Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Years Day 10K - Run Houston Series - Sam Houston Race Park - 1:05:01

What is it with this race?  LOL.
It was cold. (low 40's)
WINDY. (25mph)
Raining. (thankfully by race time it was just sprinkles here and there)
Same conditions last year except it was actually POURING in 2015.
This race is a great way to start the year off!  Its easy access, plenty of parking, not a crazy crowded race, great medal, indoor waiting before race and also inside for post-race food and activity, just to name a few.
Its the first in a 5 race series new to the area last year and whereas I use to hate the 10K distance (they also have the 5K), I like it now.  Mostly because I don't want to train for long distances anymore and well most 10K's now give out pretty sweet medals.  Plus I like the idea of doing all 5 of these in a year for a bonus rack and medal.
I didn't do all 5 last year because of location (lazy), but now the outfit has a Virtual run option but there are restrictions.  You have to sign up for that OR switch at least 2 weeks prior to race day.  Their website explains it all nicely.
So I will do all 5 of them this year with the ability to do Virtual for 2 out of the 5.  Right now I cannot remember the next one...think maybe its Minute Maid.
Anyway, when I signed up for this one I didn't look at my calendar for 1/2 training and well since the race fell on a Friday, my last long run for Houston was the very next day.  Oops.
So my thought was to go run it like in the 12:00 range and save my legs for the next day.
Well I ended up running it a lot faster than that.  1:05:01.  My watch for whatever reason showed 1:04:29 but still that's not a huge difference.
I ran the 2nd loop almost 3 minutes faster and for half of each loop you were running directly in to the wind.  Brutal.  I liked the course though even the 2 loops because the way it was laid out it seemed to go pretty darn fast.
So I was pretty worried about the next days long run but it all ended up working out just fine.  Shocked was I at that. 
But lets just say that I am so glad this training cycle is OVER and that I will be glad when the dang race (Aramco Houston) is over too :O)

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