Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

When the alarm went off on Saturday morning, I most certainly did not want to get up to do the KW long run.  I just felt really tired, and the only thing that got me up, out of bed and out the door was a nudge and the thought of having to do it on Sunday.

It was about 50deg so it was cool out but that did nothing to help my motivation where generally it would have.  The route this week was an initial 8 mile loop (one of my favorites through the Heights) and if you needed more you added on accordingly.  Since I have a plan of no plan (first time in YEARS I havent had a printout of my monthly KW schedule on the fridge), I was just going to do whatever.  I got in 1 mile before starting with the group and then proceeded to do the route.

It was a very light morning people wise, with a lot of folks running at Conroe for a Boston marathon training long run/route, and with even more doing the Rodeo Run 10K later that morning.  I hate hate hate that race for so many reasons, but mostly the crowds and the 'type' of runner that does it.  It had 15K this year (a record) and ugh.  So glad I got that one out of my system after doing it twice in my early running years.  Coach won masters though! (32:xx) So fast.

My run was less than stellar and even before I started I knew I was going to take it nice and easy and just do the mileage.  My average pace was 10:46 with a big negative split which is always a plus.  I don't know if I was just overly tired from CrossFit still, but it felt difficult.  I also took it a bit slower because I had plans to run with a friend again on Sunday morning.  She just lost her mom a couple of weeks back and she requested a girl talk/run.  I knew I wanted to do about 5-6 with her and I didn't want my legs too tired from my Saturday run and also working an 8 hour shift on my feet afterwards.

Mileage = 9

Fast forward to Sunday morning.  Alarm goes off at 5:30 with a meet up time scheduled for 6:30 for a few miles with a dear friend going through a very difficult time right now having just laid her momma to rest a week ago.

It was colder out this morning (41) so I put on a long sleeve, with a pair of shorts, ate an apple and caught the first 15 min of the early morning local news before I was about to leave the house and my phone let me know I had a text.

She was cancelling.  She had had a rough day yesterday and just felt really tired and wanted to stay in and rest.

While initially I was a bit aggravated, I then remembered not so long ago having gone through the same exact thing and the stress and emotions that goes along with having to bury a parent, my aggravation quickly went away.  I didn't feel like running alone (still dark out), so I just put on some pajama pants and decided to relax until the gym was due to open.  I figured I would take the opportunity to put in a good hour of boot camp/CrossFit kind of workout on my own to tax the muscles a bit going into my first real week of CrossFit.

I worked a bit of circuit before hitting the free weights for some deadlifts, lunges, box jumps, clean and jerks, squats and thrusts.  I also did the assisted chin up bar, but with a lot more resistance (nice to see improvement! and CrossFit is completely the reason why).  Also when on a few of the circuit machines I had to up the weight from my last session on those things as the weight I was doing previously just felt too light.  Nice!  Beastly strong!  :O)

I actually had a bit of ouchy IT band thing going on yesterday, so its probably best that I didn't run again today anyway.

Additionally, it was actually good to not have gone out to run so early, as by 9:20am I had done 2 loads of laundry, got my breakfasts for the week done, went to the bank, gone to the grocery store and worked out hard for an hour.

A very productive Sunday morning indeed!

Splurged a bit at the grocery store with some fresh scallops to make for my Academy Awards viewing!  Along with roasting fresh brussel sprouts and a bit of whole grain pasta.  Looking forward to that for sure!

It's going to be an experiment this week, working in CrossFit with KW and running in general.   I think I have it figured out (at least in my head), so hoping it all comes together!

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I did rodeo! check it out at my blog... and with no training! yup I'm that runner you don't like LOL