Friday, February 24, 2012

CrossFit (On Ramp) - Day 8 - Finito!!!!

So the last night of CrossFit (On Ramp) has come and gone.  But as previously mentioned I went ahead and signed on for 6 months (actually 7 with the free month), and once I let go of the cash, I was happy I had done it.

Last nights attendance was sparse.  I guess those that knew they weren't going to sign on past the 2 weeks just figured, why go at all?  Happy that several of us that became friends in the 2 weeks all signed up and exchanged phone numbers so that at least in the beginning we have someone with similar skill level to go with.  Even Lucy decided to go ahead and sign up (even though she didnt stay for the workout), and Ben and Daniel did as well!  Ben is awesome and Daniel, while he gets on my last nerve sometimes with his hyperactivity, is a cool guy and always encouraging me throughtout the whole session.

We started out with 10min of medicine ball warm ups and I did SO much better than the first night we had this same warm up.  I didn't drop that ball at all!!  Ended with 10 burpees before starting the WOD.

Remember when I mentioned briefly that the cast of '300' worked out with CrossFit-like workouts while preparing for the movie?  Well there is actually a '300' workout that was named for their specific workout.

Since us newbies would probably die if we had to do that (or it would take us all night!), our WOD for our last night was the '151', which is half of the 300.

If you are wondering how 151 is half of 300, its because of the kettlebell clean and press (you have to do an even number since its 2 sides.  13x2)

Here is the board with the workout (for time):

Everyone pretty much 'scaled' the workout, except for a few of the guys I think (not sure if anyone actually did Rx)

I scaled the following:
Pull ups (10 on the bar, then went to rings)  Arms/shoulders were just so sore from previous nights
Floor wipers (I did 35lbs instead of prescribed 65lbs)
Deadlifts (55lbs instead of prescribed 65lbs)
Kettlebell Clean and Press (20lbs instead of 25lbs)

Josh came in at just over 13 minutes. 

After everyone was done, we finished up the night with tabata of 'superman' and planks.  Ugh.  I loathe core stabilization.  Loathe.

When everyone was done and we had broken down all our equipment, one of the coaches said 'congratulations, you guys were possibly the best on ramp classes we've ever had'.  I said 'I bet you say that to everyone at the end'.  He said 'nope.  honestly most of the time the on ramp'ers suck.  You guys are tough'.

So today I rest up for tomorrows long run with Kenyan Way.  Going to run with the Garmin 610 again, and then write that review for you guys.

I've run with it a couple of times now and just absolutely looooooooove it!

Ugh, I just looked at the WOD for my CFB (crossfit box), and its a 10K.  Now why couldn't we have had that on one of the nights during On Ramp :O)

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