Monday, February 20, 2012

CrossFit (On Ramp) - Week 2 - Day 1 (aka Day 5)

Been a while huh?  Well Saturday morning when I woke up a few times before the alarm went off, it was raining each time.  Then when I woke up with the alarm it was raining harder.  As I checked the radar I knew that we were in for some terrible storms and also knew that KW would be cancelled.

Sure enough, not even a couple of minutes later my phone beeped with a text message from KW that the long run had indeed been cancelled due to storms approaching the area.  Note:  Kenyan Way now gives its members the opportunity to register for text updates such as weather, cancellations, change of venue and general notices.  So cool!

So I went back to bed but was repeatedly woken up with the thunder, lightning and torrential rain.

Saturday ended up being an unscheduled rest day since I was scheduled to work at the store.  Otherwise I would have at least run a few later in the afternoon on the treadmill more than likely.

So fast forward to Sunday morning and me waking up early to go run with BCRR on their normal Sunday morning 10 mile route through RO.  It was much colder and MUCH windier than on Saturday.  Additionally, I had worked on my feet the day prior for over 9 hours and my legs were not in the best shape.

Just to cut to the chase:  10 miles.  Cold.  Windy.  Dead legs.  Not a happy camper, but it got done.

Today I went and ran 5.5 miles on the treadmill sometime around lunch.

Then on to CrossFit....

We started with a one mile warm up run, at which I ran in 8:56, even passing the owner/coach, but I am sure if he had been 'racing' he would have easily beat me.  I even stopped once to tie my shoe.

Then they demonstrated the 'thruster' which is sorta like the push/press and the Sumo deadlift, but with a bit of a 'hop' which a lot of the girls I noticed during the WOD were not doing it right, therefore making it easier.  Yes, I'm competitive, and if you are going to do it and count it, then do it right.

I didn't do it Rx as I used the bands for assistance on the pull ups, but at least I didn't use the rings (soooooo easy)

WOD was for time:  21 reps of thrusters, move to pull ups, do 21.  Then back to thrusters for 15, pull ups=15, then 9 of each.  Boy weight was 65lbs, girl weight was 45lbs (and shit, 45lbs is heavy, especially once you get to the 2nd round).  I had to stop and rest a couple of times before starting again.  I wanted to make sure my form was right, and resting for 20 sec or so was just necessary.  Once I got to the 9, I honestly didnt think I was going to be able to finish the thrusters.

 As you can see my time was high for the girls, but My and I were the only 2 girls that did the entire workout with the pull ups NOT using the rings.  Some of the girls tried the pull ups but then would jump down and go to the rings.  I tried the rings before and if I had done the rings I would have had about 2 minutes off my time...easy.  I am very pleased with my time considering that by the time I got to round 3 (9 of each), I could barely do the thrusters past the first 5.  I was...dying.  I wanted to just quit so badly, but the coaches are really good at making me believe I can finish.  And I did.

 In this video, you can see a few people setting up in the bands, and a couple of guys doing it Rx (which means as prescribed); then you see Britney coming over and doing the rings.  The only thing I see wrong in this video is that the girls, for the most part, don't bring their chin completely over the bar.  The swinging of the legs is allowed as that is what gets you over the bar and this is called a Kippling (sp?) pull up.

We finished up with a Tabata of core stabilization at the end, Good Mornings and flutter kicks.  Ugh.

My forearms are going to be so sore tomorrow from those pull ups...

Time for ibuprofen. 


Robin said...

Sunday was extremely cold! I ran on the treadmill at 24 HR Fitness on Saturday, so at least I got my running in. I'm thinking about trying you like it? Do you think it's worth the money?

Nicole said...

Finally catching up. I don't remember the last time I opened Reader. Ooops! Now I REALLY can't wait to try CrossFit in April when my 3 month boot camp pass is up.
I think you meant "kipping"?
So, those bands are elastic? I guess I didn't realize that so I've always wondered how they could be any help, makes sense now. Each color offers more/less assistance, I take it?

Junie B said...

Yes. And yes. The skinnier ones provide the least help, with the fatter ones (usually black) are most helpful. I go with the blue. Or is it green? one of those :O)