Monday, April 25, 2011

Just the Facts

Wednesday:  6 mile bike and 25min of hills.  Ran the hills in the Vibrams and OHEMMGEE!  Fantabulous!  I cannot believe how great it felt running almost barefoot!  We'll see if there is any residual new soreness in the legs from running in them once I wake up tomorrow!

Thursday:  4 mile run.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Nicely surprised that the Vibrams workout on the hill yesterday didnt do a darn thing to mah laygs.

Friday:  Rest day.

Saturday:  Ran with a new group this morning since KW is on hiatus until May 7th.  10:02 average pace?  WTF?  damn it was HOT out too.  But I was pleasantly surprised at that pace in that kind of weather (73deg 87% humidity).  I definitely felt it though.   The route was only 8 miles, and since they started at 7 and I didnt know anyone really, I got there on time (my friend started early and didnt tell me!!! wwahhhh!), which meant when I finished the 8 mile route, I wanted to hurry up and get on the road to the lake!  So 8 miles instead of my normal 10.  The group I ran with, a split off of some Houston Fitters, are called the Knuckleheads.  I was invited by a friend of mine in the KW group because she wants to play matchmaker.  :)  She (and one other person I know) thought we would be a great match and so I agreed to meet him.  Super good looking!  And super nice!  And we have a lot in common from running to our jobs to the way we eat (he's Primal/Paleo as well).  Unfortunately after the run he asked to go to breakfast but I couldnt go (again I needed to get on the road for the water and jet ski's that awaited me!)  They are going to start earlier this coming Saturday so that works for me, and I will get a couple in beforehand if the route is less than 10 miles this coming week.  What sucks is that there are no water stops so I ran with a handheld (hate! we are so spoiled with KW!).  I stopped off around mile 6 and bought a Powerade Zero to fill it back up and go potty).  While I am sorta kinda 'seeing' someone right now...this new guy I met is more up my alley.  So we'll see if it goes anywhere!  I am DEFINITELY interested.  :)  I have been for some time now, ready to be in a real live relationship.  You know where you can actually be in a solid relationship where everything is mutual.  Hard to find someone that I would even consider though.  This guy has definite potential.  Been a while since I could say that about anyone.  I am hoping to be on my A game though so I can run more with him this coming Saturday.  :)  At the very least, maybe he will make me faster.  :)

Sunday:  No run.  

Monday:  6 miles.  Did 7/1's today.  I just didnt feel like getting out there to be honest, so I had to make a deal with myself.  :O)  About 1/2 mile in I realized I forgot my tunes.  That part sucked.  At least I remembered my 10oz handheld (smaller than the one I used on Saturday); I had frozen Powerade in it last night.  Only way to keep it cold for any amount of time in this heat.  :)

Stay tuned!  I will be posting some pictures from my fantabulous time off!  I had such a wonderful weekend!

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TX Runner Mom said...

Yay for running with good looking available guy! And I hear you about the whole making a deal with yourself thing!