Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Two Weeks of Hell - Coming Right Up

I am a little bit apprehensive about my schedule for the next 2 weeks.

Several months ago, a Groupon for CrossFit (On Ramp classes) passed through and I, along with a few others purchased it.  $25 for 2 weeks of CF was too good to pass up.

Before I bought it, I looked to see what 'On Ramp' was all about, and even though its M-Thur, 8pm - 9:30pm for 2 weeks, I thought, at the time, eh, no big deal.

And then in January when I called the place to schedule my On Ramp sessions, when he told me Feb 13th was the soonest we could get in, I still, at the time, eh, no big deal.

Now February 13th is right around the corner and I am no longer saying eh, no big deal.

It is a big deal! 

I just started back at KW.  I still have sessions with Kyle.  I have a M-F job.  And I have a PT job too (with my days already scheduled).

How am I going to fit it all in?  What can I scratch from my routine?

Well as of right now I am not willing to scratch anything from my routine, so I did what I normally do when faced with too much on my plate.

I start a list.  A detailed list of times at one place, time to get to next place, time at that place, right down to what time I get home and can fall into bed.

Because lets face it:  for 2 weeks I am going to be the equivelent of the Walking Dead.

Now I only wrote out the days/places/times for the first 7 days, knowing full well that from what I have read CF is going to kick my ass, which would put me in another predicament which I will cross that bridge if and when I come upon it.

However since this is the On Ramp classes, plus with what I have been doing for a couple of months now, maybe it won't hit me (be as rough as they say) like the other folks.  At least that's what I am choosing to believe for now.

I am anxious to try Cross Fit, but I have to admit I am more excited about seeing if and how I manage all of this.  In the event CF kicks my ass to where it interferes with my running, I don't know, CF might get tossed.  My running and strength training w/ K is long term.  CF is not (way too expensive).

Stay tuned for next week, because its gonna be a lot of information and a lot of work outs being posted!

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TX Runner Mom said...

I can't wait to hear more about CF. I have wanted to try it for awhile now, but it seems that I am always training for something and too scared of overdoing it.