Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rainy Days and Saturdays

Kenyan Way was going to have an extra long run Saturday yesterday so I was excited to test the leg out on a solid long-ish run all on pavement.

I knew that there was rain forecasted but was hopeful that the storms would hold out for just a couple of hours.  When I went to bed it was pouring rain, but again, still hopeful.

I woke up slightly before the alarm went off and I could hear that it was indeed either raining, or had just stopped because I could hear water going through the gutters outside one of my bedroom windows.  I got out of bed, looked outside and it was just sprinkling, so I turned on the TV, but the cable was out.  Damn.  I went ahead and got dressed, shoes on, iPod in a ziploc before booting up the computer.  When I went to the local news site, I could see that indeed a 'cell' had just passed through but it looked to be on its way in the opposite direction of our route.  I was looking at the Metro H radar and could see something off in the corner so I broadened the radar search and oh Lordy.  Then as I refreshed the screen, I could see another little cell heading towards our area. 

It was then I could hear the rain coming down just a bit harder and I knew that since I was going to do at least 8 miles that there was no way my slow ass was going to be able to beat this rain since it was still 45 min away from the start time of 6am.  I walked out on the porch, saw lightning off in the distance...

It was then I made the call to just bag the Saturday run altogether and thank goodness I did!  Within an hour we were getting pounded by rain, thunder and lightning.  I took off the running clothes, put my PJs back on and slipped back into bed with the sound of pouring rain to sing me back to sleep.  When I woke back up at 7:30 it was still storming, even more so, and I thought man, I would be out there probably drowning in that crap! 

When I got to work a couple of the girls had indeed ran and are much much faster than I am and they said it was horrible.  They got hit on the way back from Rice and even had someone stop and ask if they needed help it was that bad.  KS said at one point, due to the way the roads are on that route she was running through water halfway up her calves.  Plus it was hot yesterday morning, so that made it even worse. So glad I stayed in.

I knew that I would have to make the miles up today and even though we were scheduled for more rain I was hopeful to get in a long run before or in between.  I didn't get out to run until close to 9am.  It was about 45deg (thank you cold front!), windy and overcast but the radar gave me the all clear.

I had a route in mind that would put me at 8 miles, had a few water fountains along the way but 98% all pavement.  Which is what I wanted to really test out the IT band.  I was just hoping that I wouldn't get a rain shower, as it was indeed a bit cold with that wind.  I had put on a long sleeve, shorts and wore my earband due to the wind and so glad I did.  Was glad I had the long sleeve too.  Normally a short sleeve would be better, but not today, again due to the wind.  Thankfully the route I had mapped out in my head would only put me straight into a headwind for the last mile home.

Once I got back to my turning point to head home, I was feeling so good, that I decided to just go straight, and take the long way home to add on another mile for good measure. 

I am pleased to say that the run was just what I needed for my confidence in the injury department.  All the running on the treadmill, stretching and core work seem to have paid off in spades. 

Once I got home I was on such a high!  I did manage to stretch a bit though just to be on the safe side.  So glad I decided to add on that mile too!  A solid 9 miles and I'm a happy girl indeed!  And no pain in the IT band!  Woo-to-the-hoo!  3 weeks to the day since Houston Marathon, and all is well!  At least it SEEMS to be!

Then I tackled last nights El Tiempo leftovers with a vengance!  I was starving!

Tomorrow I start back with KW on the Spring training, so Mondays mean hills.  I am going to have to be certain to stretch before and after as hills can aggravate my IT band and I know this.  But I am anxious to get back to speed training for the races I have in March, and plus it does wonders for some serious fat calorie burning!

Now its time to get ready for some football! 

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TX Runner Mom said...

That rain on Saturday was bad! I ended up spending over 2 hours on a spin bike at the gym...boring!