Wednesday, February 15, 2012

CrossFit (On Ramp) - Day 2

As the day went on yesterday, I began to become more and more sore.  Mostly the inside of my thighs and my shoulders/upper back.  And of course my abdominals.  Day 1 of CrossFit was catching up to me.

I had brought my gym bag so that I could run on the treadmill, get some miles in before CrossFit, but I forgot to throw shorts in there, so home I went (thankfully realized this before I actually went to the gym). 

I would just run outside, which was a much better plan anyway.  It was sunny, high 60's and I could test out my new Garmin 610 (review on that in another post).

My legs felt like lead and I decided to do a run/walk (because of how I felt and also to test that feature out on the new Garmin).

So off I went, did 4 miles of 7/1's and then relaxed, fixed some chicken, which I had 3oz before heading over to the CrossFit box for day 2.

Once I got there, a few of the guys from the previous night were there and we all immediately starting talking about what hurt and where, and what possibly would be on the agenda knowing that everyone was sore on some level from the night before.  There was a class still going on, and whoa...that was intimidating.  Obviously those folks have been doing it a while.  In.Tense.

B and A got there, we talked about KW for a bit.  B is interested in joining and I am hoping A comes back even if its just a drop in on Saturday here and there.  I miss running with her!!

So the class starts, and we circle up for a warm up, which thankfully was no where near what we endured the 1st night.  Lots of stretching, some yoga poses (pigeon, down dog).  Once we were done (20min or so), we headed out of the box for a short run (2 times around the block).  Yay running!  :O)  By now I had loosened up a bit (from the run earlier and the stretching), so it wasn't horrible :O)  A and I finished in the front pack and all is well.

It became clear that tonight was going to be a bit more instruction into what would be our WOD, so we set up bars for the instruction, then were 'tested' on our form a few times on each manuever before setting up for the actual WOD.

WOD (Workout of the Day)  155lbs for boys/85lbs for girls
Push Press 45lbs for boys/ 15lbs for girls.  We used much lighter weights or empty bars during instruction to perfect the correct form.

We split the groups into 2 groups (I went first).  Each person does 21 of the deadlifts, then 21 of the push press (2 separate bars were set up for each, you just moved from one to the other, then back again), then 15 deadlifts, 15 push press, then 9 of each.  We did these for time, and once you finished, you yelled out TIME! and one of the coaches would yell your time out and you wrote it on the board (see below)

I held my own, even against some of the boys (obviously Matt was late writing his time down)!  And apparently Daniel is a bad-ass.
I can rock out lifting heavy things. 

New term for the night:  Rack.
Basically when you 'rack', as in the push press, its when you bring the barbell up to its 'starting' point (in this case up near your chin and shoulders)

So when the coach said to me 'nice rack', I knew he didnt mean.. well you know.. or maybe he did :O)
I could have lifted more on the push press, but during On Ramp I have to go with the majority since not all the girls could have.  I probably could have gone 10 more lbs on the deadlifts.  Maybe.  Not sure for all those reps though.

After we were done and broke down all the equipment, we circled up for about 10 min of 'core stabilization'. 

In CrossFit, you do not do 'abs'.  :O)

All I know is that it was pure hell.  I was all planked out.


Here are some videos for the above 2 movements.
Apologies for some of the videos I am choosing, but I try to pick the one that shows the move that most represents what/how we did it in class (and also shows form/technique)



As you can see in this video, they are learning the correct form and how to push/press correctly.  Its not just shoulder presses, but instead of using 100% of your arms for the lift, you really only use 25% and the rest is done with your core and the barely there squat before the 'press/push'


These are just some random shots that I took after we were all done for the evening.
One of the coaches

Rowing machines all lined up.  Wondering when we are going to get hit with those...

Not looking forward to these either...this was after class and some folks just messing around or chatting

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