear I could lift heavy things all damn day long.  Makes me feel beastly strong.  I felt bad for Lucy, next to me, because she was really struggling and her form was just off.  I thought for sure she was going to drop that damn thing on her head.  :(  Obviously the boys had a rough time of it, but there weight load was a lot heavier, and the guys in this On Ramp (sans Daniel) are just starting out.

When I finished, I basically just fell onto the floor.  The tired you feel is crazy.  But had he told me to run out of the warehouse and run around the block a couple of times, I would have done it.

After everyone was done, we did a tabata (4 min) of some core stabilization which were 'reverse' supermans and flutter kicks.  I wonder if my ab's are ever not going to hurt ever again?

So one more night this week, and my body will get a break ... more than anything I am just looking forward to some sleep.

Random shots from class.  I also took a video, but stupid thing wouldn't upload this morning, so I will try again later this evening.  (Sorry about the blurry ones)

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