Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ash Wednesday - Lent

Gave up Twitter and Facebook.  Actually deactivated both accounts earlier today (well, I actually deactivated Twitter last week).  It's already awesome; giving me back time that they suck from my day.  Twitter wont be reactivated at all, but I will go back to Facebook.  
I think.  We'll see.


Lisa said...

If it weren't for friends on Facebook that I've known for 30+ years (who live far away), I would deactive.

I'm going to do an easy one. I'm avoiding diet coke. Easy to do since I only have maybe 2 a month anyway. ;-)

JunieB said...

Nothing against you Lisa, but giving up something that is not a sacrifice or has some meaning to you or it, you're missing the whole point of Lent, so why even give up anything? Sorry, but people giving up foods to me, like fast food, chocolate, soda, is just a way of restriction during a time where one should be seeking something more. My thinking is if they were truly your friends, then there are other ways of communication. This is WHY I am doing it; to have a different level of connectivness with those are truly my friends by way of phone calls, and yes, email or text. However that is how I know who are my true friends and those that are not. While you are a 'friend', you are not a friend friend.

Additionally this gives me back time to focus more on myself, my family, my love, and getting back a lot of wasted hours on bullshit, 1/2 of which I have hidden anyway, because its nonsense.

Xaarlin said...

I'd like to have my hip give up its injury for lent....

You will be missed on the facebooks (and are already deeply missed on the twitters). I will stalk you here for the next 40 days :)